With this issue of “Daltons in History”, we launch our programme for the 2008 Gathering in Birr, Co Offaly, Ireland. You will see that there is a new link on our home page for “Forthcoming Gatherings”. This is where you will find all the details of the event, together with articles which we will be publishing in “Daltons in History” over the coming months and placing there as well. We have also set up two more links – one for “Past Gatherings” which includes a full record of this year’s Worcester Gathering, and the other for the DGS Photo Gallery, launched last month. Over the coming months both of these areas on our website will be expanded to include records and photographs of other past Gatherings – America 2006 and Ireland 2005 in particular.

2008 Gathering in Ireland

Friday 1st to Monday 4th August 2008 are the dates when our 2008 Gathering will take place in Birr, Co Offaly, Ireland. Dooly’s Hotel is the venue, with its excellent conference facilities for our meetings and the annual dinner. Delegates will be able to stay at Dooly’s and we have also arranged additional accommodation at three nearby places offering bed and breakfast. Birr is located in the heart of mid-Ireland about two hours drive west of Dublin, and a similar distance east of Shannon. It is a beautiful old Georgian town with an impressive castle and much of interest to the visitor. It is also well situated to enable us to make a number of visits to places with Dalton connections. Further details, including a full programme for the weekend, costs and booking arrangements, are currently being assembled and will be available shortly on the “Forthcoming Gatherings” link on this website. If in the meantime you require information that is not yet on the website, please contact either myself (email:, or Ciaran Dalton (email: with any questions you may have.

2008 Annual General Meeting

It has been agreed that the Society’s 2008 Annual General Meeting should be a separate event from the Birr Gathering. It will take place on Saturday 7th June 2008 at the Royal Logistics Corps Museum in Camberley, Surrey, England, with the opportunity to view the original of the Victoria Cross medal awarded in 1879 to James Langley Dalton for his gallantry at Rorke’s Drift in the Zulu War. DGS committee member, Sir Geoffrey Dalton is making the arrangements for this one day meeting and full details will be published soon. Please note that this is a change of date to one week later from that announced at the Worcester AGM.

Subscriptions to the Dalton Genealogical Society

This edition of “Daltons in History” includes the minutes of the Society’s 2007 Annual General Meeting held at Worcester. Members of the Society should note that approval was given at the AGM to an increase in the UK subscription rate to £10.00 per annum with effect from 1 January 2008. The subscription rate has been held at £8.00 since 1991, a period of 17 years, and the committee believes that the Society, with all the benefits that are available to members, still offers exceptional value for money at the new rate. Revised rates for overseas members, who pay their subscriptions in American or Australian dollars, will be announced before the end of the year, and will take account of the prevailing exchange rates and the costs of airmail postage for the DGS Journal.

Back issues of the DGS Journal

Back issues of the DGS Journal continue to be available. On this website you can access the DGS Journal Index from the homepage. Here you will find a synopsis of the contents of the Journal of the Dalton Genealogical Society commencing with Volume 1 published back in 1970 through to Volume 41 published in December 2004. Shortly we will be adding the synopses for Volumes 42 to 46. Copies of all back numbers are available for purchase and these can be obtained from DGS member, Mrs Pat Robinson (address: Mallards, 3 High Street, The Green, Barrington, Cambridge CB2 5QX, UK email: Details of prices, including postage and packing, will be found with the index.


Enjoy this month’s issue of “Daltons in History”, your regular monthly update on everything that is happening in the world of Dalton family history. We will be back again at the beginning of November.

Thank you for your attention and best wishes to you all.

Yours very sincerely

Michael Neale Dalton
Chairman and Honorary Life President of the Dalton Genealogical Society

The 2007 Annual General Meeting of the Dalton Genealogical Society was held at the Worcester Gathering. The minutes of this meeting have now been prepared and they are reproduced below. Included with the minutes are the Accounts for 2006 and accompanying notes. These minutes and accounts will also be published in the next issue of the DGS Journal (Vol 47 - December 2007).

2007 Annual General Meeting
held on Saturday 28th July 2007 at 0930 hours
in the John Fownes Suite, The Fownes Hotel, Worcester, UK

1) Welcome and opening remarks by the Chairman

Michael Neale Dalton welcomed all delegates to the meeting and gave special greetings to Gerry Dalton and Tom Wood from Australia, Mike F and Kate Dalton from Norfolk, Rick Dalton and family from the United States and Gwyneth and George Adams from Warwickshire, all of whom were attending a DGS Gathering for the first time. He also gave particular welcomes to Ian Simpson of Leeds, Howard Dalton of Yorkshire and Ciaran Dalton, the newly appointed DGS Irish Secretary, and his wife Collette.

He looked forward to an exciting programme for the weekend and to the contributions of Tony Spicer, Chris Pomery, and Sandy Cale, of Worcester Walks, and her colleague Jocelyn. Paul Millington, Vice-Chairman of the Guild of One Name Studies, would be welcomed as the Society’s guest at the Annual Dinner.

The Chairman then outlined the programme for the weekend.

