July 2006
Contents 1
Letter from the Chairman 2
Births 3
Marriages 3
Deaths 4
Family History Events in 2006 6
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 7
M.N.Q.44.1 Kilkenny People. 7
M.N.Q.44.2 Ernest Dalton of Sheffield. 7
M.N.Q.44.3 Cambridgeshire Daltons. 8
M.N.Q.44.4 Private Hugh Dalton. 9
Correction to Journal 42 "My Dalton Ancestors" 9
The Daltons of Brunstock by Jeremy Preston 10
Linking a Croston Line through Wills from Millicent V Craig 15
Daltons in the Dock by Michael Cayley 18
Dalton Poets by John Prytherch 27
Mathew Dalton, from Ireland to Australia by Gerry Dalton 30
The Story of the Church Lawford Daltons,
Immigrants to Kansas, 1870-2006
by Sue Epperson McCoy
Death Duty Registers 44
News from America by Millicent V. Craig, our American Secretary 45
Report from Australia by Maureen Collins, our Australian Secretary 46
New Members 49
Resignations 51
Binders for the DGS Journal 51
Ode to the Volunteer by Maureen Collins 52