December 2003
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2004 Gathering 2
  • This is an announcement of the meeting in 2004 at Preston.
Births 2
Kaden Forsman DALTON-DEAN ... 11th June 2003.
  • A grandchild for Rodney and Tracy Dalton.
Mia Scarlett CAMERON ... 18th October 2000.
  • A grandchild for Peter Cameron and Elizabeth, our editor.
Celena Faye FLOYD ... 14th August 2003.
  • A grandchild for D.G.S. members Cindy and Joe Norwood.
Phoebe Levon SMITH ... 17th February 2003.
  • This announcement was repeated from the previous Journal.
Marriage 3
Lisa Jane HOLLINGWORTH to Edward Robert DALTON ... 28th June 2003.
  • This is a new daughter-in-law for Audrey and David Dalton.
Deaths 4
Frederick William DALTON III ... 24th November 2002.
  • He was a first cousin of Daveda Bundy.
Mary Naomi WILLES nee Dalton ... 10th January 2003.
  • She also was a first cousin of Daveda Bundy.
Nellie Jone WHEELER nee Dalton ... 13th July 2003.
  • She was an aunt of Daveda Bundy.
Family History Events in 2004 4
  • This is a list of four such meetings in 2004.
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 5
M.N.Q.39.1 Some Irish Descendants of Sir Roger Dalton. 5
  • Sir Roger went from Yorkshire to Ireland where he died in 1598. A will of 1798 of a Roger Dalton of Waterford may be connected. He leaves all his property to Juliana Coghlan, and in a codicil, of 1803, he leaves one shilling each to two children of his wife Isabella, who has eloped and one shilling each to the children of his late brother Thomas.
M.N.Q.39.2 Some Lancashire Daltons. 6
  • Reg Nicholosn of New Zealand, has certificates of both his grandparents, the birth in 1865, of his grandfather John, son of Edward Dalton, Wheelwright, and Jane Dalton formerly Morley, in Walton, Liverpool, the death of John Blackhurst Dalton in 1937, age 71, a brewer’s labourer, of Litherland, Liverpool, and the death, in 1949, of his widow Mary Ann Dalton, age 79, also of Litherland, Liverpool. She was born Mary Harvey, in Dunbarton, Scotland.
M.N.Q.39.3 Edward Dalton born Manchester, England. 6
  • Edward was born in Newton Heath in 1857. He went to Utah, and in the census of 1862, he lived in Toole County, a farmer, with his wife Celestia Bates Dalton. They had about six children.
M.N.Q.39.4 Is Franklin of English or Irish descent? 7
  • His ancestors were John Dalton, form about 1718 and his wife Rachel. They had a son, Moses Dalton, born 1760, and died in 1819. Moses had a land grant after service in the army and settled in Mason county, Kentucky. He married Mary Baker Fristoe in 1786, in Virginia, and they had 11 children, Moses served again in the war of 1812. He changed the spelling of his surname to Daulton. His son was George Daulton 1797-1850, who also had a son George Daulton 1826-1910. Franklin’s grand father was William Daulton, 1882-1957, and his father was Russell Daulton, 1912-2002.
M.N.Q.39.5 Mount Dalton Country by K. T. Mapstone. 8
  • This is an account of Kate’s journey with her husband, around the countryside of Westmeath in Ireland. On the road between Tullamore and Kilbeggan, they visited the Durrow High Cross. The path led to a church. The High Cross itself in over 12 feet high and dtes from about 950 A.D. It is covered with intricate Celtic designs. From Killbiggen, we took the road to Rathconrath and found the property known as Mount Dalton. There is fishing to be enjoyed on Lough Dalton. The estate is often visited by D. G. S. members. We were invited into the Mansion itself and we hope to return for an other visit in 2005.
M.N.Q.39.6 Who was Mr. Dalton. 9
  • In a book about the architect Edward Lutyens, by Jane Ridley, on page 122, we read “In the office, worked a shorthand man named Dalton, who had accompanied Colonel Spencer through the Berber campaign.” On page 139, we read “Dalton, the ex-Camel Corps secretary bolted with £400”.
