November 2004
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2005 Gathering in Dublin by M. N. Dalton 2
  • This gives some details of the meeting in Dublin on 30th and 31st July, 2005.
Births 3
Charlotte Cora COULTON ... 17th April 2004.
  • Cora is the grandchild of DGS member Virginia Higgins of New South Wales.
Jacob Richard and Samuel Merritt BUNDY ... 28th April 2004.
  • These are twin grandchildren for DGS members Davida and Richard Bundy.
Jacob Paul KAMERATH ... 21st July 2004.
  • Jacob is the second child for DGS members Dawn and Scott Kamerath.
Ben James DALTON, with photograph of four generations ... 5th August 2004.
  • Ben is the second grandchild for DGS members David and Audrey Dalton.
Marriages 4
Nathan Paul HAIGH to Jannie-Lee HOLLAND, with photograph ... 2nd July 2004.
  • Nathan is the brother of Dawn Kamerath.
Deaths 4
Professor Ben PIMLOTT ... 10th April 2004.
  • Ben wrote a biography of Hugh Dalton and was an Honorary member of the DGS.
Standlee V. DALTON Snr. ... 18th October 2004.
  • He was born on 21st May, 1901 and was still active at the age of 103.
Dr. Terence WILSON ... 2nd June 2004.
  • He was the husband of DGS member Veronica Wilson of Sidney.
Photo of members of the DGS at Hoghton Tower 6
2004 Gathering 7
  • This is a note on the DGS gathering at Samlesbury.
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 8
M.N.Q.41.1 Longevity - A characteristic of Virginia Daltons. 8
  • This article has photos of two Daltons, Avery and Standlee, who both lived to be over 103.
M.N.Q.41.2 The Counts of Ireland. 10
  • A monument in Bath Abbey gives some information about an Irish Dalton family, and a letter written in 1898, provides a lot more.
M.N.Q.41.3 More about the Nottingham Daltons. 11
  • This note extends the information given in M.N.Q.40.5, about William Dalton a millwright and his family. His son Walter settled in Brockton, Massachusetts.
M.N.Q.41.4 A lady of Thurnham Manor. 12
  • Mary Emma Cook Dalton is the subject of this note. Barbara Diemer is a relative and believes a biography should be written about Mary Emma.
M.N.Q.41.5 Religious house of Princess Jane? 12
  • St. Began built Kill-Beggan Abbey in the 6th century. It was rebuilt in the 12th century by the D’Alton family. Today only a green mound is visible.
M.N.Q.41.6 An American-Australian connection. 13
  • Mazie and her brother Edward Dalton of Missouri, found that they were related to Leo Dalton of Sydney and Wendy Fleming of Melbourne through DNA tests. In 2004 Wendy and Mazie got together and held a family party of which a photo is given here.
Republic of Ireland data by Millicent V. Craig 14
  • Mike Dalton of Oregon is building up an Irish Dalton data bank from L.D.S. sources. In particular Matthew Dalton was born in New York in 1829. He became a Mormon and settled in Utah. Then he studied his ancestral line and got help in extracting his ancestors from the Civil Registry in Dublin. His manuscript was finished in 1896.
  • During “the troubles”, the General Post Office was burnt down and all records lost. In the Irish Civil War of 1922, the Public Records Office was also destroyed. But Matthew's collection was compiled 30 years earlier. Now Mike has produced, from this and other sources, the largest known compilation of Irish Daltons. These files are on the Dalton data bank.
Some American Daltons from Oldham by Lucy J. Slater 15
  • Robert Jackson of Jacksonville, Illinois has studied his local cemetery and found two influxes of Daltons into the area from Lancashire. The first was about 1830 and the second in the 1850's. James Dalton was born in Oldham in 1810, married Betty Scholes in 1836 and went with most of his family to Illinois about 1850. There are photos of the family grave stones in the Jacksonville cemetery, together with reprints of their obituaries.
A Dalton family from Croston by Margaret Deyes 19
  • The earliest ancestor that Margaret has traced is Robert Dalton who married Mary Rushton in 1745 at Croston. They had two children, Margaret in 1748, and William in 1751. William married Ellen Smith in 1772, and they had nine children. Their 5th child John married Susan Mayor in 1810, and they also had nine children. The 1881 census shows four of John’s children still living in Croston. Of these William, a farmer, was living with his wife Ann and six children. He is the ancestor of Millicent Craig, our American Secretary.
