VOLUME 9 PART I July 1980
Letter from the Editor  p.2
Births. None reportedp.31 p.5
Marriage p.5
  Rosemary Dalton to Gordon Brown   5th Jul 1980
Death p.5
  Edward Francis Druce  8th Jun 1979
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries
  9.1  Robert Cecil Dalton of Rutland  p.6
  9.2  Captain Thomas Naylor  p.7
  9.3  Dalton marries Threlkeld  p.7
  9.4  Jim Dalton, huntsman  p.8
  9.5  Reference to the D. G. S. on B.B.C. Radio 2  p.8
  9.6  Eva Margaret, daughter of Francis Dalton  p.8
  9.7  Philip Neale Dalton at work  p.9
The first British Family History Conference by R.N.D. Hamilton  p.10
  This is a report on a Conference held at Bedfordshire College of Higher Education from 28th Mar 1980.  There were lectures on Manor Court Rolls, on filming memorial transcriptions and on copying old documents.  Mr. J. F. Packe gave a talk on the Mormon I. G. I. and on the new Tichfield Index of the General Register Office Index of births, marriages and deaths.  Other talks were given on Making use of Computers, One Name research, Heraldry and Parochial Records.
The first D. G. S. gathering by Michael Neale Dalton  p.14
  This is a report on the D. G. S. gathering held on Sunday 12th Aug 1979 at Reigate. It included the first Annual General Meeting of the Society.  The report concludes with four pages of pictures of the gathering.
Thurnham Hall, Cockersand Abbey and Hoghton tower revisited by Michael Neale Dalton  p.19
  This is a short statement on the progress of the restoration work at Thurnham Hall and Hoghton Tower, together with two pages of pictures of the houses and Cockersand Abbey.
Formal report of the first annual general meeting of the Society, held on Sunday Aug 12th 1979 at Reigate by Michael N. Dalton  p.22
Appendix 1. Draft constitution  p.26
Appendix 2. Income and Expenditure Income account for 1978  p.28
Appendix 3. Those who attended the first gathering.  p.29
Notices  p.30
  1. The next Annual Gathering.  2. Subscriptions now 3 per year


VOLUME 9 PART II December 1980
Letter from the Editor  p.2
No births or marriages have been reported
Death p.4
Sir Rupert Cross, one of the most distinguished blind men of his generation  12th Sep 1980
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries
  9.8  Michael Dalton 1554-1640  p.8
  9.9  Baptism of Benjamin Neale Dalton in 1816  p.8
  9.10 Baptism of Emma Dalton in 1851  p.9
  9.11 Edwin Dalton, born 1845 at Sherriff Hutton, Yorkshire  p.9
  9.12 Frederick Charles Dalton born 1835  p.9
  9.13 William Dalton born c. 1755 in Birmingham  p.10
  9.14 Thomas Dalton of Penn, married 1593  p.10
  9.15 Eliza Ann Dalton, married 1846 at Bedford  p.10
  9.16 Daltons of Grimston, near Tadcaster c. 1801  p.10
  9.17 Dalton emigrants to Australia from Manchester area  p.11
  9.18 John Dalton of Coventry born c 1787  p.11
  9.19 Sarah Dalton of Gedney Dyke, Lincolnshire  p.11
  9.20 The last ride of the Dalton gang  p.11
  9.21 Referring to 4.8 & 5.10, The Mudford Branch  p.12
Sir Llewelyn Chisholm Dalton, colonial life and diplomatic allusions by Penny Barltrop  p.13
  This article is based on a scrapbook left by Sir Llewelyn.  It covers the life of a Colonial judge, in particular, the social life of the times, the 1920's and it has a photo of Sir Llewelyn, a reproduction of an invitation card and a short family tree.
Daltons of Holderness by Patrick Dalton  p.17
  This paper gives the family tree in outline of the author and discusses his searches among the Manor Court records for the area of Holderness.
Lawrence Dalton, Norroy King of Arms by R.N.D.Hamilton  p.19
This is an account of two letters noted in the Gentleman's Magazine for 1805 and 1823, by Mrs. Leaning.  It gives the descent of Lawrence Dalton and the author refers us to an article in the Surtees Society Volume 122 on Lawrence.  There is also a document in the British Museum of his creation as Norroy King of Arms in 1558.  A portrait of Lawrence on this document is reproduced here, together with a drawing of his tomb effigy.
List of members  p.26
The constitution of the Society  p.28
Notices  p.30
  1. Subscriptions.  2. Annual general meeting to be at Brighton in 1981.