May 1999
  This reminded people of the next Dalton gathering at Swaffham in Norfolk.
  Isabella Katherine WARREN   16 May  1998
   Schuyler Nathaniel DOLTON   17 Aug. 1998
   Olivia Maray SMITH   30 Sep. 1998
   Dina Sandra JUNDI     1 Oct. 1998
   Daniel John McGEE     7 Feb. 1999
   Brittany Catron PIERCE   30 Mar 1999
   Ian SIMPSON to Mrs. Dorothea LASER  13 Mar. 1999
  Dawn HAIGH to Scott KAMERATH  21 May  1999
  Constance Mary WATSON    7 Dec. 1998
  Marcia Eileen WEBB nee HAIGH  19 Apr. 1999
Obituary of Constance Mary Watson, nee Parker
  Mary was born on 20th July 1918, was educated in Brighton and joined the W.A.A.F. in the war. Then she married John Watson head forester on the Buccleuch Estates. 
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries.
  M. N. & Q. 30.1  Can anyone help Stephanie G. Ketteringham? 
  Her great-grandmother Louisa Dalton was descended from a family of fustian cutters in Manchester.  A Michael McKiever and a French woman may have been part of the family. 
  M. N. & Q. 30.2  Another emigrant to America 
  Thomas Hawkins McMillan Dalton, born in Carlisle in 1877, went to the Grammar school there and then went to America about 1897.
  M. N. & Q. 30.3  A desperate chase 
  In 1837 in Maidstone four convicts, among them one Thomas Dalton, escaped from their jailer and after a violent chase, Dalton and the others was overpowered.  The four were then flogged on the river hulk which was their jail.
  M. N. & Q. 30.4  Terraghafeeva or the farm at Englishtown 

This is a note by Gerald Milner about his family home, a farm near Lisburn.  On the family land was a Rath or Danish fort and a dig proved that the farm had been pillaged and burnt down by the Vikings a thousand years before. 
My Bedfordshire shoe makers, part 4, by Betty Wilks, 
   This is the last of the papers on Bedfordshire Daltons and brings the history down to the present day from Betty's great great grand father John to her father Harry Albert Dalton. 
Thomas Dalton, silk dyer of Coventry by Geoffrey Dalton, his third great-grandson. 
   Thomas Dalton was born about 1774 and became a silk dyer in Coventry.  He married Mary Barton in 1796 and they had nine children.  Thomas started his own company and after Mary died in 1844, he married a widow, Susannah Grant.  The Grant and Dalton families then became intertwined.  Thomas's second daughter Maria married Susannah's eldest son William Grant in 1825 and Thomas jnr married Susannah's daughter Frances in 1827.  Thomas senior died in 1834 leaving his business to Thomas jnr and William Grant as well as several properties in Spon Street, Coventry.
Facts and fancies about the families of Timothy and Philemon Dalton by Lucy Joan Slater 
        This article gives a summery of present knowledge about Timothy and Philemon, the first Daltons to land in America.  Rev. Timothy's possible family is given in the first section followed by section two on his wives and children.  Section five covers Philemon's family   The next part covers the family of Timothy's wife, Ruth Leet and the last section deals with the Parkhurst family who were related to Ruth. 
Some Daltons of Norfolk by Lucy Joan Slater 
   An important family of Daltons lived in King's Lynn and Swaffham in Norfolk in the period 1500 to 1800.  The first part covers the wills of the King's Lynn Daltons and the second part deals with the Daltons who are buried in Swaffham parish church. 
 Tree 30.1 The family tree of the Daltons of King's Lynn. 
 Tree 30.2 The family tree of Francis Dalton. 
 Tree 30.2 A family tree of the Swaffham Daltons 
Forthcoming events in Family History in 1999 p.45
A Dalton who made Newspaper History by Pamela Richards 
   Pamela's father Charles Dalton left Oxford with a double first in Mathematics.  He became a journalist in Huddersfield and later on the Daily Herald.  In 1946 he joined the Welwyn Garden City Company and later bought the Welwyn Times.  He introduced webb-offset litho process to England in 1962 and turned a loss making local newspaper into a very successful concern.  He retired two years later and died in 1978 aged 78.
Yorkshire Family History Fair p.47
News from America by Millicent V. Craig 
 This is the first anniversary of the Dalton Webb page on the internet.  Members are invited to post requests for long lost relatives on it.  A new series of gifts with the Dalton coat of arms has been produced.   The American end of the Society has helped to re-type the Leaning book, so that it can be reprinted in time for the millennium.  Another project is to develop a pool of Daltons willing to look up records in their local area.  The Webb page of Jim Wicks is noted as is Melanie Crain's Dalton News Letter.  Nancy Samuelson's husband Reid makes progress after his car accident.  Theckla Ledyard, using a researcher in Australia, has found her two long lost uncles, and Danny Paterno found his ancestors at Sliningford Hall, in Yorkshire. 
 Is the name Jane Weightman in your family tree?  If so, please contact Millicent.  Rodney Dalton found he was a cousin of Arthur Whittaker through the internet and a similar connection was made between Shirley Lynn and Junwell Brantley.  A similar mystery was solved for Lisa Liden by the GOONS.  Mrs E. W. Dalton is starting a book on her Daltons and Robert Simpson found over 1000 family records on a recent trip to England.  Lace makers went to New York about 1890 and some shoe makers from England went to Illinois about 1850. Rick Dalton reports that an award of $1000 and a plaque has been founded in memory of his father Max Dalton.  Finally members are reminded to send in their applications for the Swaffham meeting. 
Lancashire Parish Register Society by John Dalton 
  This note gives an outline of the Society's work in publishing Parish Registers. 
Book Reviews
 Shoot from the Lip, by Nancy B. Samuelson       
 John Dalton's Lakeland Excursions by Sidney Ross      
 History of the English family, 1770-1890 by Jean English. 

New members and changes of address        
Tina Marie Culbertson of Florida, Andrew Dalton of London. Eric Dalton of Michigan, George M. Dalton of New York, Michael Wayne Dalton of Tennessee, Rodney Garth Dalton of Utah, Stanley and Mattie Dalton of Tennessee, Stephen J. Dalton of West Lothian, Theodore L. Dalton jnr. of North Carolina, John d'Alton of Queensland, Sally Ford of Missouri, Mrs. Stephanie Gatenby Ketteringham of Northumberland, Gerald Milner of Shoreham, Rhonda Lynn Dalton Parker of Cincinatti, and Donna Marie Wilkes of Virginia.
Changes of Address.          
  Phillip Dalton, Eric Allan Dalton, Neilis T. Dalton, Vesta Green and Ian Simpson have all changed their addresses.