November 1996
Letter from the Chairman  p.2
  This letter reports on the changes in the Committee, the Internet,  repairs to the tomb of Sir Richard Dalton at Apethorpe and the need for younger members to come onto the Committee.
 Lucinda Alice ELLIOT  22nd May 1990
 Maya Selma JUNDI   18th Feb. 1994
 Alex Omar JUNDI   24th Jan. 1996
Elizabeth Mary ANTROBUS to Timothy SIZELAND 24th Aug. 1996
Deaths  None reported
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries
  M. N. & Q. 25.1 Can anyone help Patrick? 
  His ancestors were Anne DALTON b. 9 Oct. 1865, dau. of Michael and his wife Anne nee DALEY both of Westmeath, Ireland.
 M. N. & Q. 25.2 Can anyone help James Dalton of Carlisle? 
  James is the grandson of Jacob born about 1877 who married Ann ROBINSON at Carlisle in December 1900. 
 M. N. & Q. 25.3 An early American Dalton line 
  This line is headed by Ruben Dalton, father of Enos, William, Samuel and Timothy.  Ruben came to Carroll County, Virginia about 1780.
 M. N. & Q. 25.4 Michael Dalton from Tipperary 
  Michael, born about 1833 in Carrick-on-Suir, married twice in Newfoundland, firstly to Mary Deveraux from Kilkenny and secondly to Bridget Dixon who was also from Carrick-on-Suir. 
 M. N. & Q. 25.5 Daltons at Goole 
  Rachel DALTON was born 1846 at South Elkington, Lincs., dau. of James and his wife Anne nee ROWE.  Rachel married a master mariner, Joseph BURNETT and they raised their family in Goole, Yorkshire.
 M. N. & Q. 25.6 Daltons all at sea! 
  Francis and Meriel Dalton were swept down the river Ouse in their boat from York to Brough where they were rescued.
 M. N. & Q. 25.7 The V. C. of James Langley Dalton 
  This gives the actual text of the award and some details of James Dalton's service life.
George and Robert Dalton, bell-founders by Dennis Greenwood 
  This paper outlines the family of John Dalton, born about 1680.  His son George became a brazier in York in 1742 and cast his first bell in 1750.  George's son Robert ran the bell foundry after his father's death in 1785.  He married and continued to cast bells until about 1793 when he moved to Castle Howard and died in 1824.  Many of these Dalton bells have survived, including the ring of six bells at York St. Olave, dated 1789. 
Boots and shoes by Lucy J. Slater 
  I was surprised to find some Daltons who had lived in my own parish.  James Dalton was a boot closer, but his son Frank extended the business to become a high grade boot and shoe maker at 8 Bridge Street, Cambridge.  This family is probably related to the Bedfordshire Daltons of the next article.
 Tree 25.1 Matthew Dalton of Silsoe 
 Tree 25.2 James Dalton's family in Cambridge 
My Bedfordshire shoe makers by Betty Wilks 
Daltons lived in the area of Biggleswade from 1598.  The first documented ones are Matthew of Shillington and his son Matthew of Silsoe.  A third Matthew was also of Silsoe and the three generations were all shoemakers.  Another two generations of shoemakers, Thomas and his son Thomas Bonnet Dalton bring us to the connection with Cambridge noted above.
 Tree 25.3 The first generation at Shillington 
 Tree 25.4 Matthew junior, the second generation at Silsoe
 Tree 25.5 The family tree of Richard 
 Tree 25.6 The family tree of Richard's brother James 
 Tree 25.7 Matthew and Elizabeth at Flitton 
 Tree 25.8 Thomas and Mary at Biggleswade 

Letters to a young lady by Pamela Richards, No. 1 and No. 2. 
  These are two letters written by Pamela's father, Charles Dalton, in 1918.  They give a fascinating insight into life at Oxford University towards the end of the first world war in 1918.
Uneventful lives by Mrs. Audrey Dalton 
  Edward, born 1812, the son of Michael and Jane Dalton, became a draper in Great Ancotes St. Manchester in 1855.  His son James, born 1854, became a plumber and died in 1907 after falling off a roof.  His son James became a shirt cutter.  James' three sons all lived in the area of New Moston.  For six generations they have lived quietly in the Manchester area.
Photo of Joy Chesson, Maureen Collins and Pat Adams. 
New members up to 30th June 1996; Darlene Bates, James Dalton, Maurice Victor Dalton, Patrick Daly Dalton, Kathleen Cole Dykstra, Mrs. Carole A. Fenn, Wayne Halford, Mrs. Jennie Kershaw, Fred O. Simpson 
Changes of Address; Ellen Castlelow, Aubrey and Hazel Dalton 
Obituary of Dr. Richard T. D. Fitzgerald 
  He was descended from Thomas Dalton, D.D. the Prebendary of Durham, and so from Thomas of Hildersham.  After studying medicine at Cambridge, he became a G. P. on the Isle of Sheppey.  Then he married and had four children.  Also he was the Librarian of the Irish Genealogical Research Society and wrote a book about Migraine.
Annual general meeting at Reigate August 1996 
Accounts for the year ending 31 Dec. 1995