Gatherings and Events

The Dalton Genealogical Society holds Annual General Meetings (AGM) and Member Gatherings at locations around the globe. The Society selects venues that have significance to the Dalton, D'Alton and Daulton surnames, or represent unique research opportunities. At these Gatherings, we encourage members and independent experts to give presentations that are relevant to the Society membership. We urge all our members to attend these Gatherings as they are a primary method of interaction and yield genealogical and historical information as well as forging international camaraderie.


We are planning our 2021 Virtual Gathering/Webinar for October 9th., 2021 commencing at Noon in the Western Americas,
3PM Eastern, 8PM in the UK, and October 10th at 7AM in New Zealand. Australians will have to get up REALLY early (5AM Sydney), or watch the recorded Gathering.
The Webinar link will appear here. It will be recorded and be available for viewing after the event closes.
If you would like to participate as a speaker or have suggestions about the event, please contact Karen Dalton Preston.


Past DGS Events and Gatherings

2020 AGM — DGS Members can view the presentations and other materials by logging into the Members only website

2019 AGM — DGS Members can view the minutes and discussion by logging into the Members only website

2018 AGM — Reigate, UK

2017 Photos from Hull, UK

2016 Gathering and AGM — Manchester, UK

2013 Gathering — Dublin, Ireland

2012 Gathering — Hull, UK

2012 Annual General Meeting — Hull, UK

2011 Gathering — Salt Lake City, USA

2011 Annual General Meeting — Catherington, UK

2010 Gathering (40th Anniversary) — Surrey, UK

2010 Annual General Meeting — Surrey, UK

2009 Annual General Meeting — Oswaldtwistle, UK

2009 Gathering — Orange, Australia

2008 Gathering — Birr, Ireland

2008 Annual General Meeting — Camberley. UK

2008 Gathering — Melbourne, Australia

2007 Gathering — Worcester, UK

2007 Annual General Meeting — Worcester, UK

2006 Gathering — Hampton, UK

2006 Annual General Meeting — Catherington, UK

2005 Gathering and Annual General Meeting — Dublin, Ireland

2004 Gathering and Annual General Meeting — Preston 2004

2004 Gathering and Annual General Meeting — Sydney, Australia

2003 Gathering and Annual General Meeting — Wales , UK

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