VOLUME 13 PART I July 1984
Letter from the Editor  p.2
Births  p.5
  Adam Dalton Roberts  26th Aug 1981 
  Miranda Lee Roberts  9th Mar 1983 
  Lisa Marie and Diantha Louise Leavitt (Twins)  22nd Mar 1984 
  Michael Wilcox   24th Mar 1984 
Marriages  p.5
  Michael Neale Dalton to Sarah Wakeford   10th Sept. 1983 
  Pamela Dalton to Jack Russell Richards   21st Apr 1984 
Death  p.6
  Lionel Weir Dalton 5th Feb 1984 
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 
  13.1  Two members of the D. G. S. are related with family tree  p.7
  13.2  Dalton members of the Royal Institute of Chemistry  p.8
  13.3  Referring to 11.17 John Dalton of Kilnwick-on-the-Wold, Yorkshire with family trees  p.9
  13.4  Referring to 10.19 Matilda Dalton, wife of Christopher Sturtivant of Nottingham  p.12
  13.5  Albert William Dalton married Edith Fanny Lock  p.12
  13.6  Major Hugh Dalton of M.I.6  p.12
  13.7  Ref. to 9.12 & 11.20 Frederick Charles Dalton born 1835  p.13
  13.8  Referring to 12.20 Daltons in Dundee  p.13
  13.9  William Dalton, Fustian cutter of Manchester  p.13
  13.10 The will of Michael Dalton of Salford  p.14
  13.11 Referring to 11.21 Edmund & Betty Dalton of Oldham, Lancs  p.14
  13.12 Thomas & Mary Dalton of Chatham, Kent  p.16
  13.13 Daltons of Almondbury, Yorkshire  p.16
  13.14 The Distribution of Daltons in Great Britain on the I.G.I.  p.17
  13.15 Two more D.G.S. members are related  p.19
  13.16 Referring to 12.21 Dalton references from Boston  p.20
Around the Throne of God by Kathleen I. N. Dalton  p.21
  This is an account of the John Mason Neale celebration in East Grinstead in 1983.  This was held at St. Swithun's Church, on 2nd Jul, as part of a greater celebration, that of the 150th anniversary of the Oxford Movement.  First we had a hymn that J. M. Neale had translated.  Then Canon Greenacre commemorated his great literary work on the Eastern Church.  He also spoke of Dr. Neale's foundation of the Sisters of St. Margaret and the service concluded with another of his hymns.. Later, at Neale house, a chaplain spoke of Dr. Neale's promotion of the Scottish Episcopal Church. 
The Druce Papers by R. N. D. Hamilton  p.24
  Dick Hamilton has selected a few items for comment from among the many papers sent to the 
Society by Mrs. Kate Druce who died last year.  Her mother-in-law Mrs Gertrude Druce was a breeder of West Highland terriers near Chester.  The papers include several letters from the famous actress Marie Tempest about mating her bitch Fanny and from an Italian Mr. Volkhart about buying a bitch. 
  There is a cutting about Edith Margaret Thrupp, her sister and the fourth child of the Rev. William Edward Dalton.  The cutting is from The Lady's Pictorial and is headed Mrs. George Thrupp a Pioneer Automobilist  Another cutting stated that Mrs. Thrupp had been driving ever since 1896.
There is a chart for marking change in position in the Torpids of 1894, with all the bumps marked and crosses against the names of E. Druce and and in a list of rowing crews on the back of a map of the University Racing Course for 1894, there is a cross against F. H. Dalton.
From Wales, there is a cutting about the disposal of the mansion Nannau by Brigadier Vaughan and a collection of old family photographs, not all of which are identified. 
The Dalton family of Oldham in Lancashire by Dr. Lucy Joan Slater  p.29
  Nine generations of this family are given in the accompanying charts.  All these generations lived in the Oldham area and were employed in weaving or spinning cotton, or were small shopkeepers, coal miners or stall holders in Tommyfield Market.  There is a good reproduction of an old photograph of the author's mother and two of her sisters.   
Annual General Meeting of the Society for 1984  p.35
List of Members  p.38
Notes.  p.40
  1. Notice of the 4th D. G. S. gathering at Swansea.  2. Back numbers of the Journal. 


VOLUME 13 PART II December 1984
Letter from the Editor  p.2
Births  p.4
  Eric Paul Johnsen   6th Sept. 1982 
  Jennifer Lauren Dalton 19th Dec 1983 
  Angus Alexander Brown 13th Mar 1984 
  Evan Sigurd Johnsen 18th Jun 1984 
  Mathew Neale Dalton  2nd Oct 1984 
Marriage  p. 4
  Catherine Anne Wayne Jones to Sigurd Johnsen   16th Jun 1979 
Deaths  p.5
  Mrs Alma E.E. Skene 19th Aug 1984 
  Mrs Annie Henthorn 23rd Sept. 1984 
  Alfred Dalton 25th Oct 1984 
  Maurice Edward Antrobus  23rd Sept. 1983 
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 
  13.17 Thomas Dalton of Gravesend 
  13.18 John Dalton, Silver Medallist 
  13.19 Referring to 11.17 & 13.3, John Dalton of Kilnwick-on the Wold, Yorkshire 
  13.20 Daltons in Toronto, Canada 
  13.21 Referring to 9.16 Daltons of Grimston, Tadcaster c. 1801 
  13.22 Percy Dalton Peanuts 
  13.23 The living Daltons 
  13.24 Richard Dalton, hairdresser to the Princess 
  13.25 Referring to 6.8 J. H. C. Dalton, Mayor of Cambridge 1903-4 
  13.26 More Dalton women at University 
  13.27 Margaret Roth visits England 
  13.28 Charles Dalton, Silversmith in Sheffield 
  13.29 Jacob Dalton married Mary Ann Copeman 
  13.30 Joseph Dalton of Lincolnshire 
  13.31 James Dalton of Coventry 
  13.32 Dalton of Thurnham records 
  13.33 Robert Dalton of St. Faith, London, 1703 
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John Joseph Dalton of Oldham and his family by Dr. Lucy Joan Slater  p.24
  This is an account of the life and times of the author's grandfather and his wife Elizabeth Dalton, nee Bowman.  It shows how hard life was in the Lancashire cotton mills in the second part of the 19th century.  There are two photographs of John and his wife. 
Daltons in Wales, the Descendants of James Dalton and Joyce Vaughan 
by Michael Neale Dalton  p.29
This is the third article about Daltons in Wales.  It discusses the descendants of James Dalton, the fifth son of Walter of Kidwelly and gives extensive charts of his family descendants over five generations.
This is the third article about Daltons in Wales.  It discusses the descendants of James Dalton, the fifth son of Walter of Kidwelly and gives extensive charts of his family descendants over five generations.
List of members p. 36
  1). Subscriptions for 1985.  2). Back numbers of the Dalton Journal. p. 40