VOLUME 18 PART I November 1989
Letter from the Editor    p.2
  Sherry Ann Leavitt   17th Jan 1988 
  Guy Dalton Roberts  19th Apr 1988 
  Stephanie Louise Dalton 17th Feb 1989 
  Gary Johnson to Susan Hoy  27th Jun 1987 
  Michael Dalton to Julia Janine Parker   4th Jul 1987 
  Robert Shaun Dalton to Karen Sophie 22nd Jun 1988 
  Kathleen Susan Dalton   11th Dec 1988 
  Major-General Sir Charles Dalton  6th Jan 1989 
  Doreen Hall-Johnston   20th Mar 1989 
  Lord Cross of Chelsea  4th Aug 1989 
Miscellaneous notes and Queries 
  18.1  Feature on the Dalton Gang in " The Goingsnake Messenger"   
  18.2  Joseph Dalton, died 1917 at Gillingham, Kent  
  18.3  Private A.W. Dalton   
  18.4  Carver & Dalton Auction and Sale Rooms  
  18.5  Referring to 17.12 the family of Everett R. Dalton  
  18.6  Rev. T. Dalton, Housemaster at Eton  
  18.7  Drakes descended from Hauxwell Daltons  
  18.8  Referring to 14.8 Dalton marries Kearsey   

A living line, AD 1230 - AD 1988 by R. N. D.  Hamilton   
  This paper describes the descent along two lines of a person living in 1988 from a person living in 1230.  Mrs. Thoms of New Zealand asked about her descent from some Irish Daltons through an Avice Dalton of Waterford and her husband Jenkin Conway.
Avis descended from Sir Robert, the elder son of Sir Rychard Dalton of Bispham and a long tree is given showing this descent.  Sir Robert, was Keeper of the Tower of London.  His son, Sir John, was with his father at the battle of Crecy but got into trouble with the King through abducting Margery de la Beche.
His son, also Sir John, married Isabell Pilkington and was in trouble with the Pope as he had married a grand child of his own grandmother's family, the Lathams.  His son was Sir Richard of Apethorpe.  He lived and died in Northamptonshire and a fine alabaster carving of him is in Apethorpe church.  Photographs of this are given here.
His daughter Ales Dalton married into the Griffith family of Penryn and one of her descendants was Robert Bolton of Ireland. Jenkin Conway was Avis's husband in Ireland.  He seems to have been a bit of a pirate, seizing goods in the name of the King and then keeping them for himself.
Robert Bolton married Elizabeth Blennerhassett of Kerry who was a descendant of Sir John Dalton the younger son of Sir Rychard of Bispham.  Mrs. Thoms is a descendant of this marriage as she is descended from Sir Rychard's son Robert on one line and from Sir Rychard's other son John on the other line.
The Dalton Society's Annual General Meeting for 1989  
  This was held on Saturday Sep 9th 1989 at the home of Michael Dalton.  The minutes of the last meeting were approved and the Chairman presented his report, as did the Treasurer. The Auditors were re-appointed
  1. The gathering for 1990 at Oswaldtwistle.  2. Back numbers of the DGS. 


VOLUME 18 PART II February 1990
Letter from the Editor    p.2
Rachel Emma Dalton   14th Apr 1989 
Thomas Andrew David Long-Dalton 13th Aug 1989 
Stephanie Leanne Richardson Dalton    6th Nov 1989
Sherry Dalton to Karl Cecil Lowe   19th Aug 1989
Rodger Owen Dalton 21st May 1989 
William Howard Dalton   11th Sept. 1989 
Digby Dalton  4th Oct 1989 
Philip Neale Dalton 4th Nov 1989
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 
  18.9Daltons in Sheffield  p.8
  18.10  Daltons from Foston-on-Wolds, Yorkshire 
  18.11  Daltons from Utterby, Lincolnshire  
  18.12  Referring to 16.22 Anne Dalton married Lewis Moore in 1795 in London  
  18.13  James Langley Dalton V.C.  
  18.14  Dalton entries in the Staffordshire Burial Index   

Where are our Dalton roots?  by Jean Dalton   
  Mrs. Dalton gives a lucid account of how she has traced her husband's roots back to Charles Dalton, silversmith.  She explains how she searched through parish registers, the IGI, marriage indexes and census records and contacted hospital and cemetery authorities, only to be stuck at the birth of Charles's son Joseph.  But she has not given up hope of finding him some day.
Three Dalton families of Lincolnshire by Lucy Joan Slater  
  In this paper three families are not seemingly interrelated, yet they live in a small area of Lincolnshire.  The first family are the Daltons of Knaith and Leatherhead.  They lost three sons in a short time, one of them killed in a duel, and they owned a large house at Knaith on the river Trent.  They stem from Richard Dalton born 1675 at Leatherhead and a tree of this family is given.  One son, Richard Dalton, was one of the founders of the Royal Academy.
The second family stems from Samuel Dalton born at Headon about 1710.  His great grandson was James Dalton who became a successful farmer at Fillingham, married twice and had two large families.
The third family come from the Daltons of Sleningford and, in particular, from John the son of John Dalton and Isabella Wray. He inherited Fillingham Castle from his grandmother Lady Wray in 1826.  His grandson, John Dalton IV married Georgina Tower.  Their daughter Georgina married Seymour Portman and combined her family arms with those of the Portman family. Many members of these families are buried in Fillingham church. Six family trees are given. 
In search of Daltons down under by Aubrey and Hazel Dalton.
There is a small town called Dalton not far from Sydney.  It dates from about 1850 and was called Wesley Vale before it became Dalton.  It may have been renamed by one Frederick Dalton, Magistrate of the Territory.  However, a visit did not produce anyone of the name Dalton in the area.  p.45
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  1. Subscriptions for 1990 now due at 6 and 8.  2. Back numbers available.