VOLUME 20 PART I September 1992
Letter from the Editor    p.2
  Melanie Vanda Lowe   26 Oct 1990 
  Angela Louise Dalton to Frederick William Scofield 21 Jul 1990 
  Helen Susan Hazel Dalton to Daniel Gregory McKenzie   28 Jul 1990 
  Michelle Lynn Dalton to Mark Stephen White   1 Sept. 1990 
  Marcia Haigh to Peter Webb 16 Feb 1991
  Mrs Rene Whitelam 16 Feb 1991 
  William George Frederick Dalton 25 Apr 1991
Miscellaneous Notes & Queries 
  20.1 Mama Dalton 
  20.2 John Dalton, the Quaker scientist   
  20.3 George Dalton Daniels baptised 1795 at St. Luke's, Chelsea  
  20.4 William Dalton, draper of Lichfield 
  20.5 F. Dalton of Hobart, Tasmania 
  20.6 Dr. James Dalton born 1771, died 16 Sep 1823 
  20.7 Daltons of Croston  
  20.8 "Let us sort out our differences" 

Profile A Very Legal Life by Pamela Richards 
  This is a profile of the life of committee member Richard Hamilton.
The Daltons of Oldham by Lucy Joan Slater 
  This paper is the last of the series on the many Dalton families in Oldham.  It gives the final family trees of Robert a coal miner, Robert a labourer & Robert & John of Drury Lane, weavers.
The Dalton Society's Annual General Meeting for 1991.  p.23
This was held on Sep 28th at the home of Joyce Parker, in Brighton.  The reports of the Chairman and the Treasurer were received, the officers & committee members were re-elected and the income and expenditure account approved.  A copy of this is given here. 
List of new members and changes of address 

  1.  Back numbers of the Journal.  2. The Dalton Salver.


VOLUME 20 PART II November 1993
Notices  p.1
Editorial note and stop press  p.2
  Kane Lewis Hampson 19 Jul 1992 
Marriages - None reported 
  Sidney Dalton  16 Aug 1993 
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 
  20.9 Can anyone help Dotty Ford? 
  20.10 Quaker records, Cumberland 
  20.11 Notes based on a scrap book by Llewellyn Chisholm Dalton 
  20.12 Mr. James Cornelius Dalton, former Mayor of Westminster 
  20.13 Miss Dresser (Mrs. John Dalton) - a stage and film actress 
  20.14 Canon John Neale Dalton's Faux Pas at St. Martin's in the Fields Church, Trafalgar Square, London 
  20.15 Other information from the Dalton Scrapbook 
  20.16 The Dalton Index. Note by Howard Dalton 

Daltons of  Croston, Lancashire by Millicent Craig 
  This describes the Dalton social held at Croston on Jul 4th 1993. Almost all of the 37 people present were descended from William Dalton, yeoman who built the farm buildings at Dob Cross Farm, Croston in 1878.  A talk was given on the early history of the Daltons of Lancashire by Dr. Lucy Slater. 
Some Westmorland Daltons - 1  by Morag Simpson 
  DGS member Mrs. Dalton Eash is descended from Thomas Dalton of Appleby in Westmorland. The I.G.I. gave her great great grand parents and the parish registers gave the great grandparents and their christening places.
Descendants of Thomas who remained in the district were traced.  The parents of Thomas of Appleby came from Winton, two miles north of Kirkby Stephen and near the writer's own holiday home.  The proof that this was the same Thomas Dalton who has gone to America was given by a yellowed newspaper cutting, his obituary in 1904 in the local Appleby newspaper.
Research was concentrated on the four surviving sons  of William and Eleanor Dalton, John Dalton 1808-1892, Thomas Dalton 1816-1904, Robert Dalton 1819-1897 and James Dalton b.1824. 
The genealogy of Thomas Dalton Clerk of Suffolk and Prebendary of Durham. 
by Faith Keymer. 
   This article proves that the Thomas who stands at the head of a long line of East Anglian Daltons is the same Thomas who is the grandson of Thomas Dalton of Hildersham, in Cambridge, by a study of the family wills, Thomas's of 1672, his uncle John of Harplay 1691, and cousins on the Jermyn side of the family.  His son, John Dalton 1665-1713 of Bury St. Edmunds provided in his will for his two children, Thomas who had no heirs and Dulcibella his daughter, so this line of Daltons died out.  There are three interesting charts of the family connections. p.17
Holes in the Road by Lucy Joan Slater 
  A light hearted article about the state of the roads in Cambridge & the cause of the trouble, the collapse of sewers laid on the orders of John Henry Chesshyre Dalton, who was Mayor of the City 90 years ago.
The Dalton gathering at Scarborough by Lucy Joan Slater 
  This is a personal note about my trip to Scarborough and the Dalton gathering there in 1992, together with my expedition to Kirkby Misperton and its church. 
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Dalton Society, 1992  p.29
Income and expenditure account for the year ending Dec 31st 1991.  p.32