June 2001
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  • L.J.S. asks if you have paid your subscription yet. There is a report on reprints of part one of the Dalton book by Mrs. Leaning, and the first seven Journals. Also binders are available for the Journals. The next AGM will be at Cambridge on July 28th and 29th 2001. There is a new telephone number for the General Register Office and we require a new minutes secretary.
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 3
M.N.Q.34.1 The first Dalton in Argentina? 3
  • This reports on a voyage to Argentina by a botanist, Joseph Banks and his two negro servants, Thomas Robinson and George Dalton, who froze to death in Tierra del Fuego.
M.N.Q.34.2 Book subscribers in Ireland in the 18th century. 4
  • This note lists five books requested by Daltons in Ireland. All five were about family history!
M.N.Q.34.3 A trip to Lambeth Palace. 4
  • A parish outing was to the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury and as our party arrived a little early, we were directed to the Church next door, St. Mary's. There we saw a beautiful monument to the wife of Sir Henry Daulton, in white glazed pottery, made at his factory in Lambeth. I remember the trip round Lambeth Palace itself only by the painting of Archbishop Laud, who looked very mephistophelean.
M.N.Q.34.4 The Gale family of Yorkshire. 6
  • One of this family, Mary married a Mr. Dalton, about 1800, and in 1866, an appeal for further information was put out in Notes and Queries, Vol. 10.
M.N.Q.34.5 Death of Admiral Charles Powel Hamilton in 1825. 6
  • He was of the House of Hamilton, and a younger branch was headed by Howel Powel, whose daughter Mary married a John Dalton. This is from Notes and Queries Vol. 4, 1857.
M.N.Q.34.6 Dalton Doubting's Downfall. 6
  • A note on this pamphlet about Edward Dalton, appeared in Notes and Queries Vol. 1 1849.
M.N.Q.34.7 The Bells of Batley. 7
  • The inscriptions on the bells are reproduced on a brass plate on the church tower. One of the bells is inscribed Dalton of York fecit, 1791. This is from Notes and Queries Vol. 9 1866.
M.N.Q.34.8 William Dalton of Skough, Carrick-on-Suir. 7
  • After working in England for most of his life, William returned to Ireland and spent his remaining years restoring the local church yard. Many strangers were found dead on near-by roads, so a local poet, John Ryan, wrote a poem about them, which is reproduced here.
M.N.Q.34.9 Daltons of Dronfield. 8
  • Daltons of Dronfield in Yorkshire have been researched by Mrs. Cook. Thomas Dalton christened his son Godfrey in Dronfield in 1743. His son Joseph was born in 1783, and was a farrier by trade. He had five children, and Mrs Cook is descended from the youngest son George. The 1881 census of the members of the family is given here.
The Rev. Timothy Dalton's estate by George Byrkit 9
  • This is an extract from a thesis on migrations from England, found in the Bury St. Edmund's Records Office. It showed that Timothy Dalton sold land and property before his departure to America to the value in modern money of about £750,000. This made him a very rich man in those times.
The Dalton Gang and their cousin John Marshall by Brian Robinson 11
  • This is about the Dalton and Younger gangs and their relationship to the famous Chief Justice, John Marshall.
Family History Fairs 11
  • This notes two fairs being held in 2001.
The History of Thomas Dalton by his descendant Rodney Garth Dalton 12
  • This starts with the birth of Thomas Dalton in 1752 in Wales. He was a convict sent to America in the 1750's. Three Thomas Daltons were on the lists of such convicts, in 1750, 1754, and 1757. It is difficult to sort out if these records referred to the same man or to three different men. In any case, Thomas married Polly from Ireland and their eldest son was born John Dalton in 1765 in Pennsylvania. A Mormon descendant, John Luther Dalton collected information while on a mission to England in 1863 to 1866. There follow some notes about the English plantation system of sending people to America before 1776. This practice was started before 1597. The next passage deals with the life of a convict in America in the 1700's.
  • Thomas served in the revolutionary war. He enlisted in April 1777, was wounded in September 1777 and invalided out of the army. Details are given of his service record. Finally he was given a state pension, and died in 1791. His son John married Elizabeth Cooker and established a famous line of Mormon Daltons.
Early Dalton M.P.'s by Michael Cayley 18
  • This starts with a short explanation of the history of Parliament. The author then deals with the group of M.P.'s who served in the 1400's. The first was Richard Dalton who was M.P. for Newcastle on Tyne in 1413. He married Agnes Hebburn about 1409, and got some land as her Dowry. He imported soap, alum and iron, to Newcastle on Tyne, and died about 1421. His widow married John Bedford who had been an M.P. for Hull, in 1419, 1420 and 1421. Agnes and Richard's son John also served as an M.P. for Newcastle in 1449. He died in 1470.
