April 1976
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Letter from the Editor 3
Birth 5
Belinda Jane Foley ... 26th Sep 1975.
Death 6
Leonard Hugh Dalton known as Boy ... 2nd Mar 1976.
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 8
M.N.Q.6.1 John Dalton, William Dalton and Robert Dalton, Colonists. 8
M.N.Q.6.2 Mrs. J. L. Lu's "Dalton Newsletter". 8
M.N.Q.6.3 "The real Captain Kidd" by Sir Cornelius Neale Dalton. 9
M.N.Q.6.4 Family Reunion at Fairfield, Utah. 9
M.N.Q.6.5 Mourning Brooch for Mrs. Ann Dalton, died 4th Feb 1821. 10
M.N.Q.6.6 James Dalton, Organist of The Queen's College, Oxford. 10
M.N.Q.6.7 Thomas Dalton, died 26th Dec 1727. 11
M.N.Q.6.8 J. H. C. Dalton, Mayor of Cambridge, 1903-1904. 11
M.N.Q.6.9 The Dalton Arms, Glasson. 11
M.N.Q.6.10 Rev. William Dalton of Lloyd House. 12
M.N.Q.6.11 Rorke's Drift and Mr. Assistant-Commissary Dalton. 12
M.N.Q.6.12 Memoir of Captain Dalton H.E.I.C.S. 13
M.N.Q.6.13 Daltons in Ireland settled in County Clare. 14
M.N.Q.6.14 Daltons recorded as Freemen of Wexford. 14
M.N.Q.6.15 The Irish Daltons. 15
M.N.Q.6.16 The Dawton family in Devonshire. 15
M.N.Q.6.17 The family of Lionel Weir Dalton. 16
M.N.Q.6.18 Daltons at Highgate School. 16
M.N.Q.6.19 Daltons who are Chartered Accountants. 17
M.N.Q.6.20 The Catholic Virgins of Aldcliffe Hall. 17
M.N.Q.6.21 Referring to 5.3 "Triumphans inter cruces in cruce". 18
M.N.Q.6.22 Referring to 5.7 Daltons of Easington, Yorkshire. 18
M.N.Q.6.23 Referring to 5.8 Sir Richard Dalton of Althorpe, Northampton. 19
The Genealogy of the Dalton Family in Pictures by M. N. Dalton 21
  • Photographs of Thurnham Hall and Hoghton Tower are given. At Thurnham, these are of the West Front, the Library stripped ready for restoration, the Chapel, the Great Hall, the Entrance Room and the Dining Room in the restored wing. At Hoghton, they are pictures of the Main Entrance and the Banqueting Hall from the Inner Courtyard.
The flight to Wales in 1651 by Morag Simpson 24
  • The losses in the Dalton family in the Civil War, particularly at the battle of Newbury in 1644 and the battle of Worcester in 1651 are noted, together with the flight of Walter Dalton into Wales, with the Royal Paychest and his friend Rowland Vaughan one of the Vaughan family of Golden Grove in Carmarthen. Also notes are given on this Vaughan family, Pembrey and the surviving Daltons.
Pedigree of the Dalton Family by Llewelyn Chisholm Dalton 27
  • This is taken from a chart prepared by Llewelyn Chisholm Dalton. It starts with Le Sieur de Dalton in 1153 and ends with the children of L. C. Dalton born before 1914. Notes discuss difficulties and a short family tree is provided of the Covell connection.
The English Genealogical Congress in 1975 by Michael N. Dalton 35
  • This was a personal report on the Congress held at Cambridge in Aug 1975 together with the program of events.
Stephen Neale Dalton, photographer by Michael N. Dalton 40
  • This is about the famous wild-life photographer, with notes on his methods and two photographs from his book "Borne on the wind", published in 1975.
Occasional Notes 43
O.N.6.1 Subscriptions raised to 2.50 in 1977.
O.N.6.2 Contributions to Vol. 7.
O.N.6.3 Birth, Marriage and Death notices.
O.N.6.4 Corrections to Volume 5.
O.N.6.5 Items deferred to Vol. 7.
O.N.6.6 Extracts from St. Catherine's House Indexes.
O.N.6.7 International Congress in London.
O.N.6.8 Receipt of Journals and Newsletters.
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