November 1997
Secretary's Newsletter  p.2
This details the next A.G.M. to be held at Croston in June 1998 and the proposal to make Maureen Collins the new Australian Secretary in place of Joy Chesson.
 Greer Dalton CORBETT  3rd April 1997
 Shaun Carl DALTON   30th Aug. 1997
 Chandrelyn KRACZEK  2nd March 1997
 Daren MERRILL    19th May 1997
 Darlene BATES to Aurel OTET   3rd Aug. 1996
 Michael Murray DALTON to Helen Elizabeth BALL 26th April 1997
               Laura Hilary ROBINSON to Martial LANGLOIS  25th Oct. 1997
 Kathleen Cole DYKSTRA    January 1997
 Hazel Agnes DALTON  2nd Sept. 1996
The Obituary of Hazel Agnes Dalton by Jill Warren 
  Hazel Dalton was the wife of Aubrey Dalton and the mother of our former Australian Secretary, Jill Warren.
Miscellaneous notes and Queries
 M. N. & Q. 27.1 Yoga for the over 80's 
  Nellie Dalton of Accrington, age 85, still does yoga after doing it for over fifty years. 
 M. N. & Q. 27.2 Selling up 
  D.G.S. member William Barker's grand mother was the grand daughter of William Dalton a carpenter, who sold up at Almondbury, Yorkshire and went to Australia in 1853.
 Tree 27.1 Tree of William Dalton of Almondbury, Yorkshire.
           M. N. & Q. 27.3 Thomas Masters Dalton and his son Ormonde 
  Thomas was a painter in his old age and a distant cousin of Canon Dalton of Windsor who gave Ormonde a good reference when he was seeking an appointment.  A painting by Thomas of Land's End is reproduced here.
 M. N. & Q. 27.4 Daltons in Hul 
Three D.G.S. members are descended form the marriage of Charles Wight, grocer to Helen Coy in 1843 at Hull in 1843. 
 M. N. & Q. 27.5 Can anyone help Delores? 
Delores comes from the marriage of John W. Dalton to Eliza Jane Parish about 1840, in Tennessee. 
 Tree 27.2 Descent of Delores Dalton from John and Eliza Jane of Tennessee. 
 M. N. & Q. 27.6 Californian Daltons from Dartford 
  The late Kathy Dykstra was descended from the marriage of John Dalton, to Ann Elliot about 1840 at Sutton near Dartford, Kent.
Book review-The Genealogical Services Directory
  This lists useful services for family historians.
Letters to a Young Lady, Nos. 5 & 6, by Pamela Richards 
  These are dated 5th and 6th Nov. 1918, and deal with tea parties and libraries. 
The Daltons of Cucklington, by L.. J. Slater 
  This large family of Daltons stemmed from Edmund of Ipswich who had a son John born about 1607.  John went to Caius College, Cambridge and had a son Nathaniel who became a parson in Cucklington, Somerset.
 Tree 27.3  East Anglian Daltons. 
 Tree 27.4 The family of Nathaniel Dalton and Mary Watts. 
 Tree 27.5 Nathaniel Dalton IV and Mary Slade Yeatman. 
Captain Valentine Dalton by John Moseley 
  Valentine was from Ireland and was about 40 in 1776.  He was taken prisoner in the Revolutionary War about 1782.  He married twice and had a son Valentine who was in the war of 1812 under General Jackson.
The Dalton Time line chart, part 2, by Arthur Whittaker 
  This contains the actual time line and the meaning of its symbols
News from America, by Millicent V. Craig 
  Millicent appeals for help to find ancestors of American Daltons in England.  She lists American families who are interested and reports on a tea party she gave at Croston on 3rd Aug. 1997 to some of her Croston relatives.
Professor Anthony Cox, healer of minds, by Pamela Richards 
  This is a profile of our new committee member the child psychiatrist Prof. Anthony Cox who is descended from John Dalton of Garton-on-the-Wolds.
New members up to September 1997; Dorothy Dalton Bongivengo, Delores Dalton, Mrs. Eliot W. Dalton, Michael Dalton of York, Roger Dalton of Colorado, Mrs. Mary Louise Elias, Mrs. Hilary A. Hepburn, Terry M. Rostamo 
Changes of Address; Fred Simpson, Darlene Otet nee Bates 
Review of "The Dalton Entail" by Sidney Ross 
  This deals with the entail on the farm where John Dalton was born.  Since it was entailed, he had no hope of inheritance and this may have driven him to become a famous scientist instead of a farmer.
The Annual Gathering at Lincoln 
  This report has many pictures of the gathering. 
Annual General Meeting 9th August 1997. 
  In the absence of the chairman, Howard Dalton took the chair and conducted the business of the A.G.M.  Millicent Craig spoke on the American Daltons.  Then Jack Richards gave a talk about a fuchsia called Dalton and presented plants to everyone. 
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