April 1996
Secretary's Newsletter 
  Contains an apology for an omission of a credit and two reminders, one to pay subscriptions and the other to note the time and place of the next A.G.M.
Chairman's Newsletter 
  This is a report on the 25th Silver anniversary dinner of the Society, held at Ullingswick near Hereford.
 Edward Ivor William MORGAN  7th Sep. 1989 
 Faith Elizabeth MORGAN  6th May 1994
 Helen Catherine MORGAN  6th May 1994
Alison Jean KEYMER to Roger William MORGAN 1st July 1984
Thomas Edward KEYMER to Prudence Elizabeth ROBEY 7th Nov. 1992
 Hannah Joyce PARKER  28th May 1995
 Raymond Neale Dalton PARKER 15th May 1995
 Dr. Richard FITZGERALD  June 1995
 Mrs. Pamela DALTON of Hauxwell 20th July 1995
 Mrs. Marion EARLY of Croston 10th Dec. 1995
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries
 M. N. & Q. 24.1 Yorkshire Daltons from the Ripon Area  
  In the village of Wath, a large family of Daltons descended from the marriage of John Dalton to Catherine about 1764.
M. N. & Q. 24.2 Another bit of the jigsaw                
  Tyrell Dalton of Fulbourn Cambridgeshire is linked to William Dalton in Glocester Co., Virginia.  William named his children with family names, such as Tyrell and Michael.
 M. N. & Q. 24.3 Daltons in Canada                  
  John Dalton of Toronto and his sister Doris McPherson of Winnipeg are the brother and sister of the late Irene Jessie Potter nee Dalton of Folkstone.
 M. N. & Q. 24.4 Doltons of Newbury       
  Thomas Dolton, a baker of Reading, was the great grandson of Robert Dalton of Wickham near Newbury.
Tree 24.1  Descent from Henry Dalton of Wickham to Eric Charles Dolton of Southampton.     
Hannah Joyce Parker 1914-1995, by Morag C. Simpson      
  This is a long obituary of Joyce by her cousin Morag Simpson.  Joyce was a founder member of the D.G.S.  It also contains a photo of Joyce and a history of the Parker-Dalton family.
 T24.2 Tree of the Dalton and Parker lines       
My Berkswell Daltons part 2 by Geoffrey Brian Barwick      
  This is the second part of his family history, about Daltons living near Coventry with a lovely photograph of his grandmother Jane Dalton of Victoria farm, Berkswell.
Some Herefordshire Daltons by L. J. Slater          
  A will of Richard Dalton, made in 1618, gave details of two Dalton families living in Stoke Edith, near Hereford.  The Oxford Aliumni list states that Richard Dalton of Lancashire was admitted in 1581 to Brasenose College and his brother James also of Lancashire was admitted in 1592.  Another document dated 1719, gave particulars of the tenancy of Robert Dalton of Coxhall also near Hereford.
Book Reviews                                   
  Going with the Grain, the Doltons 1792-1992, by Penelope Stokes.
  What happens when we die? by Alison Morgan.
Nine booklets on Family History published by the Federation of Family History Societies.
  Basic facts about Sources for Family History in the home
  Basic facts about Family History records in Yorkshire
  Basic approach to keeping your Family Records
  Basic approach to Latin for Family Historians
  Was your grandfather a railway man?
  The Protestation returns 1641-43 and other contemporary listings
  Quarter Session records for Family Historians
  Cheshire, a Genealogical Bibliography
  Dating Old Photographs.
New Members' list up to 30 November 1995; Melanie Dalton Crain, Eric C. Dolton, Cynthia Snider, and Arthur R. Whittaker                                        
Changes of Address; Mrs Patricia Winifred Adams, William H. Barker and Keith A. Johnson                                                                     
Advert for I. G. I. print out service                               
Annual General Meeting at Hereford on 8th July 1995      
Accounts for the year ending 31 Dec. 1994                   
Photographs from the Silver Jubilee Annual General meeting and dinner on 8th July 1995 p.48