The Dalton Genealogical Society extends an invitation to all readers to attend the Annual Gathering and Meeting of Daltons in Dublin, Ireland on July 30, 31 2005. The Gathering will be based at the Ashling Hotel with three nights of accommodation available as the core package. This is a Best Western Hotel and full details can be found on their website: It is conveniently located at Parkgate on the north side of the Liffey River and about a 15 minutes walk to O'Connell Street. It is near the Guinness Brewery, Phoenix Park, the Museum of History and the Decorative Arts, and also Kilmainham Gaol.

The hotel has its own carpark free for residents and is well placed for traveling out of the city. The Ashling offers affordable accommodation, good conference facilities and an extremely helpful staff. All members will receive the details in their December issue of the DGS Journal. There is a provisional reservation for 15 twin/double rooms secured until January 31, 2005. The hotel will require a 25% deposit for a firm booking. Please make your decision as soon as possible. Details for single rooms will be available shortly.

The annual meeting will be held on Saturday, July 30 and the Speaker will be Patrick Guinness, the coordinator of one of the largest DNA surname projects. He spoke at the Oxford DNA Seminar in May 2004 and will speak on the subject of Irish Clan ancestry at the AGM. Saturday afternoon will be left free for attendees to explore the many sights in Dublin and other places with family history connections. On Saturday evening the DGS Annual Gathering Dinner will be held at the Ashling.

Hotel Costs at the Ashling Twin/Double room, Friday and Saturday nights, 135 euros per room per night with Breakfast included on Saturday and Sunday.

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DGS Chairman, Michael N. Dalton and his wife Kate also visited Mount Dalton at Rathconrath in Westmeath, about 60 miles from Dublin. The current owner of the Dalton property DGS member Mrs. Catherine Gibson-Brabazon has agreed to host a visit for the Gathering on Sunday, July 31 2005. She is quite enthused and will likely turn this day into a special event. Those who wish can return to Dublin for Sunday evening or explore other locations of their own family history. If warranted a mini bus will be hired to transport attendees to the Mount.

For DGS literature about the Mount refer to DGS Journal Vol.29 pp. 49 to 53 and "Daltons in History" Vol. 5, No. 12, (December 2002) "Only a Sketch Remains". It is well to note that Monday, August 1, 2005 is a Bank holiday and many offices will be closed. Send your reservation to Michael N. Dalton in Surrey as soon as possible. For those living in Ireland or who will have accommodations with relatives in Dublin or nearby, please let Michael Dalton know which events at the Ashling you will be attending.

from Millicent Craig

Interest in the heritage of William Dalton of Gloucester County, VA and the Hildersham, Daltons has risen anew as participants in the Dalton International DNA Project attempt to identify their common ancestor. Much research has been done and published in the Dalton Genealogical Society Journals about this prominent Cambridgeshire family. What the DGS has learned is that the thread that connects William and the English line is the given name of Tyrell. It appears in the English family and also in the American family of William Dalton. Other names of William's children are William and Michael much more common in England.

Although this was a large English family, today there are no living male descendents of this line that have been found in England. There was a high incidence of daughters and according to the records, the Dalton men died quite young even for those days, often before the age of 40. This could indicate some sort of genetic predisposition that may have carried over to the American line of William Dalton and could be an identifying characteristic.

According to DGS historian Lucy J. Slater, the Fulbourne register states Oct. 18th 1730, Tyrrell Esq. the last of that ancient family. Lucy states this is not quite true, as there are no burial records in Cambridgeshire for his brother William who may have gone to America. See DGS Journal #24, 1996, M N & Q 24.2

DGS member, Faith Keymer, is descended from this family and has done considerable research and documentation. Her ancestor , George Dalton, was another member of this Hildersham family. See DJS Journal Vol.20, No.2 - The Genealogy of Thomas Dalton, Clerk of Suffolk and Prebendary of Durham. After years of searching through documents Faith has come to the conclusion that George's male line died out with the death in 1695 of his infant great-grandson John Dalton and that of his other great-grandson Thomas in 1727. If anybody has found an original document which belies her findings she would be most interested to hear about it.

