December 1977
Contents 1
Letter from the Editor 4
Births 7
Owen David Pritchard ... 18th Jun 1976.
Thomas Neale Dalton ... 26th Oct 1976.
William John Foley ... 1st May 1977.
Marriages 7
Don Frederick Dalton to Kathleen Jean Platz ... 19th Dec 1975
Caroline S. Lucas (nee Dalton) to Maj. John R. Chapman ... 17th Dec 1976.
Deaths 8
Gerald Clayton Dalton ... 7th May 1976.
Rachel Mary Foley ... 30th Nov 1976.
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 9
M.N.Q.7.1 Not all Daltons are Daltons. 9
M.N.Q.7.2 William and Maria Dalton of Oldham, Lancashire. 9
M.N.Q.7.3 Dalton marries Hammond. 10
M.N.Q.7.4 Forebears of Jeffrey Clive Dalton. 10
M.N.Q.7.5 Colonel Edward T. Dalton. 11
M.N.Q.7.6 Daltons in Lincolnshire. 11
M.N.Q.7.7 Dalton married Marfleet. 11
M.N.Q.7.8 Family History in Samplers. 12
M.N.Q.7.9 Harrison Dalton of Lincoln's Inn. 12
M.N.Q.7.10 Daltons in the records of the Huguenot Society. 12
M.N.Q.7.11 Books by Sir Cornelius Neale Dalton. 13
M.N.Q.7.12 Referring to 6.2 Mrs. J. L. Lu's "Dalton Newsletter". 14
M.N.Q.7.13 Referring to 6.7 Thomas Dalton, died 26th Dec 1727. 14
M.N.Q.7.14 Referring to 6.11 Rorke's Drift and Mr. Assistant-Commissary Dalton. 15
M.N.Q.7.15 Referring to 6.17 The family of Lional Weir Dalton. 15
M.N.Q.7.16 Referring to 5.7 and 6.22 Daltons of Easington in Yorkshire. 16
The genealogy of the Dalton Family in Pictures by M. N. Dalton 17
  • These are pictures of people, portraits of John Dalton, 1677-1724, Mary Powell, 1690-1757 and William Edward Dalton 1755-1797, and photographs, of John Wayne Jones and his family, and Bernard de Hoghton and his wife. There are also pictures of places, Thurnham Hall, the Great Hall, a Chest from Cockersand Abbey, the Church at Glasson Docks and the remains of Cockersand Abbey.
Records of the Dalton genealogy by Michael N. Dalton 19
  • This long article has three parts, 1. Flower's visitation of Yorkshire, 2. Witney parish registers and 3. Alumni Oxoniensis and Cantabrigiensis. Flower's visitation produced three family trees, of Sir Rychard Dalton of Byspham. Lancashire, his descendant Roger Dalton of Dalton Hall, in Yorkshire and Croston and Thomas Dalton also of Yorkshire. The Witney registers date from 1551 to 1837 and a complete list is given of all Dalton baptisms, marriages and burials, with notes on the entries. The Alumni list all Daltons at Oxford in Volume 1 1500 to 1886, and in Cambridge Volume 2, Parts 1 and 2, to 1900.
Occasional Notes 42
O.N.7.1 Subscriptions for 1978.
O.N.7.2 Back numbers of the DGS Journal.
O.N.7.3 Biography of Hugh Dalton by Ben Pimlott.
O.N.7.4 The Association of Genealogists and Record Agents.
O.N.7.5 English Genealogical Conference 1978.
O.N.7.6 Receipt of Journals and Newsletters.
Income and expenditure for 1975/76 and report by M. N. Dalton 44
List of Members 47