Greetings to all readers of “Daltons in History!”

Another month has passed by and now it is the beginning of June already. As usual, you will find below my updates to keep you fully informed about all our various DGS events, projects and activities.

Future DGS events

As everyone knows, 2010 marks the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Dalton Genealogical Society and we are holding a special Gathering and Annual General Meeting in Surrey, England over the weekend of Fri/Sat/Sun 30th/31st July/1st August 2010. Arrangements have been made for the main events on the Saturday to take place at the Surrey National Golf Club, Chaldon, Surrey. These include our conference during the day and a splendid celebratory dinner in the evening. The conference programme will include guest speakers and our AGM, and there will also be entertainment in the evening. The theme of the weekend will be the origins and the history of English Dalton families and particularly those originating from Surrey. Coupled with this we will also review the work of the Society over the past forty years and look ahead to the future. There will be a programme of activities and visits for the Friday and the Sunday. Accommodation has been arranged locally at the Reigate Manor Hotel ( The Surrey National Golf Club is beautifully situated and has a modern clubhouse with excellent conference and dining facilities. Further information may be found at

More details and booking information for this 40th Anniversary celebration can be found in the “Forthcoming Gatherings” section of this website. They were also included as a separate flyer with Volume 51 of the DGS Journal for December 2009 which was mailed to all DGS members in early January. As I write the Gathering is in just two months time and last month the final deadline for registrations was set for the end of May. Officially, therefore, registrations are now closed and I am no longer able to guarantee accommodation. If you have not registered but still wish to do so, please contact me immediately and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Thank you to all the delegates who have registered. We look forward to welcoming you to this special gathering and I will be in contact with all of you again in early July to provide final details prior to the gathering weekend.

For 2011 we have arranged for the DGS Annual Gathering to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA over the weekend of Fri/Sat/Sun 23rd/24th/25th September 2011.

This will be another very special event and the gathering organiser is our North American Secretary, Karen Dalton Preston. Karen and her team are busy putting the more detailed plans in place. Initial details are on the “Forthcoming Gatherings” section of this website and please keep a watch for further announcements during the coming months.

The DGS Annual General Meeting for 2011 will be held in the UK earlier in the year and an announcement about that will be made later.

For 2012 and beyond we have a number of suggestions already. If you have any particular thoughts about where you might like to meet, or a particular Dalton theme you think we should incorporate, we would really like to hear from you with your ideas.

The Dalton International DNA Project (DIDP)

Issue 3 of the Dalton International DNA Project Progress Report was published in October 2009. This includes all the new participants who have joined the project up to January 2009. There were 99 participants included in Issue 2 of the report published in January 2008 and Issue 3 has 126 sets of markers recorded and analysed. This represents an impressive expansion of the project. Additionally, many participants have extended their number of markers and this adds considerably to the value of the database as a whole to our Dalton family history researches.

The report is a landmark document and extends to 54 pages. The number of separately identifiable genetic families has increased from 10 to 13. The number of singletons has increased by just three, from 18 to 21. This reflects the high success rate that we are achieving, with nearly all new project participants finding matches with existing project members.

All members of the project have been circulated by email and invited to request their copy of the full report. If, as a project participant, you still wish to receive the report but have not advised me, please contact me by email immediately. We do ask that those who receive the report are current members of the DGS. The subscription contributes towards the cost of retaining our consultant and, of course, brings many other benefits as well.

On the “Dalton DNA Project” pages of this website you will find extracts from Issue 3 of the report giving a summary of the main conclusions; the foreword to the report, which includes a history of the project; and a description of the DNA process and how it assists the family historian.

Further participants continue to join the project and there are now approaching 140 sets of markers in our database. DIDP is one of the largest and most respected projects of its type internationally, but we still need to expand it further, particularly with individuals who have documented ancestral lines that take them back to known English or Irish Dalton origins. The strength of the database as a family history research tool lies in its size, and its continued growth is of paramount importance to us all. So, if you are a Dalton male please do think about joining this well established and exciting project.

We are indebted to our DNA consultant, Chris Pomery, for all his assistance with the preparation of the progress report and the advice and guidance that we are able to give to individual project participants. We are now working with him to determine the priorities for further reporting during 2010. The emphasis will be on providing updated reports on individual genetic families.

Some of you may not be aware of the special webpages set up to enable genetic family groups to share data with one another. Initially these are for groups A, B and D. We have added a link to these from the “Dalton DNA Project” homepage here on the main DGS website.

