November 1973
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Letter from the Editor 3
Births 5
Nicko Alexander Neale Dalton ... 17th Nov 1972.
Adrian Peter Wilcox ... 18th Nov 1972.
Jenifer Dalton ... 24th Nov 1972.
Philip Douglas Neale Dalton ... 6th Mar 1973.
Harriet Arkell ... 22nd May 1973.
Robert Mathew Foley ... 30th Jun 1973.
James Andrew Cameron ... 7th Oct 1973.
Richard Neale Dalton ... 26th Nov 1973.
Marriages 7
Christopher John Neale Dalton and Susan Robbins ... 4th Jan 1973.
Harvey Neale Parker and Elizabeth Ann J. Fitch ... 29th Sep 1973.
Deaths 8
Catherine Esther Anne Hale-White ... 2nd Nov 1972.
Sylvia Margaret Tatham Dalton ... 20th Apr 1973.
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 10
M.N.Q.4.1 Augustus Edward Dalton (Turner). 10
M.N.Q.4.2 Mrs. Oshie Dalton Lindley's Branch. 10
M.N.Q.4.3 John Michael Dalton at Westminster. 11
M.N.Q.4.4 Hauteville. 11
M.N.Q.4.5 Hannah Lightfoot and George III. 12
M.N.Q.4.6 Mrs. Virginia T. Harris's Query. 12
M.N.Q.4.7 The Link with the Daltons of Yorkshire. 13
M.N.Q.4.8 The Mudford Branch. 13
M.N.Q.4.9 Daltons of Croston. 13
Three notable brothers by Michael Neale Dalton 15
  • Biographical notes on Canon John Neale Dalton (1839-1931), Tutor to the Royal Princes and Canon of Windsor; Rev. William Edward Dalton (1841-1928), Vicar of Glynde, Sussex; Sir Cornelius Neale Dalton (1842-1920), Comptroller-General of the Patent Office, with drawings of a stained glass window in St. George's Chapel, Windsor and of the Church at Glynde.
Daltons at Westminster by R. N. D. Hamilton 21
  • Dick Hamilton, himself an Old Westminster, describes the connection between the school and various members of the Dalton family.
Cockersand Abbey by Kate Dalton 24
  • The contents of this article are based on a paper by John Swarbrick F.R.I.B.A. entitled "The Abbey of St. Mary-of-the-Marsh at Cockersand" and published in the Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society in 1925. The chapter house of the Abbey is the only building remaining with a roof and this has been used as a mausoleum by the Daltons of Thurnham for at least one hundred and twelve years. There are two drawings, one of this Chapter house and one of a conjectural plan of the Abbey buildings.
Occasional Notes 29
O.N.4.1 Subscriptions for 1974.
O.N.4.2 Appeal for contributions for Volume 5.
O.N.4.3 Genealogy of the descendants of John Dalton and Hannah Neale.
O.N.4.4 The computerized Genealogy.
O.N.4.5 Family shields.
O.N.4.6 Corrections to Volume 3.
O.N.4.7 The Dalton Book.
O.N.4.8 "Two on a Big Ocean" by Hal Roth.
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