2) Apologies for absence

These were received from Michael & Jen Cayley; Millicent Craig; Sam & Barbara Craig; Mary Lou & Jeff Elias; Lucy Slater; Pamela & Jack Richards; Alan Green; Gwyneth Allwood; Faith & Bill Keymer; Maureen Handford; John Prytherch; Carole Fenn; Martin Griffiths; Neale Dalton; Pearl Dalton; Vic Dalton and Dorothy Ransome.

3) Minutes of the 2006 Annual General Meeting and matters arising

These were taken as read, approved by the meeting and signed by the Chairman with no matters arising.

4) Chairman’s Report

Michael Neale Dalton reported that the Society was flourishing with increased membership. He thanked the hardworking members of the Committee for their continued enthusiasm. John Dalton was congratulated for his work on producing the latest excellent Journal. Howard J Dalton was thanked for his planning of the Worcester Gathering.

The DGS website was undergoing a programme of change to extend the scope of this vital tool in the success of the Society and he paid tribute to the work of the DGS website consultant, Martin Fitzgerald in achieving this aim. He reported that the committee are planning to implement a “members only” area on the website during the coming year. This could include restriction of access to the Dalton Data Bank, which may be a way of encouraging new membership. The DGS web-based research resources will include a complete archive of “Daltons in History”, now in its tenth year, and the synopsis of DGS Journal contents, which is the next element of the website to be transferred to the new site.

The Chairman reported that the application to join the Clans of Ireland had been successful, in large measure due to the efforts of Millicent Craig, and he welcomed the appointment of Ciaran Dalton to the double role of Chieftain of Clan Dalton and DGS Irish Secretary.

The Dalton International DNA Project (DIDP) has expanded greatly during the past year and Chris Pomery’s report later this morning is awaited with eager anticipation. Mention was made of a planned meeting between Chris Pomery, Martin Fitzgerald, and the Chairman in September to consider more innovative ways of presenting the outputs from DIDP on the DGS website.

Finally, the Chairman highlighted a few of the many items on display, including print outs of all the “Daltons in History” articles for 2007, specific displays from several members, and memorabilia for sale. The displays would remain in the John Fownes Suite over the whole of the weekend.

5) Treasurer’s Report

Mel Irwin reported another successful year financially and referred to the Accounts for 2006 attached to the AGM agenda. Formal adoption of the accounts was proposed by Howard Dalton, seconded by Audrey Dalton and carried unanimously by the meeting.

The Treasurer then proposed the increase of the Annual UK Subscription after many years to Ten Pounds as from 1st January 2008. This was seconded by Gerald Milner and carried unanimously.

Maureen Collins suggested an announcement to this effect be included on the website and in the DGS Journal and it was agreed that the committee would set appropriate overseas rates to take account of exchange rates and airmail postage.

Howard Dalton stressed the need to deal efficiently with the amendment of Standing Orders.

6) Secretary’s Report

Pam Lynam reported that the total DGS membership stood at 275. The membership database was now working very satisfactorily thanks to the sterling efforts of David Lynam. It was important for new members to register their family history information for inclusion in the Society’s records and publication in the Journal.

Pat Robinson, who now holds the stock of back numbers of the Journal, reported that she had brought copies to Worcester for sale at special Gathering prices. The pricing of back copies is currently under review and details will be announced in the Journal and on the website.

7) Election of Officers and Committee

The Chairman reported that all existing officers and committee members had offered themselves for re-election with no further nominations notified to the Secretary. He requested any nominations from the floor, and with none offered, the election of all en bloc was proposed by Alicia Riley, seconded by Pat Robinson, and carried unanimously.

8) Reports by the Editors of DGS Journal and of “Daltons in History

John Dalton urged members to use the DGS Journal as the principal tool for promoting and recording their family histories. He stated that copies of the Journal were lodged with leading libraries around the world. The Journal was an invaluable and permanent printed record. Members can be given assistance with the preparation of their articles, and if necessary longer pieces can be spread over two (or more) Journals.

Dairne Irwin requested articles for the forthcoming “Daltons in History”, even small snippets of information would be welcomed. The deadline for contributions is normally the 25th of the previous month with publication on the website by the 1st. Michael Neale Dalton urged all delegates to send in reminiscences of their Worcester 2007 experiences.

Maureen Collins suggested that some material sent in for the website could be expanded for inclusion in the Journal.

9) Report on the Dalton International DNA Report

The Chairman paid tribute to Chris Pomery for his expert guidance and again looked forward to his full report after the Annual General Meeting. Mention was also made of the forthcoming Issue 2 of the DIDP Progress Report which will bring all participants fully up to date on the project.

10) Australian Secretary’s Report

Maureen Collins reported a steady increase in membership over the past couple of years. She was delighted that Helen Smith, Gerry Dalton and her husband Tom Wood were able to be present at the Worcester gathering. Gerry as Internet Librarian for the Australian branch had been corresponding with Michael Cayley with the aim of setting up computer library storage for Australian members. It had been mutually decided to hold a meeting in Melbourne in early 2008. John and Lyn Dalton had offered their home with arrangements yet to be finalised.

A New South Wales meeting was likely again in 2008 and Helen Smith had offered the use of her family beach house. Plans were underway for an Australian Gathering in the city of Orange, New South Wales, with a proposed date of the weekend of 14th/15th March 2009. Co-ordinators included the Australian Secretary, Helen Smith, and Ros Chapman, a DGS member related to the large Dalton family of Orange. The Dalton International DNA Project had been promoted in Australia with positive results. Maureen thanked members for their continuing contributions.

