VOLUME 8 PART I July 1978
Letter from the Editor 2
Births 4
Thomas John Dalton ... 21 Mar 1976.
George James Dalton ... 30th Oct 1977.
Lucy Dalton ... 7th Jan 1978.
William Richard Dalton ... 21st Mar 1978.
Gareth Peter Pritchard ... 18th Apr 1978.
Julia Claire Dalton ... 2nd May 1978.
Sophie Magdalene Wilcox ... 13th May 1978.
Marriages 5
Neil James Watson to Gerda Sethe ... 13th Aug 1976
Jennifer Christine Dalton to James Albert Leavitt ... 9th Jul 1977.
Deaths 6
Sir Anthony de Hoghton ... 20th Feb 1978.
Sir James Penny ... 23rd May 1978.
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 8
          List of those in the preceding four volumes. 8
M.N.Q.8.1 The origins of the name Dalton. 9
M.N.Q.8.2 Stephen Dalton on Television. 9
M.N.Q.8.3 Window in Parish Church, Leake, Boston, Lincolnshire (with photograph). 9
M.N.Q.8.4 Birthplace of John Dalton, discoverer of the Atomic Theory. 12
M.N.Q.8.5 Leighton Hall and the Gillow family. 12
One Name Studies Conference, Leicester in May 1978 by Michael N. Dalton 13
  • This is a short article about the formation of the Guild of One Name Studies with three photographs of the D. G. S. stand and the conference.
The Descendants of John Mason Neale by Robert James Neale Lawson 18
  • This letter from New Zealand gives news of the Neale family in Hawkes Bay, together with notes on this Neale line and five family trees, showing John Neale's descendants.
Income and Expenditure for 1977 25
List of Members 26


VOLUME 8 PART II December 1978
Contents 1
Letter from the Editor 2
Birth 5
Lee Dalton ... 12 Dec 1978.
None notified.    
Deaths 5
Margaret Kathleen Dalton ... 9 Sep 1978.
Ernest Weir Dalton ... Sept. 1978.
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 6
M.N.Q.8.6 Samuel Dalton receives Poor Rate. 6
M.N.Q.8.7 Bridgen married Dalton. 7
M.N.Q.8.8 Rufus Dalton of Kingston-upon-Hull. 7
M.N.Q.8.9 John Dalton, Watch and Clock maker. 8
M.N.Q.8.10 Hoade married Dalton. 9
M.N.Q.8.11 Referring to 7.8 Family History in Samplers. 9
M.N.Q.8.12 Referring to 8.2 Stephen Dalton on Television. 10
The Daltons of East Anglia by Michael N. Dalton 12
  • This article is about the ancestors of Lionel Weir Dalton. There is a reproduction of a memorial stone in Norwich Cathedral and five pages of family trees, by Lionel Weir Dalton showing the descendants of Thomas Dalton (1609-1672) Canon of Durham. The first tree is wrong, as later work has shown, but the remaining four charts are believed to be correct.
Occasional Notes 19
O.N.8.1 Subscriptions for 1979.
O.N.8.2 Receipt of Journals and Newsletters.
List of Members 20