June 2002
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Newsletter by John Dalton 2
  • Announcement about the Pickering meeting, and an appeal for articles to go in the Journal.
Binders 2
  • for the DGS Journal.
Births 3
Danilo Andrew HAIGH ... 10th January 2000.
Anton Jordan HAIGH ... 23rd May 2001.
Emma Marian KAMERATH ... 29th December 2001.
Zara Jane BANKS ... 24th November 2001.
Madison Noel JACKMAN ... 21st December 2001.
Lindsey Marie CZARNOWSKI ... 6th March 2001.
Marriage 4
Frank NOSSEREAU to Angela Denise JACKMAN ... 7th July 2001.
Diamond Wedding 5
Ralph and Joy CHESSON ... 6th December 2001.
Deaths 6
Lady Daphne DALTON ... 3rd December 2001.
Gerald Charles SILVA ... 29th December 2001.
Obituary of Gerald Charles Silva by Millicent V. Craig, his sister 7
Family History Fairs in 2002 8
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 9
M.N.Q.36.1 The sale of two villages. 9
  • In the Preston Records office, Derek Dalton found a document recording the sale of two villages, Maudsley and Byspham in Lancashire. Here the translation from the original Latin is given. Robert Dalton sold the villages to William Stopford for £220 in 1559. This sale was to give Robert enough money to complete the purchase of his new estate of Thurnham.
M.N.Q.36.2 A mystery resolved, almost. 10
  • Following on from M.N.Q.35.5, in the Phillips Library in Salem, the ship Ocean was registered in 1803 and again in 1807. Either there were two ships of that name, or Captain John went overboard but his ship survived. His son John was lost at sea in 1802. But there must have been more than one son called John as, when Captain John died intestate, a Guardian was appointed for his young son John in 1803. This John became a doctor and, in 1831, he must have died, as a Guardian was appointed for his daughter Eliza, aged 8. In 1832 Dr. JohnĎs estate was valued at $1046. Eliza was only 16 when she also died.
M.N.Q.36.3 Daltons in Northallerton. 12
  • In the 1881 census for Northallerton, there are only two families listed, who are called Dalton. There are headed by James a stone mason, age 30 and William a groom, age 28. As both these men come from Stokesley, it is almost certain that they are brothers.
M.N.Q.36.4 A Dalton Bearing False Witness. 13
  • Titus Oates told King Charles that there was a plot to murder him. This led to many such rumours. One of these involved a priest called Dalton, who came from Ireland to charge the Earl of Tyrone with wishing to murder the King. In return, he was given passage back to Ireland and the use of the Royal Post Horses to get there. He vanished before he could be persecuted for perjury.
M.N.Q.36.5 Can anyone help Adrian Dalton? 15
  • He seeks any Daltons who lived in Hull in the 1950ís. His grandfather was Thomas Dalton born 1873, who was the father of four children, Thomas, born 1902, George, John and their sister Leah.
M.N.Q.36.6 Dalton Ancestors of James Gwilliam. 15
  • Jamesís g-g-g-g-grandparents were Edward Dalton, a schoolteacher and his wife Sarah. They had two sons, Edward born 1828 who died before 1841, and William Whybrants Dalton born in 1831 in Marylebone. William was a silk printer, married to Charlotte, and they had twelve children, starting with William Dalton born 1853, in the City of London, and finishing with Ellen, born 1873 at Merton. In the 1881 census, William senior is a widower. His son William had three children by Catherine Chessire, before he married her in 1892. The second of these was Charles Edward Chessire, born 1888. He married and had four children. The youngest of these was Alexandra Rosetta Dalton. She married James Arthur Gwilliam in 1937. These are the parents of James.
M.N.Q.36.7 A Carmarthen Connection. 16
  • In St. Peterís Church, Carmarthan, the grave of a young woman was found. She was called Margaret Augusta Pytherch, the daughter of James Dalton and Augusta Ritso. Robin Pythurch is a great grandson of one of Margaretís brothers, and he said there was always a veil of secrecy over his family history. Margaret was said to be the grand daughter of George III, but this is not true. Any Royal blood came from the Ritso family.