  • John and Susan’s eldest son was Robert, who married Mary Smith at Croston in 1832. They moved to Preston, where they raised eight children, and Robert became a builder. In the 1871 census of Preston, two of their daughters Mary and Margaret were still living at home with their parents. Their eldest daughter Susannah married Benjamin Treasure in 1855, and they had nine children.
  • Roger Dalton was the eldest son of Robert and Mary. He became a master bricklayer, married Betsey Taylor, and had four children, who were living at home in the 1881 census. Their daughter Annie , went to live with her aunt Ann in Edinburgh and then went to London to become a student nurse. She married Francis McGlinchy and they had two daughters, Emma born in 1902, and Fabia born in 1904. Fabia went to RADA and became a very famous actress Fabia Drake. She toured with the Stratford company all over the world until 1938 when she married Maxwell Turner, who was a high court judge. She also appeared in films and on television.
  • Robert and Mary’s daughter Ann, aunt Annie above, married William Wilkinson and then a widower called Walmsley. She was an imposing figure, tall and commanding, whereas her sister Margaret, known as Grannie Evans, was petite.
  • Robert and Mary’s youngest daughter Margaret married John Evans, a clog maker, in Preston in 1876. They had two children, Annie, Margaret Dayes’ grandmother, born in 1877 and Frank born and died in 1880. Annie married William Dayes in 1899, and they had four children, Herbert, Elsie, William and John. A photo shows some members of this family in the early 1900’s.
The West Berkshire Doltons, part 2 by Eric Dolton 25
  • Note:- The article called part 2 in the previous Journal was in fact part 3.
  • The records of Doltons in the Chievely district start with the marriage of John Dolton to Elizabeth Stanbrook at Speen in 1714. They had eight children. The next family was also John and Elizabeth, who were married before 1749, when their first child was born. There is no record of this marriage but it is assumed that this John was the son of the preceding John. They had six children. The third family was that of Richard, who was born in 1739 at Speen, and married Ann Jones at Wickham in 1760. They had eight children. Some other Dolton records are considered, but no definite link can be made of these to the preceding three families.
Family History Events in 2005 27
  • This is a list of three forthcoming family history events.
Bishop Daton ( Dalton) of Kilkenny by Pat Robinson 28
  • The earliest mention of a Dalton is in a deed of 1324. The family name was spelt Daton as the l is mute in Norman French. By the mid 16th century they were a very influential family. Early marriages were to other families of similar status. The family seat was at Kildalton. But Oliver Cromwell made the family fortunes take a disastrous turn. William Dalton was born in 1644, when the old castle was pulled down and the estate became the property of John Ponsonby, one of Cromwell’s generals. Walter had hopes that his daughter might be married to the General. But John returned to Ireland to claim his property with a young bride. However, William’s widow Bess, and their younger children, (including our future Bishop) went on living on the estate, and were cared for by Sir John, until he died in 1688.
  • Oliver Cromwell forbad celebration of the Mass and his army profaned and destroyed churches. Young William’s decision to study for the priesthood took courage. He went to Rennes and then to the Sorbonne in Paris. He was ordained in 1676 and became the priest at the church of Kilkenny. In 1696 William was appointed Bishop of Ossory. But in 1697, all “popish priests” were ordered to leave Ireland by 1698. So then he went to Paris and was invited to settle in Le Mans where the Benedictines offered him the use of the Provost’s house. He lived there until he died in 1712.
  • In his will, he said how his possessions should be distributed among clergy and to some named Churches. He had kept in touch with his family in Ireland, and left marriage potions for his two nieces. He probably received news of his family from the young ones who went to fight in France. A French Officer’s roll call taken at Augrim in 1689 listed several Daltons.
  • These included Edmund and Christopher Dalton who both died in 1793. After the Battle of the Boyne, many of the gentry left Ireland, and the remaining Catholic population had to submit.