The DGS Journal

The Editor of the DGS Journal, John Dalton, has nearly completed assembling material for Volume 52, due to be published in June 2010. As always, he will welcome articles and other items for publication in future issues. John is happy to advise and assist contributors and, if you have any questions or need help, please contact him by email at

Back issues of the DGS Journal continue to be available. On this website you can access the DGS Journal Index from the homepage. Here you will find a full synopsis of the contents of the Journal of the Dalton Genealogical Society commencing with Volume 1 published back in 1970 through to Volume 41 published in December 2004. Lists of contents are available for Volumes 42 to 51 and the full synopses will be available in due course. Copies of all back numbers are available for purchase and these can be obtained from DGS member, Mrs Pat Robinson (address: Mallards, 3 High Street, The Green, Barrington, Cambridge CB2 5QX, UK email: Details of prices, including postage and packing, will be found with the index.


Enjoy this month’s issue of “Daltons in History”, your regular monthly update on everything that is happening in the world of Dalton family history. We will be back again at the beginning of July.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours very sincerely

Michael Neale Dalton
Chairman and Honorary Life President of the Dalton Genealogical Society

From Maureen Collins, Secretary for Australia and New Zealand

Australia – Proposed Meeting, Sydney, 2010

As there are a few new members and following on from the success of the meeting in Orange, NSW, last year it is proposed to hold a meeting in Sydney at Maureen Collins’ home after her return from overseas in September. Suggested dates are Saturday 9 or Sat 16 October, 2010 but Maureen needs feedback on this please. Would you therefore indicate by email or mail your interest as per the form below. Please note that 4 October is a public holiday in NSW, ACT and SA and this is also a possible date although it would not leave much time to make arrangements. If you have any particular subjects you think would be suitable for discussion please tell the Australian Secretary this also.

I am/we are interested/not interested in attending a meeting in Sydney a) on Saturday 9 October, 2010 or b) on Saturday 16 October, 2010 or c) on a different date in October.





From Mke Dalton, Oregon, USA

FRANK DALTON vs. State of Oregon: An Indictment for Forgery

A court document from Linn County, Circuit Court situated in Albany, Benton County, Oregon and dated Thursday October 29, 1868.

Now at this day come the State of Oregon by J. C. Power District Attorney and the defendant in his own proper person a well as by J. H. Mitchell and N. H. Cranor his attorneys, and the defendant entered his plea of “Not Guilty,” as charged in the Indictment; and this court thereupon moved in the trial of this Cause; whereupon a Jury was called, and when called, came as follows to wit: Hugh Jackson, Alexander Sumpter, Martin Payne, James Charlton, J. J. Cole, J. W. Cleaver, J. J. Davis, S. S. Markham, R. A. McFarland, Seth W. Hayes, Allen Parker and John Beard; twelve good and lawful men who were duly impounded and sworn to try the issues of this cause. And after hearing this evidence and the argument of counsel, and being charged by this court as to this law, this jury retired under the charge of a proper sworn officer to consider of their verdict. And after deliberating for some time returned into court the following Verdict, viz:

“We the Jurors in this case, Wherein the State of Oregon is Plaintiff and Frank Dalton is Defendant find the Defendant guilty as charged in the Indictment, Martin Payne Foreman of the Jury.”

And it appearing to this court, that the court may not be in session more than one day, it is ordered the defendant appear for sentence tomorrow morning at 9’oclock.

A court document of Frank Dalton vs. State of Oregon dated Saturday October 31, 1868.

Now at this day came the defendant and filed his motion in arrest of the judgment of this cause, which motion is overruled by the court, whereupon the court proceeded to pass judgment upon the said defendant, and being asked if he have anything to say why this judgment of this court should not be pronounced against him in accordance with the verdict of the Jury heretofore rendered in this case and having responded thereto, the court proceeded to render judgment, whereupon it judged that Frank Dalton be sentenced to imprisonment in the Penitentiary for two years from this date hereof, and that he pay the costs of the persecution to be taxed.

Signed by Reuben Patrick Boise, Judge.

Convict Record Oregon Penitentiary - Salem, Oregon

Convict No. 238: Frank Dalton received from Linn County on October 31, 1868 for two year sentence for forgery. Description: born Kentucky, age 28, 5 foot and 6 inches, sandy hair, blue eyes, light complexion, size six shoes. Remarks: lawyer, scar on right hand, left thumb nail split. He was pardoned by the Governor and paid $3.00 and was dismissed on November 5, 1868, that is released from the penitentiary.

