November 1972
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Letter from the Editor 3
Births 5
Rachel Mary Foley ... 12th Nov 1971.
Antony Thomas Philip Dalton ... 28th Nov 1971.
Richard William Barltrop ... 29th Feb 1972.
Neale Charles Edward Ricketts ... 3rd Mar 1972.
James Michael and Richard Edward Dalton (twins) ... 10th Apr 1972.
Lorna Grace Dalton ... 27th Apr 1972.
Marriages 7
Richard John Dalton to Elizabeth Mary Keays ... 1st Jan 1972.
Michael Neale Dalton to Kathryn Mary Shrimpton ... 4th Mar 1972.
Rupert John Oliver Arkell to Susan F. Bagshawe ... 15th Mar 1972.
Judith Frances Greet to Anthony Christopher Eden ... Aug 1971.
Penelope Joan Hardcastle to Graham Ockleston ... 21st Aug 1971.
Mrs.Cuella Sherratt Dalton to Franklin Syman Stout ... 12th May 1972.
Deaths 9
Dr. Mark Ardath Dalton ... 10th Nov 1971.
Eric Neale Dalton ... 11th Feb 1972.
Eda Florence Dalton ... 13th Dec 1971.
Muriel Edith Dalton ... 1st Apr 1972.
The Family of William Edward Dalton b. 1755 d. 1797 by M. N. Dalton 12
  • Notes on William Edward Dalton and his family with four pedigree charts, showing details of his relations and, in particular, the families of two of his sons, Edward Dalton of Dunkirk House and Arthur Dalton, born 1787 and 1794 respectively.
Hauteville, the Ancestral Town of the Daltons by Philippa Simpson 17
  • This article describes Hauteville in Normandy, from whence it is thought that Le Sieur de Dalton may have come. He was one of the earliest Dalton ancestors. There is also a pedigree of this early family and a note by M. N. Dalton.
Letter to New Zealand from Mrs. Leaning by Michael N. Dalton 21
  • Some notes about Mrs. Frances Edith Leaning (nee Dalton), the author of "The Dalton Book", followed by the text of a letter she wrote to cousins in New Zealand in 1951, which contains many interesting genealogical references. There is also a drawing of the tomb of Eleanor Presgrave Dalton.
Daltons in America by Voyla Dalton Smith 25
  • Voyla Dalton Smith is a member of the Dalton Family in America and her father visited England twice in the latter half of last century to gather information about his ancestors. Her article gives details of this branch of the family. The article ends with a copy of the minutes setting up the first Dalton organisation on 3rd Feb 1889 in Utah.
The story of the guns by Kathleen I. N. Dalton 30
  • Extracts from a precis in the Dalton Book by Mrs. Leaning of Hugh Dalton's book "With British Guns in Italy", selected and edited by Kathleen Dalton. Hugh Dalton, later to be Chancellor of the Exchequer, served with the R. A. in North East Italy during the first World War and wrote an account of his experiences published in 1919.
Mrs. Mary Emma Dalton by Michael N. Dalton 39
  • A reprint of a notice entitled "The Late Mrs Mary Emma Dalton" which was printed privately as an obituary on her death in 1945. She was the widow of William Henry Dalton, Lord of the Manors of Thurnham, Bulk and Cockersand Abbey. There are also memories of her shipwreck near Havana.
The Village of Croston by Kate M. Dalton 43
  • Croston, near Preston in Lancashire, was the home of Dalton ancestors in the first half of the 15th century. This article gives an account of the history of the village and has a drawing of the Church.
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