11) American Secretary’s Report

The Chairman gave a report on behalf of Millicent Craig in her absence. He paid tribute to her amazing contribution to the success of the DGS. Subscription income for the first half of 2007 is up and much interest continues to be shown in the DGS by USA and Canadian members. Work continues apace on the Dalton Databank with an emphasis on Irish and Australian Dalton records being added. She particularly thanked Mike Dalton of Oregon, Michael Cayley and Gerry Dalton for their inputs and Mary Lou Elias for formatting the material for the web. Other projects include the digitising of family trees, and the possible re-publication of Part 2 of Mrs Leaning’s “Dalton Book”.

12) Irish Secretary’s Report

Ciaran Dalton thanked the Chairman for his warm welcome and acknowledged the help he, Millicent Craig and all the committee had given him already in his new role. The association of his father with DGS activities thirty years before had resulted in his own present day membership and enthusiasm for the Society.

He looked forward to the forthcoming 2008 Irish Gathering in Birr, County Offaly and emphasised that this would herald the real launch of Clan Dalton.

13) Forthcoming Gatherings and AGMs

Michael Neale Dalton outlined the following events:-

Irish Gathering 2008 at Birr, County Offaly, Friday 1st August to Monday 4th August. A brief slide show of Birr was presented from the visit made by the Chairman and Ciaran Dalton earlier in the year to commence preparations for the event.

Australian Meetings at Melbourne in Feb/March 2008 (to be confirmed) and Sydney later in 2008.

UK One Day Meeting/AGM at the Royal Logistics Corp Museum, Camberley, on Saturday 31st May 2008 (subsequently arranged for Saturday 7th June 2008) with a chance to view the VC medal awarded to James Langley Dalton for his part in the Battle at Rorke’s Drift in the Zulu War.

Australian Gathering 2009 at Orange, New South Wales over the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 14th /15th March.

UK 40th Anniversary Gathering & AGM 2010 with the suggestion of Surrey as the venue.

Possible venues thereafter include Yorkshire, Lancashire, America and South Africa.

14) Any other Business

The Chairman highlighted a few more of the displays of Dalton family history.

Pat Robinson was then invited to speak briefly on the display that she had mounted of her family connection to Lady Jane Lane, who later married into the Fisher family, and who assisted in the escape of King Charles the Second after his defeat at the Battle of Worcester.

15) Close

There being no further business the meeting closed at 1100 hours.



Accounts for 2006
Charity Number 298251
INCOME ACCOUNT for period 1 January to 31 December 2006
Income: Expenditure:      
2006 2005   2006 2005
Subscriptions       Journals Dec-05 (Dec-04) 459.22 420.00
  Jun-06 (Jun-05) 557.90 403.22
Australia   287.16 188.00 Dec-06   525.63  
UK   534.00 497.50    
USA   815.45 1114.22   Distribution Jun-05   232.43
    Costs Dec-05 (Dec-04) 370.19 210.28
Bank Interest 2.08 0.71 Jun-06   284.17
  Dec-06   322.22
Scarborough Building Society Interest   120.65   Secretarial Expenses     73.06
    Treasurers Expenses   32.22  
Binders, Journals and Leaning Book 65.00     F.F.H.S. Subscription     66.00
Gift Aid Rebate 251.89     Expenses associated with Dublin Gathering   200.00
Legacies/donations 1500.00 1500.00   Journal Stock Value Written Off   251.12
    DNA Consultant   500.00  
    Excess of Income over expenditure 171.60 1797.40
3455.58 3421.08   3455.58 3421.08
CAPITAL ACCOUNT at 31 December 2006
HSBC Bank Account 6233.78 2312.03   Capital Account at 31 Dec 2005 (31 Dec 2004) 6447.62 4650.22
Scarborough Building Society Account   3750.15   Add Surplus for 2006 (2005) 171.60 1797.40
Stock of Memorabillia 385.44 385.44    
6619.22 6447.62   6619.22 6447.62


Notes to the DGS Accounts for 2006:

  1. Total subscriptions received in 2006 amounted to 1,636.61 (1,799.72 in 2005).

  2. In order to align expenditure on journal printing and distribution with the subscription year, we have, exceptionally for 2006, accounted for printing three issues of the journal and distributing four. Normal costs for the year are 1,689.92 (relating to Vol 44 for Jun-06 and Vol 45 for Dec-06). Exceptional costs are 1,061.84 (relating to Vol 43 for Dec-05 and the distribution only of Vol 42 for Jun-05 which should have been included in the 2005 accounts).

  3. During this year we closed the Scarborough Building Society Account due to a change in location of the Treasurer and we are in process of seeking a new Deposit Account. The matter is in hand with HSBC's own Deposit Account and the Charities equivalent (COIF) being considered.

  4. Sales of memorabilia and back copies of our Journals have been very limited during 2006.

  5. There is no F.F.H.S Subscription on this year's accounts as payment for two years was included in the 2005 accounts.

  6. The published accounts for 2005 recorded an anonymous donation of 1,500.00 in the Capital Account. For comparative purposes with 2006, this has been moved to the Income Account and surplus for 2005 has been adjusted accordingly.

