December 1970
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Letter from the Editor 3
The link between the Dalton of Thurnham Line & Yorkshire Daltons by Michael N. Dalton 5
  • This article was prepared in consultation with Major-General Sir Charles Dalton of the Yorkshire family and provides the background to some research done by the College of Arms to investigate a possible link between the two families back in the 15th century.
Chart I, Sir Rychard Dalton of Byspham and descendants 7
Chart II, the Yorkshire Daltons 8
Thurnham Hall - Its Antiquity and History by Michael Neale Dalton 9
  • This is a reprint of the text of a booklet printed privately for the family in a limited edition, entitled "Thurnham Hall - Its Antiquity and History - The Ancestral Home of the Daltons".
Extract from a Family Bible by J. C. N. Dalton 11
  • A record of genealogical data recorded by hand in the front of a Bible now in the possession of J. C. N. D. covering the generations from Walter Dalton of Curbridge, born in 1582 to John Dalton, born in 1780 who married Hannah Neale.
Pedigree of the Junior Dalton Line by Michael Neale Dalton 15
The Computerisation of the Family tree by Michael Neale Dalton 16
  • This article describes the computerised method of recording all the descendants of John Dalton and Hannah Neale and reproduces the computer print-outs showing genealogical details of each of the families of the fifteen grand-children of John and Hannah whose lines survive to this day.
From whence we Hail - some Geographical Notes by Michael Neale Dalton 40
  • An alphabetical index to place names in the North of England which are connected with the Dalton family history, with a map of Northern England showing places with Dalton connections.
The Neale family by Michael Neale Dalton 44
  • Biographical notes on the following members of the Neale family:- James Neale, born circa 1760; Hannah Neale, his daughter born 1784 who married John Dalton; his sons, Benjamin Neale, born 1786; Samuel Neale, born circa 1788, and Cornelius Neale, born 1789; John Mason Neale, born 1818 son of Cornelius.
A pedigree of the Neale family by Michael N. Dalton 47
Occasional Notes 48
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