M.N.Q.39.7 The wrong way of the stuff, twice. 10
  • Lucy remembers how she went to an early promenade Concert at the Albert Hall just after the war, and the young man with her fainted. So she spent the rest of the concert in a side room with him. Fifty years later Lucy went to the Festival hall to receive a very belated Degree certificate. She was accompanied by her relative Marian Haigh as she had not been well. All went well for me, but this time Marian fainted and once again I had to go with her into a side room until she recovered.
M.N.Q.39.8 A puzzle by Millicent Craig. 11
  • Millicent found a Will of Alexander Willmot, dated between 1708 and 1728, in which he left to his son “a book called Dalton”. What book could he mean? The will is too early for the usual Dalton references. Could it have been one written by Michael Dalton the great lawyer?
A study of the Dalton Surname by Mike Dalton 12
  • Place names: The name Dalton may come from dael meaning a dale, And ton can mean a settlement. After 1066, William I had written a Doomsday book, listing villages. Thus the name Aleton predates 1086. Settlers went to Ireland after 1169, to Rathconrqth, and that was called Dalton’s Country. In North America, early settlers are recorded before 1700.
  • Origins: Cottle’s book “The History of Surnames,” lists 14 places with the name, in the North of England. There was a total of 2,894 Daltons who listed the Cumberland region in South eastern U.S.A. as their birthplace. In the 1881 census of Canada, there are 766 Daltons listed.
  • Authors: American Surnames by Eldon C. Smith, heads a list of other useful reference books.
  • Census: There are 6,581 Daltons named in the 1881 census of England. Other census records are listed for Ireland, and the U.S.A. where 10,603 Daltons are listed in the 1880 census.
  • In “Irish Families, their Names, Arms and Origins“, by MacLyusaught, published in 1985, in Dublin, there is a long discussion of the name Dalton and its connection with the area of Westmeath.
  • Another important work is “The Dictionary of Irish Family Names” By Ida Grehan, published in 1997, in Dublin. Here it is stated that the family came from France.
Fascinating facts 17
  • These entertaining facts are from Dr. Colin Chapman’s book, How Heavy, How much and How long.
Welsh snippets, part 1 by Owen J. Vaughan 18
  • This extracts all references to Dalton in “The History of Llantag”. The will of Thomas Dalton, Rector of Crunwere, Pembrokeshire was proved at St. David’s in 1839. . It mentions his son, James.
  • Jury service in Crunwere from 1786 to 1900, was governed by strict criteria, which are given here. Some records are missing.
  • Extracts from the Narberth Weekly News: One of the district’s oldest inhabitants Mrs. Elizabeth Raymond died at the age of 89 on 27th July 1939. The memories of Elsie Davis of Crunwere, are recounted in 2002. She was then 94 years old. In 1925, some old memories of Amroth, are recounted by Mr. Ben Price who lived in the Mill in 1863, when the Miller’s name was Daulton. At Crunwere, there was a family called Dalton who were related to the late Rector. In February 1924, the Reverend Dalton, Rector of Crumwere, was remembered by Robert Davis of Swansea, whose grandfather had lived with him as a servant. In 1848, James Dalton late of Norton in Crunwere, and three others, had a charge on land called Norton in Crunwere.
  • The Tavernspite Turnpike Trust: In 1808, an Act was passed for the upkeep of roads, in Crunwere. There is a lot of correspondence about where the road should run, and most said “Not in my Back Yard.“ By 1851 there was a toll house in Crunwere. In 1828, The Vicar of St. Eildor’s Crunwere, Thomas Dalton, wrote to give his consent for the new road. Another letter raised a loan of £1000 for the road through Crunwere. These documents showed that there was no toll house at Crunwere before 1834, and that it had been closed by 1889, when “The old toll house at Crunwere” was the subject of a conveyance. Apart from the Rev. Thomas, Dalton, the Rev. James Dalton also gave his consent together with five others, and one person dissented.
  • The Dalton family: There is a section on the family of Dr. James Dalton and his wife Sarah, most of which has already been covered in several other articles. Graham Mortimer and his sister Donna Burland had a maternal grandmother called Elizabeth Dalton. They have here traced her family back over family back over 11 generations to Walter Dalton III who fled into Wales after the Battle of Worcester in 1651.