Governor George L. Woods of State of Oregon – Pardon dated --- 1868

A petition was signed by many citizens of Linn County, including 10 of the 12 jurors who sat upon the trial of Frank Dalton. Petition was accompanied by professional statement of family physician, David B. Rice, who certifies that he is ‘wholly unable to long endure the trial and the hardships of imprisonment.’ The governor granted Frank Dalton full pardon and ordered his immediate release. The Warrant was affixed with the Seal of the State of Oregon and signed by George L. Woods, Governor and Samuel E. May, Secretary of State.

Frank Dalton Pardon as reported in Albany Democrat newspaper of Albany, Oregon on Saturday, November 7, 1868, page 2, column 1:

FRANK DALTON, who was convicted of forgery, was last Saturday morning sentenced by Judge Boise to “hard labor in the Penitentiary for the term of two years.” When asked by His Honor if he had anything to say why sentence of judgment should not be pronounced upon him, "he stoutly and firmly protested his innocence, and solicited the leniency of the Court, on behalf of his wife and little one, in fixing his time of imprisonment at as short a term as possible."

After the sentence was pronounced, a paper was immediately put into circulation soliciting signers, praying the Governor to grant him a pardon. It is thought the petition will be successful, and that Dalton will be shortly released from imprisonment.

P. S. Since the above was “set up” Mr. Dalton has been pardoned by His Excellency, Governor Wood, and returned with his wife to this city on last Thursday night. As they were returning, the coupling pin of the buggy in which they were travelling came out and the vehicle parted in the middle, precipitating the occupants to the ground and injuring Mr. Dalton until he is confined to his bed with the severity of the bruises which he received. Mrs. Dalton (Martha A. nee Cardwell Dalton) was comparatively uninjured.

Mike's Notes:

1. It is about 27 miles from the County Courthouse in Albany to the State Penitentiary in Salem. A horse drawn buggy would then have taken about three hours to make the trip.

2. A biographical timeline will follow in the next newsletter.

3. Photocopies of the original documents were obtained from the State Archives in Salem, Oregon.

From Maureen Collins, Secretary for Australia and New Zealand

This year is the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Governor Lachlan Macquarie into Sydney to take over governorship from the controversial Governor William Bligh – of Mutiny on the Bounty infamy – or fame, depending on one’s point of view.

Jilly Warren has written a marvellous story about her Dalton family’s beginnings and their involvement in Governor Macquarie’s enlightened administration of the fledgling Colony of Australia.

Please note that the following men in the Sydney Gazette List are pertinent to Jilly’s story, all being her ancestors:

No. 18 Joseph Welsh

No. 22 Thomas Colebrook

No. 49 Richard Dalton

Sydney Gazette, Saturday 29 December, 1810

Look out for this story in forthcoming editions of the DGS Journal and get a flavour of those difficult pioneering days.

From Maureen Collins, Secretary for Australia and New Zealand

Port of London Authority Archives

Covering 1790 to the present day, these archives, which are now being catalogued for ease of access by the Museum of London Docklands, include:

30 boxes of documents relating to the 19th century dock companies
120 boxes of documents relating to the early years of the PLA
140 boxes of documents relating to post-war PLA activities
50 boxes of post-war PLA personnel documents
Full range of architectural drawings relating to all aspects of the docks
Full range of PLA river charts

The Centenary is celebrated at

From Anne Fogarty, Bathurst, NSW, Australia

I found, some time ago, my father's birth date and the names of his brothers and sister . They were in a County Offaly file extracted by DGS member Mike Dalton from the microfilm records of Mathew William Dalton.

Sources: IGI and Matthew William Dalton Civil Registry Extract - 1864 to 1891 (c)1896,fhl#361843. All the ones from Faddenbeg. That farm is still in the family and is named "Banaher" but the owners are my cousins - Kieran Kenny who is the son of my father's sister who married a Kenny.

It would be interesting to go back and see who Martin Dalton's father was etc.

Anne is the aunt of Michael G Dalton, whose DNA test shows as Genetic Family B with Wendy Fleming ( as co-ordinator.

May has been a very busy month here! I began the month at the National Genealogical Society's annual conference in Salt Lake City. It was a wonderful event that drew several thousand attendees. I gave a brief snap shot of the conference in last month's "Daltons in History". This month I will give you a closer look.

