July 2007
Contents 1
Letter from the Chairman 2
Births 6
Marriages 6
Deaths 6
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 7
M.N.Q.46.1 Wexford Daltons. 7
M.N.Q.46.2 A Mysterious D’Alton. 8
M.N.Q.46.3 A Dalton Family of Preston in Holderness, Yorkshire. 8
M.N.Q.46.4 Kent Daltons. 9
M.N.Q.46.5 Dalton Gaolbird. 10
M.N.Q.46.6 Dalton Charm at Work? 10
Note from the Editor 10
Honoring Harry, a Humble Man by Dorothy V. Malcolm 11
Patrick Dalton 1857 – 1937, A Useful Citizen by Wendy Fleming 14
I Find Out Who and What I Am by Leonard B. Dalton 16
Some Irish Dalton Tombstones by Ciaran Dalton 17
The Daltons of Coon Ridge, A Carroll County, Virginia Family 19
Gladys Collins' Story (part 2) 22
Daltons and Tancreds; Ireland and Austria by Bernard Tancred Hall 31
Jack (John James) Dalton by Gerry Dalton 35
News from America by Millicent V. Craig, our American Secretary 40
New Members 42
Changes of Address 44