DJS Journal Sources

Some DGS members have complete sets of Journals and can look up the references that follow and those mentioned above. Others with interest may want to obtain copies of specific Journals according to their needs. If so, go to the Index of DGS Journals, peruse the contents of the Journals and order as desired. There is a considerable body of work by Lucy Slater and by Faith Keymer as well as research by the late Dick Hamilton.

1. Volume 10, No. 2, 1981. Michael Dalton and the Cambridgeshire Daltons. 9 pages including ancestral chart. Well-researched document.

2. Volume 14, No.2, 1985. Follow up research on the Cambridgeshire Dalton family by Lucy J. Slater complete with family charts and appendix. 22 pages.

3. Volume 14, part 2, 1986. The Unprofitable Servant of God by Lucy Joan Slater, 32 pages. Additional info on the Daltons of Cambridgeshire in the 16th C; family trees of Thomas of Hildersham and his son Michael; Wills etc.

4. Volume 24, MN&Q 24.2. (about 1 page) Another bit of the jigsaw. Linking of the given name, Tyrell Dalton (of Fulbourne) to William Dalton in Gloucester County, VA.

5. Volume 26, Further thoughts on the Cambridgeshire Daltons by Lucy J. Slater, 6 pages. Corrections and addition to earlier papers on this Dalton family. Tree 26.1 Descendents of Thomas of Hildersham Tree 26.2 Descendents of Michael Dalton and Francis.

Another Attempt at Linking

A query from a DGS member concerns a family tree on one of the more popular web sites that links the Daltons of Fulbourne Manor to the Yorkshire and Lancashire Daltons. The Dalton Book, by Mrs. Leaning, a well researched and annotated document disclaims the assertion that there is a connection to the Hildersham Daltons. The same family tree on the web places a William de Hilton in the lineage as an ancestor and the father of one of the Lancashire/ Yorkshire Daltons. There is lineage in the Dalton Book for the Richards, Johns and Rogers who reportedly are descendents of the Bispham Daltons and were of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

In the genealogy of the de Hilton family on the web, there is no mention of a connection to Daltons. In the Dalton Book, there is a single mention of a Hilton in the Will of Col.Thomas Dalton of Thurnham. He bequeathed ten pounds to his servant, a Hilton. If you are interested in acquiring your copy of The Dalton Book, send your request to your local Secretary. See Membership/Entitlements page for address. This book is available for DGS members and non-members. The contents of the book are becoming more relevant to DNA project participants.

In addition, you may want to look at the descendency chart of Sir Rychard Dalton of Byspham in Lancashire (b. c. 1230) and the connection of this line to the Yorkshire Daltons. DGS Journal Volume 1, 1970.


Our English researchers agree that there does not appear to be a male descendent of the Hildersham Daltons alive today whose DNA could verify a connection with descendents of William Dalton of Gloucester County, VA and Hildersham. At this stage of the Dalton International DNA Project, it can be definitely stated that no genetic matching to the Bispham (Lancashire/Yorkshire) line of Daltons has emerged in the U. S. other than an American/Welsh line and that of Croston Daltons.

Part I of 3 parts, compiled by Mike Dalton of Oregon

Editor's note. There are several constables on this list who resigned to emigrate and may have joined the a police or sheriff's department in their new land. Many entries are mini genealogies.

The RIC was established in 1816 to replace policing by British Militia and agents hired by local landlords. The RIC was an armed police force operating from strategic barracks around the countryside. It was disbanded during the 1922 Irish Rebellion. Some 85,000 men served. Afterwards, the RIC GARDA was established in the Irish Free State; the Royal Ulster Constabulatory (RUC) was established in British ruled Northern Ireland. Source: FHL # 856057-856068; 852088-852094.