  7. The legacy/donation of 1,500.00 in 2006 is a gift to the Society from the late Tom Dalton, DGS member.

  8. The stock of memorabilia at 31 Dec 06 is valued at the same amount as at 31 Dec 05. In view of the limited sales during 2006, consideration will be given to writing down this value in 2007.

The delegates to the Worcester Gathering all participated in the raffle which took place after the DGS Annual Dinner on the Saturday evening. With Worcester so badly affected by the recent floods, our chosen charity for the proceeds of the raffle was the local flood relief organisation. Thanks to the generosity of those who purchased tickets and donated prizes, a sum of £120 was raised and, as a Rotarian, the Chairman passed this on to the Rotary Flood Disaster Appeal, which has been set up to ensure that money reaches all the affected areas and supports those in need. Rotary Clubs across the country have responded to the national Rotary Flood Disaster Appeal set up in response to the devastation caused by the recent flooding. Appeals were set up initially by Rotary in Yorkshire and Gloucestershire but when other areas became affected, a central appeal was launched with a separate fund. To date Rotarians have responded magnificently and more than £300,000 has been raised.

A recent example of the innovative approach that Rotary has to raising funds for this appeal is Fashion For Relief, presented by Naomi Campbell as the grand finale catwalk show for London Fashion Week 2007, which brought together runway excitement, glamour, and raising money for the Rotary Flood Disaster Appeal. Fashion For Relief was held in the British Fashion Council tent at the Natural History Museum in London on the evening of September 20th.

The event brought together industry giants featuring clothing by the world's most renowned and respected houses including Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Pepe Jeans, and Vivienne Westwood with their fashions strutted down the runway by celebrity models. "I think this is an important opportunity to really show what the fashion community can do to help others. Fashion is universal, touches everyone in some way, every community – and the catwalk can be used to raise money and funds for flood relief," said Naomi Campbell.

Fashion For Relief was set up two years ago to demonstrate the kind of contributions the fashion community can make. The first Fashion For Relief was held in 2005 in New York City during their fashion week, and raised more than a million dollars for the Hurricane Katrina relief. All money raised by this event will go to the Rotary Flood Disaster Appeal and 100% of the funds raised will be used directly to assist communities in the affected flood districts. It was recently reported in the news that estimated flood damage in the UK is 3 billion pounds.

Alan Jagger, President of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland said, "This flood appeal is important to relieve the hardship of the victims of the recent flooding. Rotary is able to react very quickly and effectively through its national, district and local structures."

It is good to know that the DGS has been able to play a small part in this major appeal. Delegates at Worcester saw some of the devastation caused by the floods at first hand. The funds now being made available to the affected communities will assist all those whose lives have been turned upside down by this disaster.

Clan Chieftain and DGS Irish Secretary, Ciaran Dalton gives an update on the plans to develop Clan Dalton. He then discusses the relationship between the Dalton and Daton families.

A recent valuable addition to the Dalton Genealogical Society website is the section for Clan Dalton. The Society has, over time, successfully developed internationally and now has an ever-growing world-wide membership. This development has been greatly assisted by having in place English, Australian and American secretaries for the Society. We now have an Irish secretary for the Society, and a separate website for Clan Dalton to continue this progress. The site will primarily inform our members and potential members of matters pertaining to Daltons of Irish descent. The improvement in recent times of access to Irish records, coupled with the greater interest in Irish genealogy abroad, should help to feed and stimulate this forum. All relevant topics of interest to our Irish Daltons will be covered. We will also encompass relevant DGS events such as the forthcoming 2008 DGS Gathering in Birr, Co. Offaly.

The greater Irish Dalton/D’Alton family were and still are spread about through many parts of Ireland but especially in Westmeath, Tipperary, Waterford, Kilkenny and Limerick. According to the Griffith Valuations, there were Daltons also in Clare, Kerry Wexford, Kildare, Roscommon and Mayo, where the name is still to be found. Dublin as we would expect, also has a high concentration of Daltons, many of whom we would expect to have rural roots.

Our membership of The Clans of Ireland, the ongoing Dalton International DNA Project and the production of our excellent DGS Journal put us well in the forefront of the more active and progressive of the genealogy societies. Anyone wishing to learn more about our society should avail themselves of the wealth of information to be found in “Daltons in History” on the web and in the DGS Journal. All of this valuable data has been compiled over the years as a result of the dedicated work of officers and members of the Society, and it contains much to interest and inform those of Dalton descent and their friends who would wish to know more about their ancestors.

Dalton v Daton - some notes on the Daltons/Datons of Ireland

The following is a brief attempt to examine the relationship or connection that has existed between the two Norman families of Dalton and Daton. Down the centuries some confusion has arisen between the two. There are a number of variations in the spelling of the Dalton/Daton name which further complicates the issue, for example De Aliton, De Alletone, D’Alton, De Dalatune and in Irish Dalatun or Daltun. Daton has been written as De Autune, Dawtone, Daughton and Dawtin. The Dalton name in all its forms has a strong sounding letter “L” i.e Da(L)ton, while it is silent or non existent in Daton. To what extent is this due to local pronunciation? Both names begin to appear in Irish records from the 13th century onwards. While the name Dalton is to be found in a number of counties, Daton was principally found in Kilkenny, Tipperary and Waterford. Rev William Carrigan, the historian, wrote that “the name Daton or D’Autun now incorrectly written Dalton appears in Kilkenny records as early as 1382.’’ Wolfe, the genealogist, wrote that Daton was an old Kilkenny family, sometimes incorrectly re-anglicised Dalton.’’ MacLysaght’s “Surnames of Ireland” says that the name Daton is now ‘’usually made Dalton by assimilation’’.

