VOLUME 11 PART I July 1982
Letter from the Editor  p.2
Births p.5
  Rebecca Lynn Leavitt   14th Dec 1980
  Lucy Dalton   2nd Jan 1982
  Samantha Jane Jones   24th Feb 1982
Marriage p.5
  Judy Robin Mathews to Stephen Ray Oakley  7th Aug 1981
No deaths have been reported.
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries
  11.1 Referring to 9.14 Thomas Dalton of Penn, married 1593  p.6
  11.2 Referring to 10.21 More Dalton Women at University  p.6
  11.3 The Vera Dalton Rose  p.6
  11.4 Mary Dalton of Eaglesfield  p.7
  11.5 "Depression after Childbirth" by Dr. Katharina Dalton  p.7
  11.6 Referring to 10.10  William Hunter Dalton of North Dalton,  Yorkshire, with a short family tree.  p.8
  11.7 Referring to 9.20 The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang  p.9
  11.8 Timothy Dalton of the Royal Shakespeare Company  p.10
  11.9 John Dalton, Governor of the State of Virginia  p.11
  11.10 A Robot at Thurnham Hall  p.12
  11.11 Re-enactment of a Battle at Thurnham Hall with photographs  p.13
Dalton Reminiscences by Lord Cross of Chelsea  p.16
  The author gives an outline of his mother's side of his family.  His mother was a descendant of the Neale Dalton line.  He has a scrap book belonging to Eliza Dalton, daughter of Hannah Neale Dalton.  Lord Cross lists the nine children of his great grandfather John Dalton of Milton Keynes and remembers his grandparents in the King's Road, Chelsea, Cornelius Dalton and his great uncle Canon John Dalton, father of Hugh Dalton, Chancellor of the Exchequer.  He also notes the family's connection with the Drapers' Company.
Captain John Dalton  H. E. I. C. S. 1725-1811
   by Major General Sir Charles Dalton and the late Major-General John Dalton 
  This article was started by John and finished by his brother Charles.Captain John Dalton was born in Ireland in 1725 and joined the Marines at the age of 15.  He saw service in India and then joined the East India Company's Fort St. David, where he met Clive.  He commanded at Trichinopoly during the two year long siege and returned home after ten years' service in India.  He then retired to Ripon where he married Isabella Wray.
Historical memoir of the family of Dalton of the Kingdom of Ireland, by Michael N. Dalton  p.25
  This paper is founded on manuscript notes left by an uncle of D.S. Dalton of Sheffield.  It lists the family of Dalton in Ireland, as recorded in documents in the Archives of the Herald's Office in Ireland.  The family is of Norman French descent and in the time of Henry II, went to Ireland.  Sir Walter De Aliton was given land in Westmeath and became the Governor thereof.  His wife Jane founded a nunnery.  His son, Sir Phillip, founded an Abbey and his descendants preserved their territories against all invaders.
In the Civil Wars, the head of the family was stripped of his possessions, but given a small estate in Connaught.  They raised a body of horse for King James II and intermarried with many other old Irish families of Norman descent.
One branch of the family settled in Waterford, but they too forfeited their property in the Civil Wars.  Another branch settled in Tipperary and hold their estates there to this day.  Their present descendant is Oliver Dalton of Rathconrath.  They are allowed to use the Coat of Arms of Counts of the German Empire, namely Azure, a Lyon rampant Argent.
The Dalton Jamboree on 9th May 1982 by Michael N. Dalton  p.31
  At Garton-on-the-Wolds, Yorkshire, was held a meeting of descendants of John Dalton, blacksmith.  The family enjoyed their get-together.
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Society for 1982  p.34
Income and expenditure for the Society for the year 1981  p.35
List of members  p.36
Notes.  p.38
  1. Back numbers of the Journal.  2. Third D. G. S. gathering at Lancaster, 1983.  


VOLUME 11 PART II December 1982
Letter from the Editor  p.2
Births p.4
  Arthur Keays Dalton  23rd Feb 1982
  Mac Selby Douglas Dalton  11th May 1982
  Natasha Rudat  14th Jun 1982
  Rupert Mathew Oakley  8th Oct 1982
No marriages have been reported  
  Betty Elinor Dalton  22nd Dec 1981
  Dorothea Chisholm Antrobus   25th Jul 1982
  Gwendolene Mary St. George  29th Mar 1982
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries
  11.12 Descendants of Dominick Dalton of Ireland  p.7
  11.13 Vernon Dalton in charge of New South Wales prisons  p.8
  11.14 John Dalton, chairman of Plymouth Branch of R.I.B.A.  p.9
  11.15 Descendants of Samuel Dalton of Nottinghamshire  p.9
  11.16 Charles James Dalton, born 11th Sep 1781  p.11
  11.17 John Dalton of Kilnwick-on-the-Wold, Yorkshire  p.12
  11.18 Sir Cornelius Neale Dalton  p.13
  11.19 Squadron Leader Clifford Dalton  p.13
  11.20 Referring to 9.12 Frederick Charles Dalton born 1835  p.13
  11.21 Edmund and Betty Dalton of Oldham, Lancashire  p.14
  11.22 Daltons in London  p.14
  11.23 Descendants of True Dalton, born 1828, died 1911  p.16
Daltons in Wales, Geography and Court house by Michael N. Dalton  p.17
  This article gives a list of the places mentioned in the Welsh branch of the Dalton family tree and places them on a map of South Wales.  It also gives a drawing and some notes on Court House, the family home for many years.  
Hannah Neale and John Dalton, contemporary scenes part 1, by R. N. D. Hamilton  p.23
  This paper recreates the local scene in which the Daltons and the Neales pursued their trades.  The article lists a number of references and is illustrated by a print of St. Paul's at that time which is compared with a photograph of the same area today.  
The funeral of Dr. John Dalton 1766-1844, extracted from the Illustrated London News of 17th Aug 1844 by Bob Dobson of Blackpool  p.28
  The lying in state and funeral of the late John Dalton are described and illustrated.  The lying in state took place in the Town Hall, Manchester.  The coffin and its inscription are described and the details are given of the funeral procession.  The burial took place about 1pm and the list of mourners is given.  
List of members  p.36
Notes  p.37
  1. Errata.  2. Subscriptions for 1983.  3. D. G. S. gathering at Lancaster.