Upon completion of training at the Depot in Phoenix Park, Dublin, appointees were allocated to certain counties. To avoid legal improprieties, applicants were obliged to serve in counties away from county of birth. If they married, they were asked to transfer away from the wife's county of birth to another county. Some additional details of their RIC careers are also available on their individual records by listed reference numbers. RIC records were indexed annually by date of enlistment. Some entries are enhanced with details from other genealogical sources.


2742: Michael Dalton: b. Co. Tipperary; age 23, 5'10"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Recommended by District Constable Sheils. Appointed 8 Nov. 1837. Allocated to Co. Westmeath; Roscommon 1 Feb. 1844; Pensioned 1 August 1873. Married Charlotte Reynolds of Co. Leitrim on 19 May 1853. Children: daughter 17 Oct. 1864 at Ballinlough, Castlereagh, Roscommon; Thomas 24 Aug. 1867 at Kiltulla, Castlereagh, Roscommon.

4499: Michael Dalton: b. Co. Kerry; age 211/2; 5'10"; Catholic; occupation: labourer. Recommended by Justice of Peace John O'Connell. Appointed 22 July 1841. Allocated to Co. Cork then Co. Leitrim. Pensioned 1 April 1862.

5045: Joseph Dalton: b. Co. Monaghan; age 20; 5'10"; Catholic; occ: farmer. Recommended by Royal Magistrate E. A. Douglas. Appointed 21 June 1842. Allocated to Co. Queens. Dismissed 6 October 1851.

5287: Alexander Dalton: b. Co. Galway; age 21; 5'81/4"; Catholic; occ: labourer. Rec'd. by Edward Blake, District Inspector. Appointed 21 February 1843. Allocated to Co. Kilkenny then Co. Leitrim and then transferred to Co. Donegal on 1 August 1871. On 10 May 1871 Alexander Dalton (policeman) of Gorragh, Leitrim married a Maria Golden, widow of Mohill, Leitrim of Thomas Golden. Pensioned 1 July 1873. Died 4 Aug. 1879 at Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim; age 57, married, pensioner; no children born to couple.

6591: Michael Dalton: b. Co. Tipperary; age 22; 5'83/4"; Catholic; occ: labourer. Recommended by James Cooke. Appointed 14 April 1843. Allocated to Co. Meath, then Co. Limerick, then Co. Down. Resigned May, 1854.

7258: Peter Dalton: b. Co. Monaghan; age 19; 5'91/2"; Catholic; occ: labourer. Rec'd. by Justice of Peace William Foster. Appointed 12 May 1846. Allocated to Co. Cavan. Resigned 1 June 1852 to emigrate.

7306: James Dalton: b. Co. Kilkenny; age 20; 5'91/2"; Catholic; occ.: farmer. Rec'd. by George Delaney. Appointed 11 Feb. 1846. Allocated to Co. Clare. Pensioned 18 February 1873.

7996: Michael Dalton: b. Co. Limerick; age 22; 5'83/4"; Catholic; occ.: farmer. Rec'd, by Police Inspector Thomas J. Anderson. Appointed 23 Mar. 1846. Allocated to Londonderry. Dismissed April, 1851.

8316: Michael Dalton: b. Co. Carlow; age 20; 5'91/2"; Catholic; occ.: dealer. Rec'd. by Esquire William Carey. Appointed 4 February 1846. Allocated to Reserve and then to Co. Tipperary. Resigned 16 June 1851 to emigrate.

8397: James Dalton: b. Co. Waterford; age 19; 5'83/4"; Catholic; occ: farmer. Rec'd. by Police Inspector B. Boate; Appointed 1 April 1846. Allocated to Co. Westmeath. Resigned April, 1850.

8491: Thomas Dalton: b. Co. Tipperary South; age 21; 5'83/4"; Catholic; occ.: laborer. Rec'd. by Police Inspector S.J. Fitzgerald. Appointed 19 Feb. 1847. Allocated to Co. Cavan. Dismissed 15 February 1849.

