VOLUME 12 PART I November 1983
Letter from the Editor  p.2
Birth  p.4
  Wendy Sarah Dalton Brown 5th Apr 1982 
Marriage  p.4
  Russel Edward Dalton to a Dawn Godfrey, with photo  25th Jun 1983 
Deaths  p.4
  Mrs. Alice Dalton  4th Jun 1982 
  Miss Alzira Eloise Dalton   30th May 1983 
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 
  12.1  Descendants of Samuel Dalton of Yorkshire born 1687  p.8
  12.2  Daltons in Leicester  p.9
  12.3  Census information for Chaldon, Surrey  p.10
  12.4  William Dalton bap. 22 Feb 1784 in Oldham with family tree  p.10
  12.5  Charles Dalton, Silversmith in 1830  p.12
  12.6  Yorkshire Dalton forebears of Pamela Dalton  p.12
  12.7  Joseph Dalton, stonemason in Durham, 1814 with family tree  p.13
  12.8  Referring to 11.8 Timothy Dalton of the Royal Shakespeare Company  p.14
  12.9  Ben Dalton, the disco dancer  p.14
  12.10 General James Dalton (U.S.A.F.)  p.14
  12.11 The Cockersand Abbey Drain  p.15
List of Miscellaneous notes and queries in Vol. 8.1 to Vol. 11.2  p.16
Descendants of Dominick Dalton of Ireland by Michael N. Dalton  p.18
  This is a reproduction of a family tree registered in the Office of Ulster King of Arms. 
Fancy Bob, by Lucy Joan Slater  p.21
  The author gives some memories of her great uncle Robert Dalton of Oldham who was a clog dancer and tramp, well known in the Lancashire markets and public houses in the early part of this century. 
Hannah Neale and John Dalton, contemporary scenes part 2, by R. N. D. Hamilton  p.22
  Part 2 deals with the Daltons living and trading in Fleet St. in the 1790's.  Early drawings are compared with modern photographs and there is a strip view of the contemporary scene in Cheapside in those days.  Notes are given on the marriage of Hannah Neale and John Dalton and on the portraits painted of them. 
Annual general meeting for 1983.  This was held at the University of Lancaster on Saturday 23rd Jul 1983.  p.32
Income and expenditure account for 1982  p.35
List of members  p.36
Notes  p.38
  1. Back numbers of the D. G. S. Journal.  2. Subscriptions for 1984. 


VOLUME 12 PART II February 1984
Letter from the Editor  p.2
Birth  p.4
  Mary Cheryl Pritchard   28th Nov 1983 
No marriages have been reported 
Deaths  p.4
  Mrs. Kate Druce   30th Aug 1983 
  Mrs. Ada E. Dalton   17th Dec 1983 
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 
  12.12 Cumbrian Family History Society visit Thurnham Hall  p.6
  12.13 Forebears of William Dalton Grier  p.6
  12.14 Timothy Dalton settled in Virginia, U.S.A.  p.7
  12.15 John Mason Neale celebration in East Grinstead  p.7
  12.16 Ellen Dalton married in Derbyshire in 1776  p.7
  12.17 Referring to 11.22 Daltons in London  p.8
  12.18 Robert Arnold Dalton Mayor of Coventry  p.11
  12.19 Lancashire Daltons on the International Genealogical Index  p.11
  12.20 Daltons in Dundee  p.12
  12.21 Dalton references from Boston U. S. A.  p.12
John Dalton & John Neale Dalton (or Peckham Rye & Milton Keynes) by R.N.D. Hamilton  p.13
  This is a continuation of a previous article on the Dalton and Neale families.  The family home at Peckham Rye is shown in a photograph and described in extracts from Mrs. Leaning's book.  So also is the home in Milton Keynes.  There are two maps of the area and a drawing of the house at Milton Keynes. 
The Third D.G.S. Gathering at Lancaster, Jul 1983 by M. N. Dalton  p.26
  This is a record of the events which took place at this meeting of the Dalton clan.  There are several photographs of the meeting's participants, Thurnham Hall and Cockersand Abbey. 
List of members  p.33
Errata  p.35
Notes  p.37
  1. Back Numbers of the Journal.  2. Subscriptions for 1984.  3. Annual General Meeting for 1984