VOLUME 15 PART I August 1986
Letter from the Editor  p.2
Births  p.4
  Francesca Emily Dalton  18th Jun 1986 
  David Llewelyn Wilcox  9th May 1986 
No marriages or deaths have been reported. 
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 
  15.1  Kate Dolton of Kings Somborne in Hampshire with short tree 
  15.2  Daltons as Seminary Priests 
  15.3  George Dalton in Hounslow 
  15.4  Referring to 13.30 Joseph Daulton of Lincolnshire with tree 
  15.5  Sarah Ann Dalton of London born circa 1842 
  15.6  James John Dolton born in Bristol emigrated to Australia 
  15.7  Another Welsh connection with tree 
  15.8  James Dalton from Ireland with tree 
The Junior Dalton Line, the Missing Link, by R. N. D. Hamilton  p.15
Chapter III 
This chapter gives a family tree of the Daltons of Kirkby Misperton in Yorkshire and discusses in particular Roger Dalton and his will of 1595.  Roger was firstly Lord of the Manor in the North Riding, secondly a barrister at Lincoln's Inn and thirdly a landed owner of castles in Ireland.  The second part of the article deals with the will of Roger's brother George of 1607 and also the tribulations of Alison, Roger's widow, in those troubled times.
Some early Dalton priests by Lucy Joan Slater  p.39
  This paper lists priests of the name Dalton, noted in Festi Ecclesiae Anglicanae by J. L. Neve,  published in 1864. 
Irish Dalton Ancestry by Michael Neale Dalton  p.42
  Here are collected together references to Daltons in Ireland, which have appeared in the Journal, together with notes of those members of the Society who are known to have Irish Dalton ancestry.  Also a note in MacLysaght's "Irish Families" is reproduced.  This is devoted to the Dalton families in Ireland. 
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 
  15.9  The Daltons of Eaglesfield 
  15.10 Joseph Dalton, draper of Oldham Road, Manchester 
List of members  p.49
Errata  p.51
Notes  p.52
  1. Back numbers of the Journal.  2. Subscriptions. 


VOLUME 15 PART II December 1986
Letter from the Editor  p.2
Births  p.5
  Matthew John Webb  16th Jan 1985 
  Michael David Dalton   1st Jun 1985 
  Jane Victoria Louise Dalton 18th Feb 1986 
  Lucy Dalton 24th Mar 1986 
  Matthew Luke Neale Young  2nd Jul 1986 
Marriages  p.6
  Roland Neale Dalton to Adrienne Elizabeth Buckley  29th Sept. 1984 
  Martin Charles Austin to Clare Morag Stevens   17th May 1986 
Deaths  p.6
  Denys Neale Dalton  5th Jun 1986 
  Mrs. D. P. (Trish) Kelman   25th Aug 1986 
  Rupert John Oliver Arkell  26th Sept. 1986 
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 
  15.11 Dalton marries in Elm, Cambridgeshire 
  15.12 James Dalton, one of Jonathan Wild's circle 
  15.13 More Dalton Women at University and in Higher Education 
  15.14 Contemporary Daltons in Public Service 
The Will of John Dalton of Waldingfield by Lucy Joan Slater  p.15
  John was a priest at Little Waldingfield in Essex, in the 1470's.  His will has been transcribed here from the Latin.  In it he leaves his Breviary to Richard Hatfield, also a priest, and his bed coverings to Joan Ball who seems to have been his housekeeper. 
The Dalton Gang and family by Nancy B. Samuelson  p.20
  The Dalton gang is famous in legend as outlaws in the Wild West.  This paper looks at the real men, and their family.  Robert, Gratton and Emmett were brothers, sons of Lewis and Adilene Dalton, who had many children, all of whom are listed here.  Their grandparents and other relations are also detailed. 
Three Dalton families of Oldham by Lucy Joan Slater  p.28
The first Dalton mentioned in the parish records of Oldham were John and Ellen who baptised a child in 1666.  Their descendants over seven generations are given as family trees.  Also, the extraction of burial records from Oldham St. Mary's has led to a correction being needed to the tree of the author's direct ancestors, given in D. G. S. J. Vol. 13, No. 1.  p.32
  The Robert shown there as the head of this Dalton family in fact died a few months after his christening. so this part of the tree has had to be corrected as shown here. (Moral, always kill off your ancestors if you can!) 
The 1986 Gathering by Michael Neale Dalton  p.35
  This is a report with photographs of the Gathering held at Reigate in 1986.  It also details the Society's A.G.M. which was held at the same time.  The treasurer's report was received and the subscription was raised to 6 per year.  A list is given of those present, together with income and expenditure accounts for 1984 and 1985. 
List of members  p.51
Notes  p.52
  1. Note from treasurer about 1987 subscriptions.