M.N.Q.36.8 My grandmother was a white witch. 17
  • Lucy says that her grandmother, Elizabeth Dalton nee Bowman, known as Big Lizzie, was the local wise woman in Chadderton, Lancashire. She knew about herbs and how to make salves, how to deliver a baby and how to lay out the dead. She earned money by going on the moors to collect herbs and then drying them. Among these were Foxgloves. From this powder she made a tea, and sold a cup full for a half penny to women who said they were having ďfunny turnsď. For another half penny she would add a measure of gin. She gave love potions and aborted unwanted babies. In short, she did everything that a modern midwife would do, and a lot more besides.
M.N.Q.36.9 Dalton-Dudman marriage. 18
  • Mary Ann Dalton born1866, married James Dudman in 1887, in Reigate, Surrey. Is this couple on anyoneĎs family tree?
M.N.Q.36.10 Daltons guarding Napoleon. 18
  • Two soldiers, called Dalton, guarded Napoleon on St. Helena and died on the island, probably of dysentery. They were Patrick Dalton, died October 1817 and John Dalton died November 1818. They might have been brothers.
M.N.Q.36.11 Two deaths by fire. 18
  • The Gentlemanís Magazine, in June 1816, recorded that a fire consumed the premises of Mr. White, a Tallow-chandler at Poplar and his apprentice James Dalton died in the flames.
  • In October 1820, in York, a corn mill was consumed by fire and afterwards, the gable end fell on a number of people, killing the son of Mr. Walker, plumber, and the daughter of Mr. Dalton, butcher.
Daltons in History by Millicent V. Craig 20
  • This article lists the contents of the six DGS web pages, from December 1999 to May 2000.
Highlights from the Canadian database by Millicent V. Craig 22
  • This article covers the contents of the 1881 census of Canada, the National Archives of Canada, and profiles of the average Dalton males. These show that the Canadian Dalton is taller by half an inch than the Irish Dalton, who in turn is taller by a whole inch more than the English Dalton. They all have fair to brown hair and blue to grey eyes.
Hannah Lightfoot Revisited by Michael Cayley 25
  • Here the author considers nine questions. Did George III have a relationship with a Quaker called Hannah Lightfoot? Did he marry her in secret? If he did, was such a marriage valid? Is there a Dalton connection with Hannah? Who was Hannah? What was the legend about her? What are the known facts? What are the fantasies? What was the Dalton link? The conclusion is that there is no Dalton link with George III, but there might be a link with Augusta Ritso, through her father George Frederick Ritso, who may have been the result of a liaison between Sophia Ritso and George IIIís father, Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales.
Daltons on St. Helena by Michael Cayley 34
  • This is an extension of the M.N.Q.36.10, about Daltons who guarded Napoleon.
A long and Honourable Connection by Michael Cayley 35
  • The Daltons of Yorkshire were connected with the Draperís Company from the earliest times. The earliest recorded member was John Dalton in 1503. Various early Dalton members are considered. William Edward Dalton is the first of a dynasty which continues down to the present day. Most of them took an active part in the Government of the Drapersí Company, and these are listed. In an appendix, is a complete list of Dalton members of the Company.
Fascinating Facts 41
  • Why did we write 6s 8d or 6/8? This note explains.
The Dalton Data Bank by Millicent V. Craig 42
  • Here is a description of the Dalton Data Bank, its contents and how to use it.
News from America by Millicent V. Craig 45
  • This deals with the Web site, the Dalton Data Bank and news from Dianne Jackman in Newfoundland, about at book she has written "Researching Your Family History in Newfoundland and Labrador".
  • Mrs. Gert Crosbie collected items from local newspapers about Daltons from 1825 up to 1890. Her efforts have now been published by the Marine Archives of Newfoundland. Dianne is hoping to continue Gertís work.
Book Reviews 47
  • Local Newspapers 1750 - 1920, edited by J. Gibson. This is another of his handy guides.
  • Probate Jurisdictions; Where to look for wills, by J. Gibson. This is the latest edition of this useful guide.
  • Family History on the Web-An Internet Directory for England and Wales, by Stuart Raymond. This is a review of the second edition of this useful paperback.
New Members 48
  • Patricia D. Bowman of Tennessee, David E. Dalton of Texas, David Raymond Daltonof Bedale, Dennis Morgan Dalton of Reigate, Mr. & Mrs. R. Dalton of Croston, James Gwilliam of Horsham, Angela Green Navarro of Valencia, Spain.
A resignation 48
  • Rita Boyle of Australia, owing to failing eyesight.