  • Another John was M.P. for Hull in 1485-6, and his brother Thomas was M.P. for Hull in 1487, and again in 1497. They were both importers of wine and wool. John served Hull for many years as Sheriff in 1482-3, and mayor in 1487-8 and again in 1495-6. He died in 1496. His brother Thomas was M.P. for Hull in 1489 and 1497. Thomas was sheriff of Hull in 1484-5 and mayor from 1489 to 1491. The third son of Thomas and Maud Dalton was another Thomas , born about 1516. He was sheriff of Hull in 1550, mayor in 1554, 1560 and 1568. He was M.P. for Hull in 1555 and again in 1572. He died in 1591 at the age of 71. The next two sections describe two Daltons who served other areas as M.P.'s, Thomas Dalton for Leicester in 1455-6, and Richard Dalton for Worcester in 1478.
  • We have more information about John Dalton M.P. for Derby in 1659-61. He was born in 1610, and married Anne Pyott. He seems to have been on Parliament's side in the Civil War. He was ill in 1667, with gout, and in 1670 his appointment as a J.P. was terminated because he was on the side of the dissenters. He died in 1679.
  • Roger Dalton of Kirkby Misperton has already been discussed in a series of articles in the DGSJ. by Dick Hamilton. He was M.P. for Lancaster in 1589. In 1594 he sold his lands at Kirkby Misperton and settled on his estate in Ireland. He died in 1597.
  • Robert Dalton, born before 1533, served as mayor of Carlisle in 1558. In 1561, he became M.P. for Carlisle. When he stood to be mayor again in 1564, there was a riot, and in April 1567, he was summoned before the Privy Council and imprisoned for a short time, but in 1568-9, he became mayor again.
  • John Dalton was another Elizabethan M.P. serving for Saltash in 1563, 1571 and 1572, for Loswithial in 1584 and 1586 and for Preston in 1593. He was a leading Puritan M.P. and made a speech saying “God forbid that any Scot shall ever have an interest in this Crown“. He was hauled before the privy Council and denied he had said any such thing. In 1571 John had distanced himself from the Puritans and promoted a bill that “all must attend Anglican Service“.
  • When the Queen of Scots issue came to a head, John was again in the debates, on the side of the conservatives. His contribution to the increasing power of the Star Chamber was one fact which led to the violence of the 1640's, a depressing end to this account of Daltons who were M.P.'s.
Useful research sites for genealogists by Millicent V. Craig 33
  • This is a list of several such sites on the web.
The family tree of the Daltons of Tignish by Jack R. Richards 34
  • These are trees of the extensive family of Daltons who lived in Tignish, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
A Dalton family of Carlisle by Humphrey Stead 42
  • John Dalton married Elizabeth McKnight at Carlisle in 1826 and they had 13 children. The eldest Mary married John Wright in 1826 at Carlisle. John Dalton was a Corn Miller and Cotton Manufacturer at Cummersdale Mills in the 1841 census. John was the son of Thomas Dalton and Mary nee Patterson. He was baptised at St. Cuthbert's, Carlisle in 1784, the middle one of five children. The inscriptions on a tomb in St. Mary's, Carlisle record that Alice Elizabeth wife of Mr. Thomas Dalton of Carlisle, died in 1744 age 29, and is buried there together with several other members of the family.
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Genevieve Kathryn BUNDY ... 10th Dec. 2000.
Nicholas Max and Natalie Marie DALTON (twins) ... 10th Dec. 2000.
Nathaniel John Malcolm FISHER ... 2nd Feb. 2001.
Marriages 45
Deaths 45
Kirsty Jane CAMERON (Kitty) ... 23rd April 2001.
Peter Dalton CONSTABLE ... 30th Sept. 2000.
Marie Louise Hurlburd DALTON ... 7th Sept 2000.
Edward DRUCE ... 11th Oct. 2000.
Book Review 46
  • A Warwickshire Lad; Charles E. Dalton by Geoffrey Barwick. The book is mostly about Geoffrey's Maternal grandfather and is warmly recommended by the reviewer, Michael Cayley.
News from America by Millicent V. Craig 47
  • She reports on the Activities of the Dalton Enquiry team, in particular K. T. Mapstone's work on Irish Daltons with help from Ciaran Dalton, Mary Weber-Elias, on the organisation of our data base, Mike Dalton of Portland, Oregon who has listed all Daltons who landed at the port of New York, Robert E. Dalton who has listed all Daltons who were born outside California but died in California, Michael Cayley who provided English data, Diana Jackman who copied more Newfoundland data and Betty Wilkes who copyed Dalton data from Limehouse, London. Millicent also reports on the articles on the Webb page and the work on DNA.
Australian News from your Australian Secretary Maureen Collins 48
  • Here is a photo of Canadian cousins descended from Zebadee Dalton, together with a short family tree. She reports also on the work of Kate Bryant who is descended from Daltons in Killkenny, Ireland. Another Australian member Judy Woodlock wants help in tracing her Daltons in Kings Newnham, Warwickshire. June Self gives details of her Irish family.
New members up to April 2001. 51
  • Carl Dalton, Lloyd L. Dalton, Mrs Wendy Fleming, Doc Hurt. Margaret Kearns, Sally Poole, Mrs. Grace Ralston, Robert and Velma Richardson, Humphrey Stead, Nathan P. Strause III, Mrs. Betty Kirk Watson.
Changes of address 52
  • Dennis Dalton, and John D'Alton.
Vital information for genealogists 52
  • This notes the origins of some of our measurements.