VOLUME 10 PART I July 1981
Editorial  p.2
Letter from the Secretary  p.3
Births p.5
  Keith Jones   8th Nov 1989
  James William, Alice Elizabeth & Kate Helen Dalton  7 Aug 1980 This is the first recorded case of triplets in the Dalton family.
Marriage p.6
  Janet Dalton to John Bates, with photograph  20 Jan 1981
Death p.6
  John Charles Neale Dalton   14th Mar 1981
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries
  10.1 referring to 6.11 and 7.14 Rorke's Drift and Mr. Assistant Commissary Dalton  p.7
  10.2 Robert Dalton married in 1805 to Sarah Bushell, possibly of North Warwickshire  p.8
  10.3 Elizabeth Doulton married Francis Minchin at Cogges, Oxfordshire, in 1691  p.8
  10.4 The Coat of Arms on the Book Plate of John and Hannah Dalton  p.9
  10.5 Dalton convicts transported from Ireland to Australia  p.10
  10.6 Thomas Dalton of Lelley, labourer, died 1756  p.11
  10.7 Corporal Cornelius Dalton  p.11
  10.8 Thomas Benbow Dalton married Mary Nedriff in 1790  p.11
Blacksmith Daltons in the East Riding by Dr. A.D.Cox  p.12
  The author outlines his own ancestors on his great grandmother's line.  She was Margaret Cox, nee Dalton, born 1838, died 1892, who was descended from John Dalton, blacksmith of Garton-on-the-Wolds, died 1771.  He also notes some other Dalton families in the area at that time.
The Neale portraits  by Michael Neale Dalton  p.15
  This short article gives details of four portraits of the Neale children, Hannah, Benjamin, Samuel and Cornelius, which were painted by John Russell about 1788.  Reproductions of the four portraits are also given.
Dalton women at University by Joyce Parker  p.18
  Here is given an outline of some women in the family and their education.  It is followed by a list of Dalton women who attended University in chronological order of their first degrees.
Daltons in Wales, An introduction by Michael N. Dalton  p.22
  This article covers the senior line, descended from Walter Dalton who fled to Wales after the battle of Worcester in 1651.  It has many photographs of the areas concerned as they are today, in the Gower peninsula.  It also reproduces some inscriptions on the Church at Pembrey and on the tombstone of James Dalton in the churchyard there.
William Dalton, Inventor by Patrick Dalton  p.30
  This article is about William Dalton, born 1841 in Bermondsey, the inventor of "Dalton's Improvements in Lamps" and the patent issued to the inventor in 1875.
Correction to Volume 9. No. 2. Read Burstick for Buistwick. 
Income and expenditure account for the Dalton Society for 1979-80.  p.32
List of members  p.33
Note on the Federation of Family History Societies  p.34


VOLUME 10 PART II December 1981
Letter from the Editor  p.2
Births p.5
  Kirstie Jane Cameron   4th Jan 1981
  Christopher Robert Webb  4th Aug 1981
  James Neale Dalton  31st Oct 1981
Marriage p.5
  Maeve Dorothy Watson to Wesley Ian Webb   1st Sept. 1979
Deaths p.6
  George Melton Neale Dalton   29th May 1980
  Major-General John Dalton   15th Nov 1981
  Douglas Neale Dalton  13th Dec 1981
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries
  10.9  Daltons marry Butlers in Ireland  p.8
  10.10 William Hunter Dalton of North Dalton, Yorkshire  p.8
  10.11 Exhibition of Thomas Hennell Watercolours  p.9
  10.12 Ann Dalton married Robert Dawson in Kendal c. 1770  p.9
  10.13 Referring to 7.4 Forebears of Jeffrey Clive Dalton  p.9
  10.14 Mrs. Stout's Birthday Calendar  p.10
  10.15 Daltons in Surrey  p.11
  10.16 Daltons from Sheffield and from Ireland  p.11
  10.17 Daltons in Ireland  p.12
  10.18 William Dalton born 1892 in Oldham, Lancs.  p.12
  10.19 Matilda Dalton, wife of Christopher Sturtivant of Nottingham  p.12
  10.20 Another John Dalton of Manchester  p.13
  10.21 More Dalton women at University  p.13
  10.22 Edwin Dalton of Sheffield  p.14
  10.23 Daltons in Coventry  p.14
  10.24 Daltons emigrate from Newcastle and Yorkshire to U.S.A.  p.14
  10.25 Randolph Dalton, emigrant to U.S.A.  p.15
  10.26 Daltons of Cheetham, Manchester in Lancashire  p.15
  10.27 Hannah Dalton of Wickham, Berkshire  p.15
Michael Dalton and the Cambridgeshire Daltons by R.N.D. Hamilton  p.16
This Michael Dalton was a famous author of legal books about 1620.  His arms were the same silver lion on a blue background, though no connection with the Lancashire Daltons has been proved.  A family tree is given, showing the descendants of Thomas Dalton of Hildersham, died 1602 and his son Michael.
This Michael had considerable property in Cambridgeshire and chambers in Lincoln's Inn.  He was married twice and his second marriage was the subject of scandal, as their daughter Dorothy married her mother's half-brother, Sir Giles Allington, who was fined 12,000 for incest.  Michael is buried in West Wratting Church.  A John Dalton of Cumberland was Vicar of Little Abington in 1634 and may possibly be connected with these Cambridgeshire Daltons.
The second D. G. S. Gathering by Michael Neale Dalton  p.25
  This is a report of the gathering held in Brighton on 17th May 1981.  There are several photographs of the gathering and two pictures of John Neale Dalton and his wife Eliza.  The article gives some notes about the Rev. James Dalton of Stanmore and reproduces a painting of him, which is in the possession of Joyce Parker at Brighton.
The Society's records by Patrick Dalton  p.32
  This article reports on the Society's records in the keeping of Patrick Dalton, his experiences with a home computer and his attempt to extract some Dalton records from St. Catherine's House.  He also notes the IGI index and comments on the large amount of information on Daltons still waiting to be indexed and made accessible to the Dalton clan.
Minutes of the Annual general Meeting for 1981  p.34
List of members  p.36
Notes  p.38
  1. Subscriptions for 1982 now 4 per year.  2. Notice of Annual general Meeting of the Society for 1982.  3. Guild of one name studies conference and Second British Family History conference.