The Tudor records in Ireland, mainly those of Queen Elizabeth (Fiants) for the 16th century, mention Datons of Kilkenny in particular, with a few also in Waterford and Tipperary. (There is no mention here of Datons in Westmeath, the ancestral home of the D’Altons?). In the same Fiants there are some names with the prefix ‘’Fitz’’ as in Richard Daton Fitz Redmond or John Daton fitzGarrott. The same prefix does not appear as far as we know in relation to the Daltons.

Later on in the 17th century, the so-named ‘’Census of Ireland’’ in 1659 lists both Daltons and Datons, e.g. The Barony of Iffa and Offa in Tipperary lists nine Daltons and nine Datons. In the Barony of Iverk, Kilkenny, the ‘’census’’ lists no Daltons but 22 of the Daton family, and in the Barony of Ida and Ibercon, 8 Dalton and 6 Datons, Knocktoper no Daltons and 6 Datons. In Waterford Countie and City the Barony of Deaces (Decies) shows 10 Datons and no Daltons. While the compilers of this ‘’Census’’ listed both names separately, there can be little doubt that errors were made and that in some cases there was crossover between the two. Waterford for example having ‘’no Daltons’’ in the Census is very suspect as Dalton was then and is now a name that is found in Waterford. We know too that many names written by Crown officials in documents were open to be misheard and as a consequence could be written down incorrectly.

The writer of The Dictionary of Irish Family Names however was absolutely correct in claiming that ‘’ to unravel a Deaton(Daton) from the comparatively well-documented Daltons would require considerable painstaking research.’’ Perhaps then DNA would unravel this particular puzzle for ever. Any volunteers please?


Rev.William Carrigan The History and Antiquities of the Diocese of Ossory (vol iv)
Rev Patrick Wolfe Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall (i.e. Irish and Foreign Surnames)
Edward MacLysaght The Surnames of Ireland
Seamus Pender (ed.) A Census of Ireland (circa 1659)
Ida Grehan The Dictionary of Irish Surnames
Internet: Early Dalton(d’Autun) or Dalton Family History in Kilkenny

Millicent Craig, the coordinator of DIDP, gives an update and looks ahead to the next steps as the project moves forward.

Chris Pomery, the consultant to DIDP, gave the Society a most encouraging presentation on the project at the Worcester Gathering at the end of July. During the past month, he has prepared Issue 2 of the DIDP Progress Report (for 2007) and this is now being proof read and checked prior to its distribution to all project participants. This 42 page document is a state of the art analysis of the DNA results of 98 testees. This includes some testees in the Dalton America Project whose DNA results match testees in DIDP.

Since Issue 1 of the DIDP Progress Report was distributed in November 2006, new participants have joined the project, and many testees have upgraded their results with additional markers. These additions, combined with the Dalton America Project results, have enabled us to identify new groups and matches, and also to reduce the number of singletons. The full 2007 report will be distributed to all DIDP testees at the end of October 2007 and a Summary DIDP Report will appear in the November issue of “Daltons in History”. Because of the depth of information, and the breadth of genealogical backgrounds of the testees, DIDP is becoming the clearing house for all Dalton DNA testees.

If you are a member of another Dalton DNA Project and would like to receive a copy of the 2006 DIDP Progress Report (Issue 1), please be in contact. If you would like to add your DNA results to DIDP and learn where you fit in the huge world of Daltons, you will be most welcome. As the bases of both the English and Irish descent testees keep expanding, the chances of finding your place in the Dalton genetic tree keeps increasing. The resources of the Dalton Genealogical Society in both England and Ireland make it possible to locate key testees, in order that you can make that genetic/genealogical link to the mother country. It is the members of the DGS that make it possible to retain the expertise of a professional consultant on behalf of all Daltons, and thus we value your continued support.

Those Daltons who have yet to participate in a DNA project whether they be of English, of Irish or of unknown descent, please be in contact with me by email at

Extracted by William "Mike" Dalton. Mike Dalton of Oregon has extracted the following information about Dalton Scholars who attended Oxford University.

ALUMNI OXIONIENSES: the Memoirs of the University of Oxford, 1715-1886: Their Parentage by Joseph Foster of the University of Oxford - 1892 Oxford, England. The named colleges, including Trinity are constituent arms of the University in Oxford, England. Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland is a separate entity. Residences of fathers should pinpoint places of birth in parish registers of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

DALTON, CHARLES BROWNE, 2nd son of Charles Dalton of Kelvedon, Essex, cleric. Matriculated at Wadham College 2 July 1829; aged 19. B.A. 1833; fellow 1834-5; M.A. 1836; junior bursar 1837; chaplain of Lincoln’s Inn; presbyter of St. Paul’s Cathedral 1845; vicar of Highgate 1854-78.