Joseph Dalton and Jane Weightman, part 3 by Tina Culbertson 33
  • Joseph Dalton junior, baptised 1840. was the fifth child of Joseph and Jane and the last to be born in England. In 1841, the family arrived in the U.S.A. Joseph junior worked in a cotton mill, and joined the Army during the civil war in 1861. He served until 1864, and his name is on the Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg. He returned to Upland, and in 1866, he married Emma Cloud. They had nine children. As well as working in the cotton mill, Joseph became Postmaster of Upland when his father died. In 1892, he had a stroke and stopped work. He got a pension for his war service, which he drew until 1903, when he died. His wife Emma was also given a pension until she died in 1925. Here are photographs of their grave, the Pennsylvania memorial, and Mary who was their sixth child, together with listings of their obituaries.
  • Mary Dalton, the sixth child of Joseph and Jane was born in 1842, and married in 1868 William Howard, who was a carpenter. They had six children. Tina’s three articles conclude with a long list of references, and the hope that they will provide a permanent record of her family.
DNA Project progress report by Millicent Craig 42
  • There are now 61 participants in the Project and many connections have been made.
News from America by Millicent V. Craig 42
  • Again there has been an increase in the American membership, due to the DNA project. News comes from Steve Dalton of Morton, Illinois, Barbara Dalton Jones of Granby, Texas, Dave Edwards of Cooperstown, New York, Francis Dalton Bowman of Tennessee, Julie Reising of Suffield, Connecticut, Bill Dalton of Gig Harbour, Washington D.C., Bob F. Dalton of McDonough, Georgia, Russell E. Dalton of Alamagordo, New Mexico, Eric Dalton of New Hudson, Maine, Joanne Dalton of Kansas City, Missouri, Dorothy Bongivengo of New Castle, Pennsylvania, Dolores Dalton of Phoenix, Arizona, Leonard Dalton of Melrose, Massachusetts, Daveda Bundy of Pickerington, Ohio, and K. T. Mapstone, of Mississippi.
Minutes of the AGM of the Dalton Genealogical Society 44
  • The meeting was held at Salmesbury, Lancashire on 10th July, 2004. The minutes for the 2003 meeting were approved and the Chairman reported on the recent gathering in Australia. He thanked John Dalton for his work on the Journal, and Millicent for her work on the Website. He also thanked Michael Cayley for his work as Librarian, and then told us about the Seminar held by the Goons.
  • In the treasurer’s absence, the accounts were circulated and the funds seemed to be in a healthy position. The Secretary reported less success with new membership in the U.K. David Kirkley resigned from the committee but the other Officers were all re-elected. The Editor reported on the Journal and asked for new material. The Australian Secretary said there had been several new Australian members, partly due to the gathering at her home in Sydney. The American Secretary reported that 20 new members had been added to the subscription list in 2003, and a further 24 in the first half of 2004. The website had over 50,000 hits, and there had been 11,000 visits to the data bank. Mike Dalton of Oregon was continuing his work of updating the data for Ireland. The Index of the journals had its own website which had 200 visits a month. The DNA project now had 54 Dalton sets of genes.
  • A visit to Ireland was agreed for 2005, and one in New England, in 2006. The Chairman then closed the meeting at 12.45 pm.
Webpage Reviews 49
  • Three web pages were reviewed as useful tools for Dalton researchers. The first is about finding census data, the second was about searching the index of the Tufts Universal Library, and the third one was about background historical information of use to genealogists.
New Members up to January 2005 50
  • Adolphus W. Dalton of Illinois, David Dalton of San Francisco, Edmund Nugent Dalton of Maryland, Edward A. Dalton of Utah, Elvin and Joanne Dalton of Missouri, Gale L. Dalton of Ohio, James Stanley Dalton of Tennessee, Johanna Dalton of Wallingford, Oxfordshire, Kelly Hines Dalton of Ohio, Michael and Pamela Dalton of Nevada, P. M. Dalton of Selkirk, Scotland, Patrick A. Dalton Co. Galway, Ireland, Russell E. Dalton of New Mexico, Thomas Dalton of New York, Mary Quinn Doyle of Maine, Richard McNally of Ohio, Eira Makepeace of Bristol, England, William F. O’Brien of Florida, Patricia A. Setser of Missouri, Marilyn Shea of Florida, Madeline Troyerof Ohio and John D. Wilson of New South Wales, Australia.
Changes of Address 52
  • Michael Cayley, from East Molesey to Hayling Island, Franklin Thomas Daulton from Oregon to Alaska, and R. James Spidle from Omaha, to North Carolina.

Checked by L. J. S. in Feb. 2005