VOLUME 17 PART I June 1988
Letter from the Editor p.2
Births - None reported  p.4
  Paul Wayne Jones to Mary Grace McGuire Davis  5th Sept 1987 
Deaths - None reported  
Miscellaneous notes and Queries 
  17.1  Daltons of Barwell, Leicestershire 
  17.2  James Dalton of Higham, near Gravesend, Kent   
  17.3  Referring to 12.18 Robert Arnold Dalton, Mayor of Coventry 
  17.4  Dalton marries Swinnerton   
  17.5  Maurice Dalton of Liverpool, Runner  

The Four-Mile Reunion 1985 edited by Dorothy Dyke  
  This article consists of four papers prepared by four descendants of Edmond and Johanna Dalton from Ireland, who set up home at Four-mile Creek, near Baddaginnie, Warrenbayne, in Victoria, Australia in 1863.  The occasion was a reunion held in Oct 1985 of various branches of the family.
1)  To the Four Mile and beyond - A Dalton Family in Australia by Michael Dalton.  This first paper tells how Edmund Dalton emigrated from Liverpool on the "Ocean Chief" and married Johanna Fogarty in Melbourne in 1859.  In 1863 they moved onto a twenty acre plot of land, which became known as the Four-Mile, under Land Acts of the 1860's.  They lived in a small wooden hut and, by hard work, obtained another forty acres.  By the 1890's they held the freehold on 280 acres and, after the deaths of Edmund and Johanna, the farm was further increased to 998 acres.  It passed to Edmund's second son William, who raised his family there and finally sold out on his retirement. 
2)  Recollections of the Four-Mile by Bill Dalton S.J.  The second paper contains recollections of family life in the house at Four-Mile by Edmund's grandson Bill Dalton.  
3)  Life on the Four-Mile by Kevin Dalton.  This paper also contains memories of life at Four-Mile in the 1920's, by Bill's brother Kevin. 
4)  Memories of the Four-Mile by Bill Dalton. This contains recollections of the happy family life at Four-Mile.  This Bill Dalton is the son of the second Edward and the great grand son of Edmund, the founder of the Four-Mile Dalton clan. 
James Langley Dalton V.C., Rorke's Drift by Pamela Richards  
  This paper tells of the defence of Rorke's Drift in the Zulu wars of 1879.  On the night of 22nd Jan, James Dalton won a Victoria Cross for his gallantry, being badly wounded during the fighting.  Not much is known about his background, or his private life before and after the battle.
More about early Dalton priests by Lucy Joan Slater   
  This article notes some early references to priests of the name Dalton, three priests from Furness Abbey, Sir Thomas de Dalton from Rochdale St. Chad's in the fourteenth century, William Dalton who attended Sir Robert Dalton at the battle of Crecy in 1346 and Peter Dalton who was the treasurer of Lincoln Cathedral until his death in 1402.  His will gives a vivid account of life in Lincoln at that time.  Another Robert Dalton was a priest in Lincoln at the same time and several priests called John Dalton are noted in the fifteenth century.
List of members 
Errata  In D. G. S. Vol. 16, No. 2, p.4. 
  1. 1988 Gathering and Annual General Meeting.  2. Back numbers. 


VOLUME 17 PART II January 1989
Letter from the Editor   
No births or marriages have been reported
Sylvia Grant-Dalton   Mar 1988 
Gerald Neale Dalton  30th Jul 1988 
Miscellaneous notes and Queries 
  17.6  Referring to 16.19 Richard and Sarah Dalton emigrated to Australia 
  17.7  Referring to 16.25 Mary Smethurst Dalton of Oldham 
  17.8  Referring to 17.5 Maurice Dalton of Liverpool, Runner  
  17.9  Referring to 15.10 Joseph Dalton, draper, of Oldham Road, Manchester  
  17.10  Esther Dalton marries George Hollands and emigrates to Australia  
  17.11  Adam de Dalton, Vicar of Kirdford   
  17.12  The family of Everett R. Dalton  
  17.13  Medina Dalton born on the Isle of Wight   
  17.14  A strange coincidence   
  17.15  William Dalton, rat catcher  
  17.16  Charles Dalton married Frances Morris in 1811   
  17.17  Domesday Daltons  

James Dalton of Lincoln's Inn by R. N. D. Hamilton   
  This man has already been mentioned in several papers as a prominent lawyer of his time, the sixteenth century.  In this paper, Mr. Hamilton discusses in some detail the career of James Dalton at Lincoln's Inn and his effect on the Inn as it is today.
The influence of James Dalton on the City of London is also discussed.  He was one of the Judges in the Sheriff's Court. He also sat for Parliament, where he concerned himself with religion, Mary Queen of Scots and the succession.  He was a Puritan but never an extremist.
His contemporaries would have included Roger Dalton of Yorkshire and Michael Dalton of West Wratting.  He would also have known Dorothy Daltonof Fleet Street and was a contemporary of William Dalton of Witney.  In an oral will, James left everything to his wife Marie and probate was granted to her in 1601.  Marie died soon after him and there is no mention of any children.
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  1. The Dalton Salver, 2. Subscriptions for 1989 at 6, and 3. Backnumbers of the Journal. 


Editorial Note 
Recollections of Australia 1988 by Michael Neale Dalton   
  This article gives an account of the visit of the Editor to the First International Congress on Family History held in Australia in Oct 1988, which is fuller than that given in the Editorial letter of Vol. 17 part 2.
Michael and Kate left Heathrow in a Boeing 747 and arrived in Sydney 21 hours later, after a short stop at Bangkok.  They were met by Jill and Ralph Warren and Pat and Rai Adams and, after a short rest, preparations were made for a DGS booth at the Congress exhibition, with a large assembly of display material about the Daltons.
The congress opened on Wednesday 19th Oct and lasted for four days, at the Convention Centre at Darling Harbour.  The theme of the DGS stand was "Daltons down under".   
  There were four sections;-  1) From High Holborn to Richmond Hill,  2) A living line 1230-1988 showing Mrs Thoms' double descent from Sir Rychard Dalton of Bispham,  
3) The Four-Mile story, the settling of Edmund Dalton from Ireland, and 4) a final panel asking the question "Are you descended from a Dalton?"  This display kept Michael busy with many enquiries and 12 new members were signed up.
The Congress had 60 exhibitors and over 100 lectures. Darling Harbour is linked by monorail to the centre of Sydney. Here there was also a large social programme, including a banquet at the Sheraton Hotel and a visit to the Sydney Opera House.  Michael and Kate then spent a few days at Box Hill and visited Mittagong, the home of Jill's parents.  Finally, they flew back to London with stops at Singapore and Bombay.  
The article concludes with some photographs of the stand.
The 1988 DGS gathering by Michael Neale Dalton   
  This was in Leeds at the home of Morag Simpson.  There the AGM was held after a buffet lunch.  Then a talk was given by Howard Dalton and Anthony Cox about their line, the Daltons of Garton-on-the-Wolds who were blacksmiths there over 200 years ago.
On Sunday, a trip was made to Sleningford Hall, once owned by John Dalton and Isabella Dalton nee Wray.  Edward Bryant, the owner, showed the party round.  The next visit was to the church of West Tanfield St. Nicholas, which has many Dalton memorials.  Lunch was at the Wyvill Arms, at Constable Burton. The party then went to Hauxwell church and saw Hauxwell Hall from a distance.  The article concludes with some pictures of the Gathering and the places visited.
Annual General Meeting of the Society on Saturday Sept. 10th 1988 at Leeds 
  The minutes of the previous committee meeting were approved, the Chairman and Treasurer gave their reports and elections to the Committee were made.