DALTON, CHARLES HENRY GEORGE, 3rd son of Henry Dalton of Hound House, Surrey, cleric. Matriculated at Exeter College 23 May 1861; aged 18. B.A. 1864; of Lincoln’s Inn 1865.

DALTON, COLIN GRANT, 6th son of Foster Dalton of Parkstone, Dorset. Matriculated at Trinity College 24 Nov. 1876; aged 18; B.A. 1880; M.A. 1883; vicar of Wincanton, Somerset 1885.

DALTON, FITZGERALD VERITY, 1st son of Henry Robert Samuel Dalton of Dems, Beds. Matriculated at Christ Church 4 June 1881; age 18.

DALTON, FREDERICK THOMAS, 3rd son of Charles Brown Dalton of London, cleric. Matriculated at Corpus Christi College 22 Oct. 1874; age 18 as a scholar. B.A. 1878; M.A. 1884; of Lincoln’s Inn 1881.

DALTON, GUSTAVUS GEORGE, 1st son of Edward Dalton of Dublin, Ireland. Matriculated at Trinity College 16 June 1829; aged 18.

DALTON, HARRISON, 5th son of Richard Dalton of Gipping, Suffolk. Matriculated at Trinity College 5 June 1845; aged 20. B.A. 1849; M.A. 1852; barrister-at-law, Middle Temple 1849.

DALTON, HENRY, matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland; B.A. 1827, M.A. 1845. Ad eundem 2 June 1852. Chaplain to the Duke of Leinster and curate of Clovelly, Devon. Died 6 Nov. 1869.

DALTON, HENRY ROBERT SAMUEL, 1st son of Henry Dalton of Bridgenorth, Salop, cleric. Matriculated at Christ Church 2 June 1852; aged 17. B.A. 1857.

DALTON, REV. HERBERT ANDREW, 1st son of Charles Brown Dalton of Lambeth, Surrey. Matriculated at Corpus Christi College 18 Oct. 1871; age 19 as a scholar; senior student at Christ Church 1875-8. B.A. 1875; M.A. 1878; assistant master at Winchester College 1884.

DALTON, JAMES, son of John Dalton of Pembrey, Co. Carmarthen. Matriculated at Jesus College 13 Feb. 1732-3; aged 19.

DALTON, JAMES, son of Thomas Dalton of Crosby, Cumberland. Matriculated at Queens College 20 Mar. 1763; aged 18 as a plebeian (commoner) B.A. 1768; M.A. 1771.

DALTON, REV. JAMES O.S. - a nephew of Sir Cecil Wray of Dimsdale, Co. Durham, cleric. Matriculated at Worcester College 20 June 1850; aged 19. B.A. 1855; M.A. 1859. Died 7 Nov. 1862. See Foster’s Yorkshire Collection.

DALTON, JOHN, son of John Dalton of Whitehaven, Cumberland, cleric. Matriculated at Queens College 2 Nov. 1725; aged 16. B.A. 1730; M.A. 1734; Bachelor and Doctor of Divinity 1750.

DALTON, JOHN, son of Nathaniel Dalton of Cucklington, Somerset, cleric. Matriculated at Hertford College 1 June 1742; aged 17. B.A. 21 Jan. 1745-6.

DALTON, JOHN, son of John Dalton of Cucklington, Somerset, cleric. Matriculated at Queens College 27 May 1772; aged 17.

DALTON, JOHN, son of Francis Dalton of Swaftham, Norfolk. Matriculated at Christ Church 26 Oct. 1809; aged 18.

DALTON, JOHN, 2nd son of Edward Dalton of Fulham, Middlesex, gent. Matriculated at St. Mary’s Hall 5 Nov. 1822; age 25.

DALTON, JOHN Created D.C.L. 21 June 1832. Author of ‘The Atomic Theory’; professor of mathematics and natural philosophy in the New College, Manchester 1793-99; F.R.S. gold medal 1826; member of the ‘Institute of France’; president of the Chemistry, Mineralogy and Chemical Arts Departments of the British Association at Oxford 1832; died 27 July 1844. See Life Painting by James Lonsdale 2 Aug. 1825 in Manchester.

DALTON, JOSEPH BARDGETT, 3rd son of Thomas Dalton of Whitehaven, Cumberland, cleric. Matriculated at Queens College 9 Feb. 1860; aged 17. B.A. 1863; M.A. 1866; vicar of St. James, Whitehaven 1871-78.
DALTON, NATHANIEL, son of Nathaniel Dalton of Cucklington, Somerset, cleric. Matriculated at Balliol College 15 April 1736; aged 16.

DALTON, NATHANIEL, son of John Dalton of Cucklington, Somerset, cleric. Matriculated at Queens College 27 May 1772; aged 18.

DALTON, ORMONDE MADDOCK, 2nd son of Thomas Masters Dalton of Cardiff, Co. Glanmorgan. Matriculated at New College 16 Oct. 1884; aged 18. (b. 1866 - d. 1945)

DALTON, RICHARD, 1st son of Richard Dalton of Brighton, Sussex. Matriculated at University College 2 July 1732; aged 18. B.A. 1837; M.A. 1850; rector of Kelmarsh, Northants, 1862.

