May 2000
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Newsletter 2
  • Contains an announcement about the AGM, and Dr. Slater's retirement from the post of Secretary. It reports the reprinting of the first part of the Dalton Book by Edith Leaning, and apologises for three small slips in the previous Journal.
Births 3
Zachary Taylor DOLTON ... 14th Feb. 2000.
Danilo Andreas HAIGH ... 7th Jan. 2000.
Hale Grove JONES ... 5th Dec. 1999.
Simon Jerald KEMPER ... 5th Feb. 2000.
Jonathan Toben KRUGER ... 17th Apr. 2000.
Marriage 4
John David DALTON to Karen EDSON ... 21st Aug. 1999.
Deaths 4
Hazel DOLTON ... 3rd Oct. 1999.
Mildred Searles DOLTON ... Autumn 1999.
Reid SAMUELSON ... Oct. 1999.
Edward Charles BATES ... 11th Oct. 1999.
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 8
M.N.Q.32.1 Death by suffocation?. 8
  • This is about a report in the Times on the death of William Dalton after being hit on the head by a truncheon only three weeks after the riot known as Peterloo.
M.N.Q.32.2 Can anyone help Stephen Dalton? 9
  • Stephen descends from Thomas Dalton who married Rose Moran in Ireland about 1835.
M.N.Q.32.3 A Dalton M.P. 10
  • This notes an M.P. for Saltash in 1570 who was called James Dalton.
M.N.Q.32.4 Finding out about Daltons in the Navy. 10
  • This notes "A Navel Biographical Dictionary for the Navy", published 1849. An extract details the family of Captain James Dalton of Fillingham, in Lincolnshire, who married Isabella Diss.
M.N.Q.32.5 My grandfather helped to found the Co-Op. 11
  • Lucy Slater says her mother told her that her grandfather Thomas Dalton, went to the first meetings of the Co-Op at Th'Owd Lane in Rochdale, when it was founded in the 1850s.
M.N.Q.32.6 Michael Rabin needs your help. 13
  • He needs help to find his grandfather Sidney William Dalton, born in Birmingham in 1879.
M.N.Q.32.7 Prof. Shooter appeals for information about small pox. 13
  • He appeals for help about any Daltons who died of small pox.
Hugh Dalton, a man for all seasons by Pamela Richards 13
  • The author found herself sharing a breakfast table at a Fabian weekend with Hugh Dalton, who was then Chancellor of the Exchequer. This is a short history of Hugh's life, how he came to live at Windsor castle, and go to Eton, his service in the first war, and how he became M. P. for Peckham. He foresaw trouble with Hitler as early as 1936, and became Minister of Economic Warfare in 1940. In 1945, he became Chancellor of the Exchequer, but divulged the Budget secrets to a journalist friend and resigned immediately he realised what he had done. He became Minister of Town and Country Planning under Atlee, and was created a life peer in 1960. He died in 1962 age 75.
John Dalton, Poet and Divine by Pamela Richards 18
  • John was born in Cumberland in 1709, went to school in Westmorland and entered Oxford where he took his M.A. in 1734 and became a D.D. He adapted Milton's masque 'Comus' for the stage and held a benefit performance for Milton's granddaughter.  His patron was the Duke of Somerset. John became a preacher at St. James' Westminster, and published several books of sermons and poetry. He was appointed a Canon of Worcester, and died there in 1763.
Mademoiselle X, Mademoiselle Aimee Irene d'Alton by Millicent V. Craig 19
  • Thirty years after his death, the poet Alfred de Musset was said to have been in love with a Mademoiselle X, who is here identified as Aimee d'Alton. A book of love letters between the two was published in 1910. Aimee was born in 1811 at Hamburg. Her father was General Alexandre d'Alton who served in the Napoleonic wars. Aimee was a very beautiful woman and her liaison with Alfred lasted over 11 years until his death in 1857. She had not married Alfred, but in later life, she agreed to marry his brother Paul.