  • The will of Elizabeth Howels of Crunwere, 1812, is transcribed here. It gives a list of bequests to her relatives and other people and is witnessed by Thomas and James Dalton. It was proved at Carmarthen in 1814.
  • Finally we have lists of Daltons, in the 1841 Census, Elizabeth Dalton and her family at Tenby, Thomas Dalton and his family at Rhys Crowther, and James Dalton at Pembroke. In the 1851 census, John Dalton and Charles Dalton with their families both at Tenby. In the 1871 census, Charles is an agricultural labourer lodging at Penally.
A Lancashire Dalton connection in Wales by John Daniel Prytherch 28
  • In “The Treasury of Historic Carmarthanshire,” by Francis Jones. Welsh Herald Extraordinary, there is mention of the Rudd family of Aberglasney, Llangathen. Anthony Rudd, Bishop of St. David’s, died 1614/15, married Anne Dalton of Thurnham.
  • They had three children, one of whom was Sir Rice Rudd, who died in 1664. Sir Rice married Jane ap Rhys, and they had four children. The youngest was Thomas, who married Anne Newsham and they had five children. After Thomas died Anne married John Edwards. Later, James Dalton married Ayliffe Edwards of Rhydygore. Mr. Prytherch wants to know if Anne Newsham was the mother of Ayliffe? There is a loose pull out given with the Journal, of the Rudd family tree.
My Grandmother’s Oldham by L. J. Slater 29
  • This paper is to add background colour to the families already described in previous papers. It describes the growth of the town of Oldham with two maps and some photos. The market was always the centre of the town and several branches of the family earned their living there. Their activities and how my father picked up his courage to propose are described here.
Joseph Dalton and Jane Weightman by Tina Culbertson 35
  • Joseph and Jane were both born in 1805, and Joseph married Jane at Dalston, in Cumbria on the 6th of March 1831. The birth of their daughter Ann was imminent. She arrived on the 6th April 1831. They moved to Burnrigg, Wetheral, and lived at the Cotton works where Joseph was a cotton spinner. Their son Isaac was born in 1833. Three more children were born, Elizabeth (1837), William (1838) and Joseph (1840). The family then moved to Great Corby. The 1841 census record for the family is given here.
  • They left England for America, with their five children, sometime between June 1841 and October 1842. A sixth child Mary, was born in Pennsylvania in 1842. After moving several times, they settled finally in Upland, where a seventh child Jane, was born in 1846. A new mill opened there in 1847 and Joseph was employed as a weaver. In 1850, their eighth and last child John was born.
  • A description of the township of Upland is given. The Daltons at4nded services at the Upland Baptist Church. In 1853, Ann married ands moved west to Kansas. In 1861, Joseph‘s three sons were in the war. In 1862, Joseph himself retired from weaving and became the postmaster of Upland. In 1870, he became a night watchman. In 1870, both were 64 years old. In 1878, Jane died in her sleep aged 73 after 47 years of marriage. Joseph followed her thirteen months later in 1880.
Photo of the 2003 Gathering in South Wales 41
International DNA Project by Millicent V. Craig 42
  • By October 1st,, 2003, 24 male members have had their DNA tested. Four lines have emerged. Byspham Daltons, The Junior Dalton line, The Manchester\Oldham line, and the Irish Cluster. Those members who have not had a good match, fall into three groups, English roots, Irish roots, and American roots. Millicent appeals to those male members who have not had their DNA analysed, to have it done. It costs $169 and takes about six weeks.
News from America by Millicent V. Craig 44
  • Twelve new members have joined since October 2002. Some details of eleven of them are given here, and some are given in the New Members list below.
  • The USA regional DNA project Family tree DNA has offered to compare the DNA of DGS members, from their Family Tree tests, with that of the DGS tests. Carol Jefferies of Ontario, Canada, would like to make contact with any Daltons descended from Waterford jn Ireland. The DNA tests have shown a match between Frank Dalton of California and Eric Dalton of Missouri. Ciaran Dalton is now also linked to this pair.