9778: Richard Dalton: b. Co. Kerry; age 21; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.: not given. Rec'd. by Constable Joseph Hawkshaw. Appointed 8 March 1847. Allocated to Co. Mayo and then Co. Sligo. Pensioned 6 Feb. 1867. Married 6 Nov. 1854 to Maria Stewart of County Clare. Children born to Richard and Maria: 18 Oct. 1865: James at Drommore West, Co. Clare; 7 July 1868: Michael at Turbeck, Westport, Co. Mayo.

10390: Richard Dalton: b. Co. Wicklow; age 20; 5'83/4"; Catholic; occ.: shoemaker. Rec'd. by Head Constable Gardiner. Appointed 24 May 1847. Allocated to Co. Tipperary, South Riding.* Dismissed 26 January 1855.

11125: Maurice Dalton: b. Co. ; age 20; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.: farmer. Rec'd. by Royal Magistrate C.E. Hawley. Appointed 6 Mar. 1843. Allocated to Co. Kings. Resigned 11 February 1851.

11205: Thomas Daughton: b. Co. Kilkenny; age 18; 5'71/2"; Catholic; occ.: not given. Rec'd. by Rev. McCaulfield, Ch. of Ire., Kilkenny. Appointed 26 Apr. 1848. Allocated to Co. Limerick. Died 15 January 1849.

11337: William Dalton: b. Co. Tipperary, South Riding; age 18; 5'83/4"; Catholic; occ.: none given. Rec'd. by Sir J. Fitzgerald. Appointed 5 Feb. 1848. Allocated to Reserve and then Drogheda, Co. Louth. Resigned 17 January 1851 to emigrate.

12104: Patrick Dalton: b. Co. Kilkenny; age 19; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Sir A. Langrishe. Appointed 20 Oct. 1848. Allocated to Co. Down. Resigned 1 July 1858.

12634: Christopher Dalton: b. Co. Westmeath; age 22; 5'81/2"; Cath.; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Sub Inspector Porter. Appointed 15 Feb. 1849. Allocated to Co. Carlow. Pensioned 1 April 1864.

12767: William Dalton: b. Co. Westmeath; age 19; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.: laborer. Rec'd. by Sub Inspector Shiels. Appointed 23 July 1847. Allocated first to Co. Galway, then Reserve, Kings, and Tipperary S.R. Dismissed 12 January 1860.

12824: Samuel Dalton: b. Co. Galway; age 5'81/2"; Protestant; occ.: stone cutter. Rec'd. by H. J. Brownsriggs D.S.G. Appointed 20 Apr. 1849. Allocated to Reserves then Co. Tipperary North Riding. Resigned 31 Oct. 1874 to emigrate.

13392: J. Charles Dalton: b. Co. Tipperary N. R.; age 23; 5'81/2"; Cath.; occ.: laborer. Rec'd. by Sub Inspector O'Dell. Appointed 17 Oct 1849. Allocated to Co. Sligo. Dismissed February, 1857.

14312: Patrick Dalton: b. Co. Tipperary S. R.; age ; 5'81/2"; Catholic; occ.: laborer. Rec'd. by Inspector Thomas Scully. Appointed 17 Oct. 1850. Allocated to Galway West then Co. Limerick. Pensioned 10 April 1881. Married a Mary Collins, a native of Co. Cork in Co. Cork on 12 October 1862. Children born to Patrick and Mary at Croom, Limerick: 3 Mar. 1864 - William, 28 Sept. 1865 - Michael, 29 Aug. 1868: Mary Anne; 4 Sept. 1870: Thomas Edward at Boherand, Croom RD, Limerick; 7 Aug. 1874: Catherine at Kilfinanne, Kilmallock RD, Limerick.

