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The DGS has published a Journal for its members from its founding in 1970. The original objective of the DGS was to further knowledge of the genealogy, heraldry and family history of the Daltons of Lancashire and Yorkshire. In 1975 the objectives of the Society were broadened to embrace all those who bear the surname of Dalton and membership was opened to anyone bearing the name Dalton. In 2014, the Journal and Daltons in History were migrated to our Members-Only website, with full text searchable PDFs of the Journal. In order to access the Members-Only website, please consider joining the DGS.

The DGS Journal provides the medium for achieving the objectives of the Society to promote research and investigation into the name Dalton, the results of which are published and distributed to members by Journal Editor, John Dalton, in June and December each year.

In 2002 the Society decided to make back issues of the Journal available to Daltons world wide. They are an authoritative work of reference on Dalton family history.

The Journal Index was created by the late Dr. Lucy J. Slater of Cambridge, who compiled synopses of the contents of the Journals of the Dalton Genealogical Society, commencing with Volume 1, published back in 1970, continuing with the two-part Volumes 8-20, through to Volume 41 published in December 2004. Lucy, who died in June 2008, was for many years the Executive Secretary of the Society and also Editor of the Journal.

Indexes of later volumes, including the latest public volume, are available as lists of contents, with full synopses to follow. Browse the indexes by using the navigation bar and the 'Previous Document' or 'Next Document' links provided.

The indexes may be searched by entering a keyword (or keywords) in the navigation bar and pressing 'Return' or clicking 'Search'. The first search will take a few seconds, so please be patient. Thereafter, the searches will be swift.

The keyword(s) will be available in the navigation bar when you select an index to browse, so that you can 'find' each and every occurrence. You may change the keyword as often as you want. It will be carried over to the "DGS Journal Index" front page on your return.

Print copies of some back numbers are available for purchase. If you wish to enquire about back issues, please contact your Country Secretary.

If you appreciate the efforts that the Society is making on behalf of Daltons worldwide, may we suggest that you support its efforts with Membership.


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