  • Mike Dalton of Oregon wrote up his experiences in Wales followed by a trip to Ireland. He is now revising the entire Irish Dalton Data bank.
  • On January 1st 2004, the DGS web magazine "Daltons in History", will start its seventh year of publication. October 2003 is the third anniversary of the Dalton Databank, which now holds over 100,000 Dalton surnames which makes it the one of the largest one-name compilations in the world. The web site of Indexes of the Journals, covers their contents from 1970 to 2000.
  • Millicent urges all male Daltons to join in the DNA study. The AGM in Wales was attended by a large group of American members.
Report from Australia by Maureen Collins 47
  • There was a committee meeting on 1st March, 2003 at Reigate. The AGM for 2003 was in Wales, from 30th May to 1st June. The Gower peninsular mjst be one of the most beautiful places in the United Kingdom. We toured Kidwelly and Langharne Castles and saw Dalton burials at Pembray and Carmarthan Churches. And the weather was fine. Tthere is to be an Australian meeting in January 2004, in the area of my home. John Prythurch and Virgina Higgins are working on further articles about Daltons who went to Australia.
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting for 2003 48
  • This was attended by 25 members and apologies were received from five others. Members had travelled from Brazil, U.S.A. and Australia.
  • The Chairman spoke of the hard work put in by the committee members, preparing for this meeting, getting the Journal out twice a year, getting the Web site out every month, enlarging the data base, and the progress of the DNA project.
  • The Treasurer presented his report, and said that there was a surplus for 2002 of £800. He also reminded members of the Dalton memorabilia which was on sale.
  • The Secretary presented her report and thanked people for their good wishes after her recent operation. It was decided that the three committee members, John Dalton, Elizabeth Cameron, and Lucy Slater be formed into an Editorial subcommittee. All the present Officers of the Committee were re-elected unopposed.
  • The Editor then gave his report and urged members to increase the flow of articles for the Journal. No report was received from the Librarian, but Michael Dalton thanked him, in his absence, for all his hard work. Arthur Whittaker asked for an index of the Library’s contents to be made available.
  • The Australian Secretary reported that, though small, the Australian group was flourishing. She had collected £146 from 18 paying members and two honorary ones. One of these, Keith Johnson; was honoured by being made a Member of the Order of Australia for his services to genealogy. A meeting was to be held at Maureen’s home on January 3rd, 2004.
  • The American Secretary presented her report. There were 650 "hits" a month on the website. The DNA project had started with Derek Dalton of Croston the first to be tested. Michael proposed that Millicent be elected an Honorary Life member of the Society for all her hard work. This was carried unanimously.
  • The gathering of the Society in 2004 is to be held in Lancashire, during the summer, and Ireland may be the venue for the 2005 meeting. Arthur Whittaker suggested an American Gathering in 2006.
  • The meeting closed at 12.35 pm.
2002 Accounts 52
  • These showed an increase of £803.
Book Reviews 53
  • The Family Historian’s Pocket Dictionary by Stuart Raymond. It is alphabetically arranged from Administration Books to Window Taxes and has a large number of references.
  • Emigrants who went to America 1699-1799, on CD, with John Hotton as the editor. This is 500 pages of genealogical gold dust.
Changes of Address 54
  • Rodney Dalton has moved from Ogden to 429 West 2125 North, Harrisville, Utah 84404, U.S.A. Scott and Dawn Kamerath now live at #2 Bldg. H, 1129 South 1000 East, Provo, Utah 84606m U.S.A.
New Members 54
  • Margaret Clark, Frank J. Dalton, Norman G. Dalton, Robert P. Dalton, Steven Dalton, Stephen Earl Dalton, Todd Dalton, Franklin Thomas Dalton, Florence B. Dickinson, Ernest A. Howell, Lettie F. Kirby, Margaret Mollick, Donna M. Moore, Bill Dalton Phillips.
The Kitty Cameron Memorial Fund 55
  • She died in April 2001, age 20, the daughter of our editor, Elizabeth. The fund is to finance a fellowship at the University of Dundee, in her memory. The article has a photo of Kitty.