DALTON, RICHARD CHARLES, 1st son of Richard Dalton of Bircham, Norfolk, cleric. Matriculated Non Collegiate 14 Oct. 1882; aged 20.

DALTON, RICHARD HARRISON, 1st son of Harrison Dalton of London. Matriculated at Oriel College 15 Oct. 1877; aged 19. Of Lincoln’s Inn 1880.

DALTON, THOMAS, son of John Dalton of Crosby, Cumberland, pleb. Matriculated at Queens College 6 June 1753; aged 19. B.A. 1757; Fellow M.A. 1760; B.D. 1776; vicar of Carisbrooke 1782, until his death 12 May 1822.

DALTON, WALTER, 3rd son of Arthur Dalton of Swansea, Glanmorgan, gent. Matriculated at Pembrooke College 30 Nov. 1858; aged 18. B.A. 1864; M.A. 1865.

DALTON, WILLIAM, son of Richard Dalton of Bond Street, London. Matriculated at Queens College 12 Mar. 1742-3; aged 17.

DALTON, REV. WILLIAM, M.A. Trinity College, Dublin 1832 (B.A. 1823); 2nd son of George Forster Dalton of Dublin, Ireland. Admitted ‘ad eundem gradum’ to Pembrooke College (incorporated 19 Nov. 1846 - earned degree); aged 45. Bachelor of Divinity 26 Nov. 1846.

Notes: Lincoln’s Inn and Middle Temple are inns of court: ancient association of lawyers for those who rose to degree or rank of a barrister-at-law. The Latin term ad eundem gradum (to the same degree) recognized B.A.s from other colleges, when admitted to Oxford. Students at the residence halls of Christ’s Church and St. Mary’s and noncollegiates (not living at a college or permanent residence hall) usually had private tutors.

From information supplied by Gerry Dalton and Tom Wood and the Editor's additional sources. Father John Dalton was an Irish author and translator from Spanish and German.

He was born in Ireland in 1814 and died at Maddermarket in Norwich, Norfolk, England on the 15th February, 1874. He spent his early years in Coventry, England where he was educated at Sedgley Park School. He then trained to be a priest at Oscott College being ordained in 1837.

After serving some time in Northampton (where he established large schools) he laboured for three years in Norwich, Norfolk.

He was the priest at Kings Lynn at the time of the lifting of the penal laws and subsequently commissioned Augustus Pugin to build the Church of the Annunciation. The parish which covered the whole of North West Norfolk was according to the Lynn Advertiser of the time “not a huge congregation with less than 150 Catholics and all of them poor”. Whilst at Lynn he published his best-known book, an English translation of “The Life of St Teresa, written by herself” showing a perfect mastery of the Spanish language. Father Dalton made an exhaustive study of the life and works of St Teresa.
In 1854 he became a member of the chapter of the Diocese of Northampton, where he lived for many years at the Bishop’s House.

For 9 months during the years 1858-1859 he moved to the English College, Valladolid, Spain where he continued his study into the life of St Teresa, the foundress of the Discalced Carmelites.

On returning to England he settled at St. John’s Maddermarket, Norwich where he spent the remainder of his life.

Canon Dalton is described by contemporary writers as most amenable, zealous and charitable and a favourite amongst all creeds and classes. He published numerous works translated from Spanish, Latin and German.

From Mike Dalton of Oregon

This concludes the Census extractions of Daltons that were enumerated in the 1901 Census of Prince Edward Island. Our appreciation is extended to Mike Dalton for his efforts on behalf of all Daltons, particularly those of Irish descent.


A. KINGS COUNTY, Georgetown, Lot A:
James Dalton, head, age 86, b. Ireland13 Mar. 1815, and immigrated in 1833; wife, Mary E., age 37, b. 22 May 1863; children: Peter, b. 22 Mar 1884; Nellie, b. 18 Jan. 1887; Martin, b. 16 July 1890; Michael, b. 17 Mar. 1893; John, b. 18 Mar. 1896; Thomas b. 29 Dec. 1898. His wife and children were born on PEI. James Dalton of Co. Kilkenny, Ireland died at Georgetown in 1905 at age 89.

1. Darick Dalton, head, age 53, b. 8 Mar. 1848; wife Margaret, age 55, b. 3 June 1846; children: Margaret, born 1 Sept. 1871; Malvina, b. 5 Aug. 1873; Daniel, b. 17 Mar. 1876; Charles, b. 30 June 1878. All of family born on PEI.
2. Charles Dalton, head, age, b. 9 June 1850; wife Annie, age 46, b. 20 Sept. 1854; children: Charles, born 8 Aug. 1876; Winifred, b. 38 Feb. 1883; Zita,
b. 14 Sept. 1887; Florence, b. 9 July 1890; Edith, born 26 Jan. 1893; Irene,
b.16 Oct. 1894; Joseph J., b. 15 Nov. 1899. All of family born on PEI.
3. Mary Dalton in Village of Tignish, assistant or servant in a household; age 33. b. 26 Oct. 1867 at New Brunswick.

