June 1997
Notes from the Editor
  An apology for getting Pamela Richards' name wrong in the previous Journal and promising improvements in the proof reading system.
Notice about the next A.G.M. to be held in Lincoln next summer 
Births  None reported
Jenifer DALTON to Russel MISKEN,  24th Apr. 1996
 Camilla DALTON-HOLMES to J.C. Mac.DONALD 6th Dec. 1996
 James Paul DALTON   26th Jan. 1997
 Edward TUITE-DALTON  12th Feb. 1996
 Brendan RILEY   26th Dec. 1996
 Bertram Albert DALTON  20th Jan. 1997
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries
 M. N. & Q. No. 26.1 Daltons on the internet 
  This gives a list of known e-mail addresses of members. 
 M. N. & Q. No. 26.2 Two very early Dalton references 
  In Bedfordshire, William Dalton was left 10 in a will of 1426.  William Dalton was Bursar of St. Peter's House, Cambridge from 1455 to 1470.  Could these two references be to the same man?
 M. N. & Q. No. 26.3 Another early Dalton reference 
  Roger de Dalton ran Denny Abbey in Cambridgeshire as a Hospice for the Knights Templers in 1308.

M. N. & Q. No. 26.4 The Daltons in Newfoundland 
  The first Daltons in Newfoundland were John from County Wexford and his sons Michael, Richard, Stevan and John. 
 M. N. & Q. No. 26.5 Some certificates useful to others? 
  This is a list of civilian Dalton birth, marriage and death certificates obtained in error. 
Fustian Cutters by Jennie Kershaw 
  This is about her descent from James Dalton christened in 1806 in Manchester. The family were always in the cotton trade and lived in Haywood, Oldham and Shaw.
The Dalton Highway, Alaska, U.S.A. by Morag C. Simpson 
  The James William Dalton Highway runs north from Fairbanks to Deadhorse, Alaska and is now trying to attract tourism. 
The Dalton Trail by Lucy J. Slater 
  This was a toll road built and  operated by Jack Miller, alias Dalton, so that people could get horses and cattle from Haines on the Alaskan coast over the Chilkat pass to the Yukon river.
Further thoughts on the Cambridgeshire Daltons by Lucy J. Slater  p.15
Corrections and additions are given to earlier papers on this Dalon family.
 Tree 26.1 Descendants of Thomas Dalton  of Hildersham 
 Tree 26.2 Descendants of Michael Dalton and Frances 

My Bedfordshire shoe makers, part 2, by Betty Wilks        p.21
  This paper records the families of John Dalton, a grocer of Biggleswade in 1812 and his brothers, Thomas a shoemaker, and Richard a grocer.  There are some fine old photographs.
 Tree 26.3 Tree of John Dalton and Sarah 
 Tree 26.4 Tree of Thomas Dalton junior and Mary 
 Tree 26.5 Tree of Richard Dalton and Jane 
 Tree 26.6 Tree of George Dalton and Elizabeth of Northill 

Letters to a young lady by Pamela Richards, Nos. 3 & 4 
  These letters are dated October 1918 and deal with a friend he made at Oxford and a visit to Church.
News from America by Millicent Craig 
 Deals with all the bits of news from American Daltons,including the tornado which destroyed the home of Doris Slone. 
The Dalton time line chart, by Arthur R. Whittaker 
  Arthur has produced a time line of the Dalton family in an effort to reconcile difficulties in the documentation.
New members up to 31st March 1997; Joanne Ballard, Helen Joyce Browning, Davida H. Bundy, Mrs. Eliot W. Dalton, Sherry Elice Dalton, Mike D'Alton, Mrs. Dianne Jackman, Mary Faye Keffer, Sandy Sandford, Alta Simpson, Mrs. Doris J. Slone, Mrs. Betty Wilks 
Changes of Address; Mrs. Penelope P. Barltrop, Kenneth Mc.Innes, Fred Simpson. 
Resignation; Marjorie Romuld, owing to advancing age. 
Obituary of Sidney Herbert Dalton by his daughter Frances Dalton 
  He was a wood carver and gilder who had served in both world wars. He became a Queen's carver and gilder and tended the Gold Leaf work in St. Paul's Cathedral.  He worked on at his trade until he was 97.
Computer users, an important thought! 
  This is a request to check if your computers will work on 1st Jan. 2000. 
Typesetting note to all authors. 
 This explains how to indicate where a picture should be inserted into an article.