14468: James Dalton: b. Co. Monaghan; age 19; 5'10"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Inspector William Forster. Appointed 14 Nov. 1850. Allocated to Reserves; Cos. Mayo; Tipperary N. R. and Galway 1 May 1869. Pensioned 16 December 1878. The following details balancing married life and career:
1. Marriage at Bridewells,Thurles RD, Co. Tipperary on 21 January 1869: James Dalton, RIC Constable of Pierce Dalton, farmer (Monaghan) to Margaret Mary Haughton of John Haughton, keeper (Tipperary).
2. Children: James Pierce b. 9 Apr. 1871 at Dominic St., Galway City, Galway; Mary b. 14 May 1873 and Elizabeth b. 21 Nov. 1874 at Bridewell, Thurles, Tipperary; Ellen b. 13 Aug. 1876 at Brooklodge, Tuam, Galway; Peter b. 15 Apr. 1878 at Killafin, Gort, Galway; Christina b. 25 Dec. 1879 at Galway Road, Tuam, Galway.

14639: Thomas Dalton: b. Co. Dublin; age 19; Catholic; occ.: gentleman. Rec'd. by H. J. Brownsrigg D. S. G. Appointed 8 Jan. 1851. Allocated to Depot. Resigned 24 Jan 1841.

16989: David Dalton: b. Co. Antrim; age 20; 5' 11"; Protestant; occ.: weaver. Rec'd. by Constable Inspector Hinter. Appointed 13 April 1853. Allocated to Co. Meath. Died 12 July 1868 at English Town, Lisburn, Co. Antrim at age 35, of consumption.

18552: John Dalton: b. Co. Westmeath; age 20, 5'81/2"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Sub Inspector Sheils. Appointed 14 June 1854. Allocated to Co. Kerry. Pensioned 21 April 1885. Married 17 Sept 1869: John Dalton, policeman of Robert Dalton, farmer (Westmeath) to Elizabeth Brosnan, age 17 of Daniel Brosnan, relieving officer at Castleisland, Co. Kerry. Children born at Castleisland, Kerry: Patrick b. 20 Apr. 1870, Daniel b. 14 Aug. 1872; Catherine b. 18 Jan. 1887 at Templemore, Thurles, Co. Tipperary

In the June 2004 issue of the DGS Journal an MN&Q was printed about the Nottingham Whipmakers. Jim is not certain about the occupation of whip maker in relation to his Dalton ancestor and has suggested the following correction. Jim is still trying to locate a male descendent of his Dalton family who settled in Brockton, MA where the family members were prominent hatmakers. Jim may be reached

"James Wormelle, of Florida, needs help in locating a Dalton male cousin to participate in the DGS. DNA Project. He is descended from William Dalton, son of Edward and Amy Taupin. William was born in Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts, England and christened 19 Dec 1819 at St. Mary’s in Nottingham. His wife was Mary Ann Noble. James says that William’s occupation was as a millwright. William had at least three children, Walter (b 1854, Newark on Trent), James A. (b. 1865) and Ellen (b. 1863).

James’ great grandfather, Walter (above), emigrated to the United States with his wife Emma Bradbury ( b. 1859, Bedworth, Eng) and their nine month old daughter, Edith Emily (b. May 10, 1884, Leicester, Eng) and settled in Brockton, MA where Walter continued in his occupation as a hatter. He had two more children, William Walter (b. 1887) and Verna Galdyson (b. 1898) . The last known male Dalton of this line, was William’s son, Franklin who died in Brockton in 1985".

Jim would appreciate your assistance in locating descendents of Franklin Dalton.

DGS member Lettie Kirby Holland has been able to trace her Dalton roots as far as the 1880 US Census in the 20th Ward Precinct A., Cincinnatti, Hamilton County, OH. Milton A. Dalton, 46 years of age was born in KY. His father was from VA and his mother from KY. He is the brother of Lettie's gggrandmother, Sarah Ann Dalton who was also b. in KY. Milton's wife was Margaret (Hamilton) 40 years of age and born in MA. Two children were listed: Son: Harry M. Dalton 22 yrs. b. in IN. Niece: Josephine Kirby 19 yrs. KY.

