November 1998
Letter from the Chairman.      
  Michael thanked the committee for their hard work and announced details of the Society's millennium project, the re-publication of the first part of the Dalton Book by Mrs. Francis Edith Leaning.  He also reported the successful restoration of the tomb of Sir Richard Dalton at Apethorpe to which the Society has contributed.
Annual General Meeting of the Dalton Genealogical Society 
  This was held at Rufford Arms Hotel on 4th July 1998.  Howard Dalton was elected Treasurer in place of Morag Simpson.  Mrs. Elizabeth Cameron (Joyce Parker's niece) and Prof. Anthony Cox were elected as new committee members and a report was delivered by Millicent Craig on the Dalton Web site on the internet. 
The Dalton Gathering at Rufford 1998 by John Dalton 
  This article includes photographs of the annual dinner and the Croston parade.
  Adrian Nicholas BAIRSTOW      12 Apr. 1998
  Jasmin Rosa May OTET        1 Mar. 1998
  Heather Lenore CRAIN to Andrew Doyle RYAN    1 Aug. 1998
  Edith Hilda BURBIDGE      17 Aug. 1998
  John Frank DALTON        5 Jan. 1998
  Judy DALTON          Sep. 1998
  Patrick DALTON          Jan. 1998
  Richard LYSONS          Feb. 1998
  Eugene Francis SILVA      1 Oct. 1998
The Grant-Daltons of Brodsworth Hall by Lucy Joan Slater 
  This continues the family history of the Daltons of Cucklington who, after the marriage of Mary Slade Dalton to Robert Grant became the Grant-Daltons.  They had many grand children and one Horace Grant-Dalton married Constance Thellusson, the heiress to Brodsworth Hall and the Thellusson estate. 
 Tree 29.1 Mary Slade Dalton and Robert Foster Grant. 
 Tree 29.2 Alan M. Grant-Dalton and Emma E. Brehm. 
 Tree 29.3 Gerald Grant-Dalton and Emma Kate Skilbech. 
 Tree 29.4 Horace Grant-Dalton and Constance Thellusson 
 Tree 29.5 Colin Grant-Dalton and Amy Ellen Sowler.
Peter, the accumulator by Richard N. D. Hamilton 
  This describes how Peter Thellusson tried to keep his money in his family, but only the lawyers profited.
The Irish Ancestry of Davida Bundy by Millicent V. Craig 
Peter Dalton, Davida's g.g.g.grandfather, was born in Meath, Ireland about 1752 and his descendants now number well over 1000.
Max Dale Dalton, Murdered in Costa Rica, Written by Rick Dalton 
  This celebration of the life of Max Dalton by his son, Rick describes how Max worked in the field of artificial insemination and then went to Costa Rica where he bought land and settled.  For the last seven years of his life, he was harassed by squatters on the land he had bought.  Finally when he was 78, he was set upon and murdered by these squatters.  Max was a descendant of Charles Sheffield Dalton, and so is a descendant of a very famous Mormon line.
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries
  M. N. & Q. 29.1 An excommunication 
  In 1435 John Dalton of Armagh, was declared excommunicate, for having disposed of his wife's goods illegally.
  M. N. & Q. 29.2 Jane Dalton and Roland Thornburgh 
  About 1598, Roland Thornburgh married Jane, daughter of Thomas Dalton and they had nine children.  A Roland Thornburgh went to America in 1660, and named his children with family names. So many people are descended from this marriage on both sides of the Atlantic.
  M. N. & Q. 29.3 The life of Thomas Masters Dalton 
  This note gives more information about Thomas Masters Dalton of Swansea. 
  M. N. & Q. 29.4 Sub mariners in the Royal Navy 
  A note of two Daltons in the book of Remembrance of submariners who died in the Royal Navy.
  M. N. & Q. 29.5 Gravestone in the Parish Churchyard, Sherburn-in-Elmet 
  This was the grave of Mary Dalton, wife of Richard, who died in 1822.
  M. N. & Q. 29.6 Antipodean Certificate 
  In the railway museum in Melbourne is a retirement certificate of Mr. Robert Dalton who retired from Victorian Railways on 28th Sept. 1889 after 28 years service.
  M. N. & Q. 29.7 Australian Infantry. 
  On the war memorial in Adelade is listed C. Dalton of the 39th infantry battalion.
Obituary of Patrick Dalton of Dublin by Ciaran Dalton 
  This article was written by his son, Ciaran.  Patrick was born in County Waterford, and served in the Irish Army.  He was a keen family historian and a long standing member of the D.G.S.  The article contains an excellent photograph.
Obituary of Morag Simpson 1923-1998 by Phillipa Bairstow 
  This obituary is written by her daughter and tells about Morag's unusual and varied life.
Obituary of Edith Hilda Burbidge (1906-1998) by her son Colin Burbidge 
  Her mother Laura Dalton married William Collins and she  lived most of her life on Box Hill near Dorking, where they had a tea room.  Edie married Jesse Burbidge and they had three children, Bernard, Colin and Jill.  They left behind four grand-children Adam, Lance, Helen and Sophie.
Obituary of Daniel Richard Lysons (J2741) by Michael N. Dalton 
  Richard died of cancer after a short illness and his requiem Mass was held at Wymondham in Norfolk.  He leaves behind his wife Jennie and two children, Nicholas and Natashia.
News from America by Millicent V. Craig 
  She reports on the Daltons on the internet and on American Daltons including some who visited England last summer.
The Midlands Family History Conference
  This is a notice of their next meeting on 27th March 1999.
The Irish D'Alton family, 1300-1800 by Millicent V. Craig and R. N. D. Hamilton 
  There is a long extract from the work known as "King James' Army list" published in 1860.  It is a very good source of information about the D'Alton families in West Meath
Yorkshire Family History Fair 
  This is a notice about the Yorkshire Family History Fair on 26th June 1999
Change of name.
  Dorothy Dyke reverts to her maiden name Dorothy Ransome. 
Change of address.
  Neilis T. Dalton has changed his address. 

New Members up to 5th October 1998. 
Phillipa Norah Bairstow of Leeds, Leroy O. Baker of Michigan, Linda Bunting-Blake, Russell Braiden of Idaho, William Harvey Crouch of Kansas, Ciaran Dalton of Kerry, Eric Allan Dalton of South Carolina, Frank A. Dalton of Washington State, John S. N. Dalton of Powys, Michael and Pamela Dalton of Navada, Robert Earl Dalton of California, D. E. Jones of Blackpool, James Klummp of Maryland, Josephine Margaret Leister of Illinois, Susan Drew Lum of Oregon, Shari Jean Manke of Indiana, Katherine Dalton Neubauer of California, Thomas Phillip O'Conner of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Padovan of Chorley, Ron & Connie Parkes of Washington State, Kim Barney Snider of Oregon, Barbara J. Wilson of Washington.
  Tony Dalton of Argyllshire has resigned owing to ill health.
Forthcoming events in Family History 
Conference on Computers in Family History 
Photo of the Croston Coffee day parade.