The History of John Dalton 1763-1838 by Rodney G. Dalton 25
  • John was born in 1763 in Maryland to Irish parents just after the Indian wars. Peace had been established in 1762. John had two brothers, James born 1765 and Charles born 1767, and one sister Polly who was born in 1769. The Daltons had moved out of Maryland before 1790.
  • A table gives a list of John's military service in the Revolutionary war. He left the Army in 1791. There follows a description of life in those times, what they wore and what they ate. John married Betty Cooker and they had ten children. The family is in the 1790 census of Philadelphia.
  • After 1806, John got a piece of land in Wysox town, Pennsylvania, and he called his farm Dalton Hollow. There is a short history of Bradford Country, and a list of things that happened while the family lived at Dalton Hollow. The First Presbyterian church at Wysox was where the family worshipped. It joined with the Congregational Church in 1830 and several members of the family subscribed to the building of the new church.
  • The 1830 census .shows four Dalton families living in the town. In 1833, John's son Henry was drowned in the flooded river. In 1835 the Daltons moved to Michigan and there were then almost 50 people in the family. John Dalton died in 1838, not knowing that the family would become famous founders of the Mormon Church in Utah.
From Eden to Eaton and beyond, My Dalton Ancestors by Michael Cayley 34
  • His family tree starts with William and Hannah Dalton of Crosby-upon-Eden in Cumberland. They had four children, James, christened 1774, Edward 1776, Mary 1779 and Thomas 1784 who was Michael's direct ancestor. His son Thomas II became a clergyman and had at least seven children, Thomas III born 1838, George 1841, Joseph 1843, John 1845, William 1847, who was also a clergyman, Charles 1851 and Edward Septimus 1853, who became the chaplain of East Sussex Hospital.
  • Thomas III went to Cambridge and became the head of Mathematics at Eton. He had five children, Thomas IV 1872, Susan 1874, Charles 1876, Arthur (Michael's grandfather) 1878 and Hilda 1880. Arthur became Principal Clerk at the Law Courts and married Ada Dowling in 1910. They had two children, Arthur and Eileen, who became Michael's mother. She married Ford Cayley who was a medical doctor in 1941. He was captured at Singapore and worked on the River Kwai. In 1951, he became a consultant at Bevendean Hospital, Brighton. He has two sons, Adam and Michael Cayley.
The Daltons and Royalty by Arthur Whittaker 38
  • Arthur started at King Henry II who was born in 1133, and worked his way forward to Roger Dalton of Croston born about 1515, who is related to Arthur. There is a chart of this descent.
Thomas Dalton, Musician 1872-1944 by Millicent V. Craig 40
  • Thomas is Millicent's grandfather. He trained to be an electrician in 1899 when they were in very short supply, married Lucy Hogen and had four daughters. Tom played the cornet in the Arlington Mill band. He also taught children music in the winter evenings.
News from America by Millicent V. Craig 43
  • She reports on the reprinting of the Dalton Book part I, by Mrs. Leaning, and on various travels of her American members. Henry Dalton, who owned most of Los Angeles when it was under Mexican rule was descended from the Winnal Daltons of Stepney, London and has been documented by Betty Hicks of Rickmansworth. Other members have been writing books about their families and use the e-mail to help with their researches.
Australian news by Maureen Collins 45
  • She is visiting England again this summer. She attended the 3rd Irish Genealogical Congress in 1997 and hopes to attend again next year.
New Membersup to April 2000 47
  • William Caterson, A.M. Dalton., Andrew M. Dalton, Barbara L. Dalton, Charles J. Dalton, Dale J. Dalton, Dennis S. Dalton, Douglas W. Dalton, James Dalton, Rev. Richard L. Dalton, Robert W. Dalton, Patricia I. Deller-Smith, Joy and Peter Goater, Charles J. Dalton Harvey, Pauline Hearley, Melvin F. Irwin, Maxine Dalton Kennedy, Tracy Mehuffy, Kate T. Mapstone.
Change of Address 48
  • Donald P. Hadrick.