Sarah Ann Dalton was b. Sept. 17th, 1820/21 in Kentucky, d. Oct. 14th, 1875. (birth & death dates from Kirby Family Bible). Joseph Kirby was born Mar. 31, 1820/21 in KY and died July 4th 1865. The marriage of Sarah Ann Dalton and Joseph Kirby was registered on April 27 1843 in Louisville, Jefferson County, KY and is noted in the family Bible on the same date. They are in the 1850 Census of Kentucky where Joseph is listed as a stagecoach driver with two children, Virginia age 6 and William age 4.

Sarah Ann and and Joseph Kirby had 8 children as follows according to the family Bible.
1. Virginia Clarissa b. Aug. 11, 1844 d. July 14, 1865
2. William Thomas b. July 21, 1846 d. ????
3. James Cox b. Nov. 28, 1848 d. Aug. 7, 1849
4. James Cox b. Jul. 7, 1850 d. June 25, 1863 buried South Carrollton, Muhlenburg Co., KY.
5. Alice Orrena b. Jan. 1, 1853 d. Mar. 8, 1873
6. Eliza Hellen b. Jan. 12, 1854 d. Jan. 28, 1854
7. Robert Cahoon b. Feb. 25, 1855 d. Jan. 27, 1940 ( Lettie's great grandfather)
8. Josephine Henrietta b. May 23, 1859 d.????

Prior to the death of Sarah Ann in 1875, Josephine Henrietta Kirby was sent to live with Sarah Ann's brother Milton Dalton in Ohio. She was living with him in the 1870 Census (as well as the 1880 Census) Of Sarah Ann's eight children, only two survived to adult hood. The other was Robert Cahoon Kirby who was a newlywed, 20 years of age when Sarah Ann died. He married Mary Jane Johnson on May 4 1875.

Alice Mabel b. 1881. Josephine Henrietta b.1886, and Mary Ellen (Nellie) Kirby b. 1883.
Granddaughters of Sarah Ann Dalton Kirby (Photo circa 1888 and courtesy of Don Timmerman)

The above are three of the children of Robert Cahoon Kirby. Six other children were Maggie b. 1892, Joe b. 1895, Bob b. 1889, Harry b. 1898, Elwood, b. 1900 and Alvin b. 1903. Lettie would like to hear from any descendents of these children.

Milton Dalton had a son named Harry who lived in the Cinncinatti Ohio area and was a manufacturer of technical equipment. Harry is known to have had a son, Cortland S. Dalton who was born in Ohio 23 Sep 1890. Cortland married Stella ? about 1915. Stella was born 31 Dec 1890 in Kansas.

Cortland worked as a machinist in an auto factory in Detroit, MI and later moved to Butte County, CA. Stella died in Butte County on Jan 1975 and Cortland died in Paradise, Butte County on 18 Mar 1968. Lettie is anxious to find any descendents of Harry and also any other descendents of Milton. There is no trace of Josephine Kirby who went to Ohio and lived with Milton and Lettie would like to find a marriage, any descendents and date and place of death.

In the 1880 US Census Lettie found a J. J. Dalton born in 1830 whose parents were from VA. & KY. The family names are similar (Milton, Eliza, Alice, & Albert.) and one of J.J.'s 8 children was born in OH in 1867. She believes that he too may be a brother of Sarah Ann Dalton.

Lettie would like to establish the descendency lines of Milton M. & J.J. Dalton. She would also like to learn of any other siblings of Sarah Ann and to locate the names of her parents and their birthplace. If you recognize any of Lettie's Kentucky kin or descendents of family members please be in touch with her.

Here are a few of the highlights from recent results of the Dalton International DNA Project. There are currently 56 members in the project plus 6 members who are in the Dalton America Project and who have contributed their DNA markers for inclusion in comparisons for a total of 62 members in all.

1. The American group that we have termed the Gang continues to grow in their linking. One member (after a century of denial by the family) now finds that the DNA link with the line of the original Dalton outlaw gang is undeniable. In fact, one relative now concedes that the family's ancestors always knew that they were second cousins to the Dalton gang brothers. The family had always claimed to be Scot-Irish and now it is evident that the family always knew it was Irish.

These two revelations were possible after a discussion of DNA results. This is the first major breakthrough in family research in 30 years for our DGS member and has given new hope and impetus for further research.

2. The results of the first 12 markers of another member have been received and thus far they are an exact match to several members in the "gang" group.

3. Irish/American connections continue to me made. The latest results in this growing group is the matching of the first 12 markers between two DGS members in Ireland. Neither previously knew of the connection. Now the second member matches with others in North America and are part of a larger group that also links Australians.

4. DNA of a fourth member matches no one in the project. Tradition had it that the family was Scot-Irish but the recent ethnic origin shows England. The family also claimed a Native American ancestor and it does not appear in his REO's.

DNA testing is obviously breaking down old stereotypes and providing new information that will help participants change their course of research. It is opening doors for many who have been stuck behind them for decades. If you are not a participant in the DNA Project we recommend that you do so. For further information contact: / Millicent Craig, Coordinator Dalton International DNA Project.

Mike Dalton of Oregon continues the compilation of Daltons in the Republic of Ireland using multiple microfilm sources. His goal is to have as much updated information as possible available prior to the Dublin AGM in July 2005. This growing body of data can be viewed in the Dalton Data Bank.

Dublin Deaths

Approximately 400 Deaths and Miscellaneous data has now been added to the County Dublin File.

County Kildare

This file is complete with some 300 surname entries.

County Galway

There were few Daltons in County Galway and there is some overlap with adjoining counties. This file is complete with 50 surnames.

County Kerry Additions

A large body of data including Civil Registrations of Births, Marriages and Deaths have been added from the microfilm collection of Matthew Dalton, 1896. This file is now complete and offers some 1000 surnames to search.

DGS member Bill Dalton Phillips of OK sent word that his brother Loyce L. Phillips of Elmore City, OK passed from this life on Nov. 16, 2004 at Elmore City. Mr. Phillips was the son of the late Jack and Annie Tarrant Phillips and was born on July 28, 1921 in Foster, OK where he was raised. He served in the U. S. Army during World War II and married Alves Norton in Gainesville, TX on May 19, 1965. He was a farmer and rancher all of his life.

He is survived by six brothers-five living in OK- Kenneth of Maysville, Gerald of Pauls Valley, Bill Dalton Phillips of Wynnewood, Larry of Oklahoma City, Thell of Walters; and one brother, Doyle of CA; and a sister, Dorothy Lynn of Pauls Valley, OK. Funeral services were held on Nov. 19 in the Velma Cemetery, Velma, OK. Mr. Phillips was the grandson of Bea Elizabeth "Leila" Dalton Phillips and the great grandson of James Lewis and Adaline Lee Younger Dalton.

The Dalton Genealogical Society wishes Daltons world-wide a Happy Holiday Season. Greetings are extended from the Chairman, Michael Neale Dalton of Surrey, Treasurer Howard Dalton of North Yorkshire, Secretary, Pamela A. Lynam of Herts, the Editorial Team of of John Dalton of Lancashire and Mrs. Elizabeth F. Cameron of Perthshire Scotland, Committee Members Dr. Lucy Joan Slater of Cambridge, Howard J. Dalton of Dorset, Mel Irwin of Lancashire, Michael Cayley, Librarian of Surrey, Maureen M. Collins, Australian Secretary and Millicent Craig, American Secretary. The DGS thanks all members for their continued support. It is you who make the many projects of the DGS a reality so that all members and Daltons at large can be better served.