December 1974
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Letter from the Editor 3
Births 6
Nicholas Julian Daniel Lysons ... 24th Sept 1973.
Mary Caroline Dalton ... 18th Nov 1973.
Clare Frances Dalton ... 4th Jan 1974.
Donald Wyatt Dalton ... 16th Nov 1974.
Marriages 7
Carolyn Mary Dalton to Peter Pritchard ... 23rd Mar 1974.
Ann Marie Druce to Eric Jones ... 30th Mar 1974.
Karen Lorraine Austin to L. Keith Barratt ... 22nd Jun 1974.
Death 8
Alexandra Mary Georgie Forbes Watson ... 4th Oct 1974.
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 10
M.N.Q.5.1 The Neale Family. 10
M.N.Q.5.2 The use of the name Neale as a Christian Name. 10
M.N.Q.5.3 "Triumphans inter cruces in cruce". 11
M.N.Q.5.4 Foulness. 11
M.N.Q.5.5 The Turner Family. 12
M.N.Q.5.6 Cockersand Abbey. 13
M.N.Q.5.7 Daltons of Easington, Yorkshire. 13
M.N.Q.5.8 Sir Richard Dalton of Althorpe, Northamptonshire. 13
M.N.Q.5.9 Referring to 4.5 Hannah Lightfoot and George III. 15
M.N.Q.5.10 Referring to 4.8 the Mudford Branch. 15
The Genealogy of the Dalton Family in Pictures by M. N. Dalton 16
  • Photographs of people and buildings including a family group taken at the wedding of Richard Lysons; Ethel Dalton (1879-1953) and her brother Hugh Neale Dalton (1880-1962) with brief biological notes; and the General Church Office Building of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Salt Lake City, Utah which contains the Genealogical Society Library, the largest collection of such records in the World.
Work at the College of Arms by Michael Neale Dalton 19
  • This note details the proposal to record formally the genealogy of the Dalton family at the College of Arms. starting with Roger Dalton, who lived in the first half of the 16th Century and is recorded in Flower's Visitation of Yorkshire, and the succeeding generations down to John Dalton, born 1780, who married Hannah Neale, together with the Pedigree of the Junior Dalton line from the 16th Century.
Sir Robert de Dalton, a 14th Century Soldier and Administrator by Morag Simpson 22
  • Sir Robert is the first direct Dalton ancestor whose life is documented in some detail. He was the son of Sir Rychard de Dalton who heads the Flower's visitation pedigree.
Letter from John Neale Dalton with notes by Joyce Parker 26
  • The text is given of a letter written by J.N.D. to his father in 1822. He was 14 at the time of writing and was staying with his uncle Cornelius Neale, the brother of Hannah Neale.
The Yorkshire Daltons by Major-General John Dalton 29
  • Major-General John Dalton is a member of the Yorkshire family and lives at Hauxwell Hall. He traces the history of his line, starting at Kingston-on-Hull in the 15th Century and moving on to Hauxwell, Sleningford and the Hutts. It is illustrated with photographs of two of the houses.
The Society of Genealogists by Michael N. Dalton 37
  • A synopsis is given of the facilities provided at the Society of Genealogists in their Library in London. This is taken from "The Genealogist's Handbook" edited by Peter Spufford and Anthony J. Camp and published in its 5th edition in 1969.
Hoghton Tower by Mrs. Kate Dalton 43
  • This illustrated article is based on a booklet entitled "Hoghton Tower" by Frank Singleton. The connection between the Hoghton family and the Daltons goes back to 1683, when William Hoghton married Elizabeth Dalton of Thurnham Hall.
Occasional Notes 47
O.N.5.1 Subscriptions for 1975.
O.N.5.2 Contributions to Volume 6.
O.N.5.3 Genealogy of the descendants of John Dalton and Hannah Neale.
O.N.5.4 Family shields.
O.N.5.5 Corrections to Volume 4.
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