VOLUME 14 PART I December 1985
Letter from the Editor   p.2
No births, marriages or deaths have been reported. 
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 
  14.1 Referring to 12.16 Ellen Dalton married in Derbyshire in 1776 
  14.2 Thomas Dalton married Fanny Nettleton in Leeds, 1878 
  14.3 Charles W. W. Dalton born in Brighthelmstone 
  14.4 More Daltons from Lincolnshire 
  14.5 Mary Dalton of Rochester, Kent 
  14.6 John Dalton, Milliner of West Ham 
  14.7 Godfrey Dalton of Louth, Lincolnshire born c. 1796 
  14.8 Dalton marries Kearsey 
The Junior Dalton Line, the Missing Link, by R. N. D. Hamilton  p.7
Chapter I. 
  This paper discusses the tradition that the Daltons of Witney, the so-called junior Dalton line, are descended from Roger Dalton of Thurnham.  The author gives a transcription of the will of Roger, dated 1588, which makes no mention of a son called Walter.  The possibility that the Witney Daltons are descended from the Yorkshire Dalton line is then discussed and suggestions made for further lines of research, to clarify the connections between the Yorkshire Daltons, the three Walter Daltons at Witney and James Dalton of Pembrey. 
The Junior Dalton Line, the Missing Link by R. N. D. Hamilton  p.26
Chapter II. 
  The possibility that Lawrence Dalton, Norry King of Arms, was the father of the first Walter Dalton of Witney is discussed.  Transcriptions of the wills of Lawrence Dalton (1561) and his wife Dorothy (1595) are given.  There is no mention in either will of any children, so this possibility is discounted.
However, Dorothy seems to have had some connections with Cambridgeshire and this Chapter concludes with notes on the historical background of London in the time of Lawrence and Dorothy Dalton. 
List of members  p.52


VOLUME 14 PART II April 1986
Letter from the Editor  p.2
Birth  p.4
  Phillipa Ann Lynam 2nd Dec 1985 
Marriages  p.4
  Christine Anne Dalton to Hrair Shahinian   2nd Jun 1984 
  Rosaleen Nicole Dow to Jeremy Sean Elliott  15th Mar 1986 
  Tessa Janet Dalton to John Wallop  22nd Mar 1986 
Death  p.5
  Ronald E. Dalton Hopkins   13th Feb 1984 
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 
  14.9  Referring to 12.13 Forebears of William Dalton Grier 
  14.10 Dalton emigrants from Tipperary to Australia 
  14.11 Brethertons in service at Thurnham Hall 
  14.12 Forebears of Frederick Charles Dalton, born 1835, with tree 
  14.13 Information about "Dalton's Weekly" 
  14.14 Dalton entries in the Directory of Directors 
  14.15 Dalton entries in the Directory of British Scientists 
  14.16 General Richard d'Alton 
The Unprofitable Servant of God by Lucy Joan Slater  p.16
  This paper gives more information about the Daltons in Cambridgeshire in the 16th century and in particular, it gives the family trees of Thomas Dalton of Hildersham and his son Michael Dalton, the lawyer of West Wratting.  It gives the texts of the wills of Thomas, Michael and Michael's second wife Mary, together with a translation of the memorial to Tyrell Dalton, Michael's great grandson, in Fulbourn Church and a portrait of Michael Dalton himself.
It also discusses the strange business of the Allington marriage and, in an Appendix, lists references to these Dalton families in various Cambridgeshire parish records. 
List of members  p.48
Notes  p.50
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