LOT 4. Lameul (Daniel) Dalton, head, age 35, b. 22 Jan. 1860; wife, Ellen, age 35, born 27 Aug. 1866; children: Daniel, b. 33 June 1893; James L. b. 13 Jan. 1895; Joseph B., b. 23 Dec. 1896; Albert T. b. Mar. 1898. All born on PEI.

LOT 7.
1. Ambrose Dalton, head, age 38, b. 12 July 1862; wife Mary, age 29, b. 6 Sept. 1871; children: Joseph P., born 14 May 1895; Simon F., b. 18 Feb. 1897; William P., b. 20 Nov. 1895.
2. Charles Dalton, head, age 30, b. PEI on 7 Mar. 1871; wife Lizie, b. 12 May 1872 at New Brunswick.
3. Joseph Dalton, head, age 36, b. 28 Mar. 1865 at New Brunswick; wife Jane, b. 20 May 1878 at PEI.
LOT 9. Thomas Dalton, head, age 60, b. 5 Mar. 1841; wife Mary, age 57, born 2 Oct. 1843; children: Charles, b. 10 Sept. 1882; Nelson, b. 24 Mar. 1884; Evea Jane, b. 18 Sept. 1887. All of family born on PEI.

C. QUEENS COUNTY EAST, LOT 36: James Dalton, head, age 40, b. 10 July 1860; wife, Ellen, age 36, born 10 Dec. 1864; children: Mary, b. 12 June 1892; Thomas, b. 30 Dec. 1893; Winnie M., b. 12 May 1896; Annie G. b. 12 July 1900; Mary Dalton, mother, age 68, b. 17 Mar. 1833; Charles Smith, nephew, age 17,
b. 10 Nov. 1883. All of family born on PEI.

1. Frank Dalton, domestic, age 44, b.PEI in 1856.
2. Minnie Dalton, boarder, age 33, b. New Foundland on 7 July 1867.

From Millicent Craig

Welcome to new member Daniel Patrick Dalton, Jr. of New Jersey. Daniel, who was on a tour of the States with his son, stopped off in Mead, Kansas to visit the Museum. This was originally the home of a sister to the Dalton Gang. Amidst the literature were DGS membership and DNA project flyers. Daniel dropped a membership in the mail from Meade. Also visiting Meade was Mark Good of Wichita, KS whose ancestry shows that he may be descended from the Gang. The Gang contacts continue.

Changes of Address

Theckla Constable Ledyard, who has contributed many items to “Daltons in History” would like readers to use her new address for e-mail contact. She has more data on the way.

Jim Vaughan of Illinois has also sent a new address.

Captain William Dalton of New Zealand

Dorothy Malcolm sent an internet referral to the Mawhinney-Powell Family website. On this site is a connection to Kent, England Daltons. William Dalton, son of Henry Dalton was born in Kent about 1838. His wife Betsy Rayner was born 20 Jun 1842 in Waddington, Marton, Lincolnshire, England. The family emigrated to New Zealand and Captain Dalton died in Wellington, age 73 on 19 Sep 1911. He left several children. This appears to be a family that the DGS has not researched. Would one of our volunteers like to provide more information on this line of Daltons?

Another Dalton Gang Story

Pat Setser sent a family story about the naming of her mother. Her family lived near Pleasant Hill, Missouri only a half hour or so ride from Belton, one of the places where the Dalton's stayed. There were some songs about the Gang that circulated and one of them had to do with one of their "ladies of the night", Flo Quick.

Pat's mother was born in 1911 and WJ, Pat's grandfather named his newborn, Flo. Emma, Pat's grandmother apparently threw a major fit. Grandpa ran the family with an iron hand and the name stayed. He said that after 11 kids he was stuck for a name. The family never used the name Flo although she was called Flossie by a few. Her legal name was Flo and that's about all it was used for. She was always Jim after a childhood incident.

Note: Your interesting family stories are welcome. American readers please contact:

A miscellany of cricketing Daltons, a Rector in Norfolk and a memorial in Amble.

Cricketing Daltons submitted by Paul Millington

Harrison DALTON - baptised 20th July 1825, Stowmarket, Suffolk. Died 14th July 1881, Bradford, Yorkshire. Played for MCC and Oxford University 1846.

Alistair John DALTON - born 27th April 1973, Bridgend. Educated at Millfield. Trained as a pilot. Played for Glamorgan 1994–6.

Andrew John DALTON - born 14th March 1947, Horsforth. Educated at Leeds Grammar School 1962 – 6 and Newcastle University 1968-70. Played for Yorkshire 1969–72

John Millington married Mary DALTON - 31st December 1851 at Rotherham All Saints Church. Mary aged 28 of Masbro’ daughter of Job DALTON, Manufacturer
Witnesses George Smith, Ann Dalton

Edward Millington married Agnes DALTON - 6th April 1861, Lower Mitton. Agnes aged 20 daughter of Thomas DALTON, Carpenter. Agnes was buried 21st March 1875 at Wollaston, aged 35

A Norfolk Rector submitted by Alicia Riley

John de Dalton 1380, Rector of Mundersley, is listed on a board inside Mundersley Church, Norfolk

An Amble Memorial Cenotaph submitted by Alicia Riley

There is a memorial cenotaph to J. DALTON R.N. at Amble near Alnwick Castle, Northumberland.

Dairne Irwin

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