Since this is one of the premier genealogy conferences in the US, it draws many well-known speakers from all facets of family history research, and covers many varied topics.

I attended two sessions given by Elizabeth Shown Mills, the author of "Evidence!" and "Evidence Explained". These books offer a complete guide to what constitutes reliable sources for genealogy research, how to weigh conflicting information and how to properly cite your sources in your family tree research. I have both of Elizabeth's books, so I was very interested to hear her presentations.

In a talk on "Weighing Sources", she provided an outline for how to evaluate information such as birth dates. When you are presented with conflicting information, she explained that you must consider who provided the information, how likely is it that the informant knew the correct info, and how close to the actual event was the information given. This helped me to compare and evaluate the various birth date information that I have for my great grandfather James Dalton. James never gave the same info on any two documents, and I have various dates of birth for him that span a 10 year time frame. But, James is still my Number 1 genealogy mystery!

The highlight of the conference was a presentation by the Pulitzer-Prize winning author and speaker, David McCullogh. He has written several books on American history and on noted figures in American history such as John Adams and Harry Truman.

Mr. McCullogh talked about the importance of family history research in his writing, and that the research he does to prepare for a new book is identical to the research of genealogists. He begins with the basic family tree for his subject, then looks for other documentation to place the person in their historical context. He shared many anecdotes about little bits of family history that he uncovered in his research, and how these stories can help to bring alive our ancestors.

The evening also included a recital by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Their voices were a beautiful compliment to the speakers. I am hoping that we will be able to arrange to hear the Choir as a part of the program for the Gathering in 2011.

Shortly after I returned from Salt Lake City, David and I made a trip to Florida to visit with my parents for Mother's Day. It provided a real contrast to the snow and unusual cold of Utah. Florida was unseasonably hot and humid for May, with temperatures near 90 degrees (or near 33C for our readers outside of the US).

We are now settling-in at home until our next trip, which will be to travel to Surrey in July for the annual Gathering! I am hoping to see many of our members from the UK and Ireland there!

New Members:

Please join me in welcoming new Member Ronald Dalton Hall, of Kirkland, WA.

Dalton Data Bank Update:

For the period from 1 May to 25 May 2010:

We continue to run a limited set of Google Ads in support of the membership drive. This Ad Campaign generated 5 visits to the Membership information page on the DGS web site.

In addition, the Membership pop-up box on the Data Bank site was viewed by 1,376 visitors. However, there is no way to measure the number of visitors that may have clicked on the link to view the Membership page.

Additions to the Data Bank:

2 May, 2010:

Dalton Chronicles - James L. Dalton & Dalton Adding Machines Contributed by Rodney Dalton, Utah

1 May, 2010:

Dalton Chronicles - Capt. James Dalton of Boston Contributed by Rodney Dalton, Utah

DDB Usage statistics 1 May to 25 May 2010:

5,398 Visits from 66 Countries

Top 10 Countries by Visits:

1. UK - 2,087
2. United States - 1839
3. Australia - 336
4. Ireland - 307
5. South Africa - 238
6. Canada - 104
7. New Zealand - 56
8. Spain - 44
9. Columbia - 38
10. Germany - 38

Google Ad Campaign:

4,784 Visitors reached the Data Bank by clicking on one of the 758,546 Google Ads served during the reporting period.


As compared to the same period last year (1 May 2009 to 25 May 2009), there has been a 87% rise in site Visitors and a 12% rise in the average time spent on the site by all Visitors.

Comparison Chart

Map showing May Visitor distribution

With best wishes for the month ahead.

Karen Dalton Preston
Secretary for North America

Thank you to all who have contributed to the June 2010 issue of “Daltons in History”.

As you can see this month's issue is still smaller than usual - we need your contributions!!

Please send me any ideas you may have for future articles or areas of research we could look at. New ideas are needed!!

Please consider contributing a short description of any Dalton-related travels you may have undertaken anywhere in the world. Also members who are travelling to do research, visit a Dalton-connected site, or have made a connection to a distant cousin through the DGS. might be interested in letting other members know what they are doing through "Daltons in History". Photos from the travels would be nice, too. It would also be a way of helping members get to know each other a little better, and might help members who are widely dispersed geographically to feel a bit more connected.

Contributions for the July 2010 issue need to be with me no later than 25th June, 2010. (e-mail: