Calendar of the Fine Rolls, Part I. A Canadian Family. Daltons to the Forefront, Queries and Responses.
A Trilogy of Letters. Calendar of Fine Rolls, Part II. Ellis Island, Index of Caribbean Residents.
French Connections and the Apostophe. Calendar of Fine Rolls, Part III. Colorado to South Africa. Dennis Dalton of California.
Colonial Papers, Carolina. Commentary on the Colonists Papers, Part I. Daltons to the Forefront, Queries and Responses. Newfoundland News.
Two Little Sisters from Hampshire. Colonists Papers, Part II. Illinois Naturalization Records, Section I. South African Data. Early Oregon Deaths, Probate and Burials.
Dalton Coats of Arms, Part I. Thurnham and Other Lancashire Recusants. Virginia Migrations, Twins. Illinois Naturalizations, Section II.
Dalton Coats of Arms, Part II. Yorkshire Recusants. Illinois Naturalizations, Part III.
Shanet a boo. Recusants and Catholic Records. John Adams, Tristram Dalton, Colleagues. Correction, Bits and Pieces. Irish Records.
Dalton Coats of Arms Irish, Part III. Founding Fathers, Virginia. Daltons in the Royal Navy. Daltons to the Forefront. Swedish American Daltons?
Letters to the Editor. Umma-More Daltons. Crew Lists and Other Bits.
Champlain Society Items. Is This Little Emmett? Newfoundland Vital Records. Illinois Death Certificate. Irish Need Apply.
Letter from the Chairman. Only A Sketch Remains. Letters to the Editor. Tipperary Directory, 1889.